Young and the Restless Questions We Want Answers To

Young and the Restless Questions We Want Answers To

Young and the Restless Questions We Want Answers To

Young and the Restless fans always have questions. What is happening? Why did this go this way? Why does nothing ever seem to work out for anyone? Why are there always so many miscommunications around here? Why can’t people just get their lives together and figure things out on their own? What is the big deal about so many things that happen around here? What is the problem with the world? Why do we do things this way instead of that way? See, we told you we have a lot of questions. But, there are things that are sometimes unanswered for us. Some questions seem to find an answer before too long, and other things do not seem to have that kind of situation to deal with. We are not sure there is much else we can deal with other than the fact that we have so much going on, but we are always on target to learn more. What about these questions, though?

What Happened with JT?

We don’t understand this one at all. He was killed by a group of ladies after he physically abused Victoria, and then he was gone. Well, he was dead, so of course he was gone. But then they were on trial for his murder, and then he was alive and well and he was suffering from a horrible brain situation that made him mean even when he is really not. He showed up just as they were being sent to prison, he explained himself, and then he was gone. But, is he really okay? Where did he go? Why isn’t he here? What was the entire point of that situation? It really wasn’t a story line that made a lot of sense to us, and it was not the kind of situation that was what we thought it might be. We were sure that he was going to find a way to make this work in his favor, but we don’t know too much about it other than the fact that he is a man who didn’t seem to make much sense to us. We have more questions than answers when it comes to this one, for sure.

Why Has No One Told Lauren about Sheila?

Sheila is a woman who has gone out of her own way to make Lauren miserable in her own life, and she still thinks the woman is dead. However, everyone in LA is aware that she is alive and well, even after faking her own death. Why, then, has no one from that place called Lauren to let her know that Sheila is not dead? It’s the 21st century, after all, and we cannot figure out what is going on around there that would make it so obvious to everyone that this is going on? She’s got more problems than we can point out to her, and we cannot figure out why this is happening, what it means, and why we cannot get more to this story than what we’ve been given in the moment. There’s a lot here we cannot figure out, and there is no solid answer to any of it. They need to call her. They could at least text, or maybe send a Facebook message?

Gloria’s Disappearance

There’s a lot happening right now, but she’s been gone a while. She’s a woman who is rarely up to no good. She’s never been gone this long without being up to something crazy, and we don’t know what she’s up to, where she is going, and where she is going to show up at some point. She’s a woman who has a lot on her mind, and she’s always looking for a way to make people miserable. We like that about her, but we also like that she has such a bold and manipulative way about her. Can we just get an amen on the fact that we are looking to see her show up at some point without much more than a shock to everyone? We don’t know where we are going with this, but we hope she comes back soon with something up her sleeve. She’s amazing about things like that.

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