Hall Pass: A Hilarious Look at Marriage and the Ultimate ‘Free Pass’

Hall Pass: A Hilarious Look at Marriage and the Ultimate ‘Free Pass’

Hall Pass: A Hilarious Look at Marriage and the Ultimate ‘Free Pass’

Hall Pass is a unique take on the concept of a family movie, starring Owen Wilson. The film revolves around two couples who feel their marriages have hit a dull spot. In an attempt to rekindle the spark, the wives grant their husbands a ‘hall pass’ – a week to do anything they want while the wives do the same. As the story unfolds, the husbands realize they’re not the studs they once thought they were, while the wives effortlessly attract other men. The hall pass ultimately serves as a reminder of how lucky they are and helps to liven up their relationships.

Though it may seem like an odd idea for a couple, it might actually work for some. Let’s dive into some interesting behind-the-scenes facts about this hilarious film.

10. The Law and Order Chimes Came with a Hefty Price Tag

The chimes you hear announcing the different days in the movie cost a whopping $200,000 to use.

9. Amanda Bynes Was Initially Cast as Paige

Due to scheduling conflicts, Amanda Bynes couldn’t take on the role of Paige, the kids’ babysitter. Alexandria Daddario was brought in as her replacement.

8. Owen Wilson Came Up with the Fantasy Sequence

The fantasy at the end of the movie was Owen Wilson’s idea. The wealthy couple shown in the first part of the film contemplate the idea of a hall pass, and the husband’s fantasies reveal what he envisions will happen.

7. Armie Hammer’s Deleted Scene

Armie Hammer played a bouncer in a deleted scene. His character got into trouble for letting the guys into a club when they were already intoxicated.

6. Former Athlete Dwight Evans Plays Maggie’s Father

Dwight Evans, a former Boston Red Sox right fielder, portrays Maggie’s father in the film. The Farrelly brothers are known for including former athletes, particularly from Boston, in their movies.

5. A Subtle Dumb and Dumber Reference

During a poker game, the guys discuss how much they would pay for sex with a Hawaiian Tropic girl. This is a subtle nod to Dumb and Dumber, where Harry and Lloyd are approached by a bus full of Hawaiian Tropic girls.

4. The Hairstyles Don’t Match the Era

The hairstyles in the movie are more reminiscent of the 1970s, despite the film being set in modern times. This was likely done to make the lead characters appear older.

3. Jason Sudeikis and Christina Applegate’s Connection to Jennifer Aniston

Both Jason Sudeikis and Christina Applegate have worked with Jennifer Aniston. Sudeikis has starred alongside Aniston in four movies, including the popular We’re The Millers. Applegate played Aniston’s sister on the hit TV show Friends.

2. The Film’s Title Reflects the Central Theme

The title ‘Hall Pass’ refers to the permission the husbands receive from their wives to do whatever they want for a week. It’s a way for them to let off steam and get any lingering desires out of their systems.

1. Hall Pass Enjoyed Moderate Success

While the film was funny and enjoyable, it wasn’t a blockbuster hit. However, it did get many married men thinking about the concept of a hall pass in their own relationships.

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