10 Predictions We’re Making about the Movie “Slender Man”

Slender Man is a name that’s been popping up on the internet and across social media sites for a little while now thanks to an infamous stabbing incident caused by two young women that were supposedly trying to do what the elusive urban legend had told them to do. Slender Man is more or less a creature that lives in the forest, stands around eight feet tall, and has long arms and possibly tentacles depending on who you ask. His main purpose seems to be luring young children into the woods so that he can eat them and even use them as his proxies to commit unspeakable acts of murder. So far the trailer for this movie makes it look as though it’s going to be pure nightmare fuel not unlike many horror movies that were filmed back in the day and were made to make the mind quiver instead of provoking a general outward response.

Here’s just a few predictions about the movie and what it might do upon coming out.

10. It’s not going to be the top-grossing horror movie.

Despite the popularity of the legend and the overall horror factor of the movie there’s not much chance that it’s going to top what’s been coming out over the last decade or so. Keep in mind that IT set some pretty hard records to match upon the release, while Hereditary seems to be the terror-filled movie to beat right now.

9. Some people will find it distasteful.

Those that were related to or knew the girls that stabbed their friend 19 times and afterwards saying that they did it for Slender Man will be likely to remember that infamous day for a long time to come, and are no doubt incensed that this movie is being brought forward. While it likely won’t include the girls that were involved in the tragedy it will still touch upon the same idea, which many might find absolutely offensive.

8. It will be creepy as hell.

Already the imagery and the cinematography are making it look as though this movie is a crazed version of a 90s horror film gone wrong. But the good thing is that if people are already getting creeped out just watching the trailer then it’s a good bet that once they’ve sat down to watch the movie that they’ll find it even more terrifying.

7. It will do better overseas.

Some movies simply do better in different countries. The USA is at times quite jaded in their opinion of films and in all honesty we’re kind of like spoiled kids at times that want everything to be brand new, shiny, and ready for us to tear it apart the moment it hits the screen. If it’s not up to our liking then we just don’t even bother and begin to berate it without really getting into the story.

6. The legend will not be represented as people like.

Legends are not always the same when they come to the screen and rarely does a fable, myth, or legend come to the big screen in the same way that it came to people when it was passed around by word of mouth or, in this case, social media.

5. It will be more of a psychological thriller than anything.

There will be horror to it without a doubt, but the film so far looks far more like it has a deep, psychological lean to it that will keep people guessing even as they’re waiting for the next freakout moment to occur.

4. It will be a different kind of horror film despite what it looks like.

Right away it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the blood and guts type, though there will be blood for sure. Instead it looks like it’s going to depend more on the implied nature of the violence and the idea that horrible things are happening but are taking place off camera where they can spare the audience’s sensibilities.

3. Chances are internet searches for Slender Man will go up during the release and buildup to this film.

For a legend such as this the interest tends to come in waves as the more people talk about it the more other people will begin to search out of mild curiosity and even morbid fascination. Internet searches about Slender Man are likely to already be rising and falling with each passing day.

2. Parents might very well be monitoring their children a little closer when this film comes out, if they’re paying attention.

This speaks to a lot of paranoia that might be felt by some parents but considering how Slender Man uses children as his proxies it does stand to reason that people might forbid their adolescents from seeing this movie and will be watching them a little closer. Or maybe not.

1. It won’t likely attract that much of a crowd after its initial release.

This film seems like it will be more of a one-off. Maybe that’s wrong to say and will be disproved, but it really has the feel of a movie that will have a decent opening weekend and will then see ticket sales drop as though they were pushed off a cliff.

We only have a month left and then we’ll see how many of these come true.

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