The Biggest Questions Yellowstone 1923 Season 2 Needs to Answer

Yellowstone’s 1923 season 1 ended with more questions than answers about the Dutton family and their future. However, 1923 season 2 will provide answers to the lingering questions season 1 left behind. The Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch is in danger, and there seems to be no hope left at the end of 1923 season 1.

Gunshot wounds, a miscarriage, a potential pregnancy, a family suicide, an angry mob of locals, and impending weather that might destroy the ranch forever leave Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) and her family worried at the end of 1923 season 1. The family’s hope is dwindling, and the ranch is being attacked from every angle. Here are the many questions 1923 season 2 must answer.

Is Yellowstone 1923’s Alexandra Dutton Pregnant?

Yellowstone's 1923

At the end of Yellowstone 1923’s season 1, Alexandra Dutton (Julia Schlaepfer) suffered from serious seasickness during the voyage from Africa to America. Alex and Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) are working their way to the Yellowstone Ranch after receiving letters from Spencer’s Aunt Cara Dutton pleading for his return. Since her introduction in Yellowstone 1923 season 1, Alex has proven herself adventurous and up for most anything.

Alex left her fiancé behind and jumped into a moving vehicle with Spencer Dutton without knowing him at all. Alex accompanied Spencer and his team on big game hunting expeditions, climbed a tree, and hid from lions with him, and she’s been up for it all. It seems suspicious that seasickness would be the thing that takes the adventurous Alexandra Dutton down, which leads to speculation that she might be pregnant rather than seasick.

Who Are John Dutton II’s Mother and Father in Yellowstone’s 1923 Season 2?

Yellowstone's 1923

The one constant in the Yellowstone franchise is that no one knows the identity of Yellowstone’s John Dutton III’s (Kevin Costner) grandparents. John Dutton II was obviously born and raised in the Dutton family on the Yellowstone Ranch, but his parents are unknown. 1923 season 2 must tell viewers who John Dutton II’s mother and father are. It’s either Alex and Spencer Dutton or Elizabeth and Jack Dutton (Michelle Randolph and Darren Mann).

What Happens To Yellowstone 1923’s Teonna Rainwater Following her Escape in 1923 Season 1?

Yellowstone's 1923

Teonna Rainwater’s (Aminah Nieves) story is vital to the telling of Yellowstone’s Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham). Rainwater is the Chief of the Native American tribe adjacent to the Yellowstone Ranch and is a fierce adversary of John Dutton III. Teonna Rainwater is a distant relative of Chief Rainwater. Finding out what happens to her in 1923 season 2 might help Yellowstone viewers understand the animosity between John Dutton III and Chief Rainwater.

Will Elizabeth And Jack Dutton Conceive Again After The Miscarriage in 1923 Season 1?

Yellowstone's 1923

Elizabeth and Jack Dutton experienced tremendous tragedy in 1923 season 1. Their wedding was postponed due to issues at the Yellowstone Ranch. They were ambushed coming home from a night in town, and Spencer’s father was killed during the ambush. His mother went on to commit suicide, and his uncle Jacob’s condition is worrisome at best.

Elizabeth and Jack find out in 1923, season 1, that they are expecting a child. Some believe that this baby is John Dutton II, the father of Yellowstone’s John Dutton III. However, Elizabeth miscarries her baby at the end of 1923 season 1. 1923 season 2 must bring her story full circle to let viewers know if she can conceive again.

Who Do 1923’s Jacob And Cara Dutton Leave The Yellowstone Ranch To – Jack Or Spencer Dutton?

Yellowstone's 1923

Jack loves the ranch. He’s is the only son of 1883’s James and Margaret Dutton (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill) who stayed on the ranch following the death of his parents. Spencer Dutton, Jack’s brother, took off to live his life. At the beginning of 1923 season 1, Spencer was off in Africa, living his life and not worrying about the ranch.

In fact, Spencer Dutton wouldn’t be on his way home from Africa had his aunt Cara Dutton not sent him numerous letters pleading for his return. Cara knows her nephew Spencer is the only one who can save the Yellowstone Ranch in 1923 season 2 while Jacob is recovering from his gunshot and the ranch is in trouble. That said, 1923 season 2 should show which of the brothers took possession of the ranch from their aunt and uncle.

How is The Yellowstone Ranch Saved in 1923 Season 2?

Yellowstone's 1923

Fans of Yellowstone know that the Dutton Ranch was not lost or destroyed in 1923 season 1 or 2 because Yellowstone would not exist otherwise. However, the question 1923 season 2 must answer is that of how the ranch is saved. Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) works diligently to ensure he destroys the Dutton Family and Yellowstone.

Though viewers know the Yellowstone will not succumb to the nefarious activities of Banner and his gang of criminals, how it happens remains a mystery. There is some speculation that Spencer Dutton and his wife will save the ranch upon Spencer’s return. 1923 season 2 must answer this question to bring the Yellowstone story full circle.

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