10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Hackers”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Hackers”

Hackers is still an awesome movie to this day even though modern day hackers would probably blow these guys, and girl, out of the water with a few keystrokes. Back in the day however they were the true keyboard warriors that could hack into anything and screw up a system like nobody’s business. While I find the term “innocent hacker” to be kind of an oxymoron the film was still great since it was about a bunch of hackers that pulled fairly harmless pranks on people going up against a global terrorist-level hacker that wanted to frame them for capsizing an oil tanker as a distraction while he’s embezzling money and allowed to get away cleanly. The film also showed a different culture that was swiftly emerging as the technology of the day was improving by leaps and bounds. What they were working on back then is considered to be ‘ancient’ technology as of now, but it was still highly impressive and helped to create a movie that was instantly memorable.

Hack the planet!

10. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller were married after this film.

They split after about four years, and then she went on to marry Billy Bob Thornton.

9. The game being played in the arcade is an early prototype of a Playstation game.

Wipeout was still in the developmental stage when this film was being made but would lose a few features by the time it was released.

8. Some of the crew and cast took the time to hang out with real hackers.

This was done to figure out just what real hackers were like and to learn their mannerisms and whatever tricks they could.

7. There were real seniors used as extras in the high school scenes.

The high school was very real and is still functional as a school for those gifted in certain areas. The pool is on the first floor though.

6. Every book at the club that Dade names are real books.

Obviously the books used in the movies were fake but the real books do happen to exist.

5. The scenes in which you get to see inside the computer are motion-controlled models.

The director didn’t want to use the actual graphics since it wouldn’t have looked good enough for the film.

4. Dade gives the name Eddie Vedder when he’s hacking into a local TV station.

Obviously some folks in New York hadn’t heard of Eddie Vedder or Pearl Jam at that point. The band formed in 1990.

3. Kate Libby’s part was offered to other actresses before Jolie.

There were a lot of women asked to play the part but a lot of them had prior obligations to see to and some just didn’t want it.

2. A good part of the cast were in their twenties while playing their roles.

There was only one person that was an actual teenager on the cast.

1. A lot of the viruses that were used in the film are very real. 

The one that’s a favorite of a lot of fans is the ‘cookie monster’ virus that gobbles up data as it continues to go along. Typing ‘cookie’ will get rid of it for a while, but typing ‘oreo’ will get rid of it for longer.

This movie really helped to bring the hacker culture into the mainstream.

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