Young and the Restless: Cane Makes a Dangerous Move

Young and the Restless fans know Cane is really working hard to keep himself together. He’s got so much guilt about sleeping with Juliet in Hong Kong, and he desperately wants to keep it from his wife. If Lily found out, she’d leave him for good. But he’s got to face Juliet at work each and every day and the guilt is tearing him apart every time he sees her face. He made it his mission to set her up by making it possible for her to air a clip that got a lot of people in a lot of trouble with the whole Hockey thing. He knew what it might do to Victoria’s company; and he knew it might cost Billy his job. That worked out well for him, but Juliet is upset that everyone thinks she made such a big mistake.

She wants to get to the bottom of it, but Cane doesn’t. He did it. If she finds out he is behind what happened and that he’s allowing everyone to think it was her, she might just decide to use her leverage against him. Would she let everyone know that she’s been in bed with him, and will she tell them all the details of what happened when they were in Hong Kong? If she’s mad enough, she might. But Cane is pushing her to keep blaming Billy for it and to move on. She won’t, and he has no idea what he just did to himself as a way of keeping Billy from working with Vickie.

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