Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Kyle Tell Sharon?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Kyle Tell Sharon?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Kyle Tell Sharon?

Young and the Restless fans are not happy that things are falling apart for so many people, and we cannot wait to see how things will fall into place for certain people. While we all agree that what Nick and Phyllis did by sleeping together and lying about it to people like Billy and Sharon, we are beside ourselves that their daughter is doing what she is doing. She’s trying so hard to charm Kyle so she can get what she wants from him, and she’s half the reason her mother and Billy are on the outs right now. She’s got some serious hatred going on right now against her mother, and it’s not working well for us to see this happen. She’s in a bad place, and we cannot help but wonder what else she is up to. She’s unhappy with so many things, and he’s now hitting on her mother’s boyfriend?

We watched her go out of her way to make it obvious to Billy that she is interested in whatever he has to offer, and we are horrified that she’s managed to go out of her way to get what she wants from him like this. It’s ugly, and it’s beneath her. We are watching this unfold with some serious horror. The tribute to Hilary was also lovely, and we enjoyed seeing Mariah take on that situation and make it a lovely one. She maintained serious class when she did that, and we think it was lovely for her to do it. And we are all heartbroken for Devon and his life now. Cane continues to work very hard to make sure that his own family is safe and protected, and Lily is so upset she can’t function.

What’s Happening on Young and the Restless

What fan doesn’t love the fact that Abby definitely knows how to have more fun than just about anyone? She’s related to the two most powerful families in town, yet she manages to stay out of their drama and have the most fun possible every chance she has. She’s not too concerned that things in her life will not work out for the best. She’s got it all under control. She’s got her life in order, her situation handled, and she’s just fine the way she is. And fans loved watching her have some fun with Arturo this week. We can’t help but get on board with her desire to stay out of other’s business.

What’s Next on the Young and the Restless

There is more tension than ever between Jack and Billy. These half-brothers who aren’t really brothers at all have more problems to deal with than they can even imagine. It’s been a very ugly situation for everyone to deal with, and we don’t know how to handle that at all. We all know that things didn’t work out for some people in some ways because of so many things, but we also know that they have to get their lives together. Jack, of course, is disappointed yet again by the things that Billy does and the life he lives. He’s upset that things aren’t working out at all for them, and it’s ugly and unkind.

But what really has a chance to work out for them is their own desire to work through things. It won’t happen, though. Jack and Phyllis have shared a few moments with one another lately, and we think that their situation is one that is going to make a small splash in some way. We know they have some serious issues to face with one another, and we certainly know that they can’t get things together if they can’t stop spending time together. This friendship will only serve to make things more difficult for Jack and for Billy. And we aren’t sure that Phyllis cares too much. It might not take her much longer to realize that she’s over playing games with the immature Billy when she can have the more mature Jack. But that will really take things up a notch.

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