Why The Show “Queer as Folk” Could Use an American Reboot

Why The Show “Queer as Folk” Could Use an American Reboot

Why The Show “Queer as Folk” Could Use an American Reboot

The simple answer to why Queer As Folk could use an American Reboot is that now might be the right time for it since society appears ready to embrace the idea of a show centered entirely around homosexual couples. Some would gladly argue with this over the idea that ‘American values’ don’t include needing this kind of program to be shown over the air. But the truth is that no matter how distasteful it is to those that don’t agree with the LGBTQ+ community on a lot of things, the aforementioned community is part of America. Whether people like it or not, the LGBTQ+ community is a noticeable part of the country and they do want to be represented in the same manner as everyone else, meaning they want their own entertainment that shows how they live, how they interact with the world, and hopefully without any undue glorification or vilification that might be added in by a director that might not fully understand the lifestyle. It does feel as though a reboot would be well-received by many, but might spark a few individuals to do what comes naturally and make fools of themselves by condemning it.

As someone who’s neither an ally nor an enemy of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s fair to say that the story should probably be given a reboot and also be given an upgrade to the current era in which things have been happening throughout the country. It sounds as though Peacock already has this project underway and is currently thinking about casting, meaning the show will have a release date in 2022. One thing I’ll always say and will stick to no matter how it applies to different stories is that a story will always be valid until it isn’t. The story of the many Americans that belong to the LGBTQ+ community or who follow a lifestyle that others find different in one way or another is definitely valid to start with since as human beings, everyone deserves to have their tale told.

In fact, not telling a tale is the greatest tragedy that could happen when it comes to the life of any person since detailing the triumphs, the failures, the defeats, and the overall lifestyle of those that want to be seen and given representation as being different but no worse or better than anyone else. The whole idea of anyone saying that such a show has no value is entirely suspect. All it takes is switching the channel or turning off the TV, but those that want to see such a story will hopefully be given another show that will give them the impression that people are listening and have come to see their lifestyle in the same light as anyone else’s. The reality is that in the real world there are still those that are persecuted for the way they live their lives and are made to feel ashamed for the life they’ve selected. Not only is this not right, but it’s also a denial that life takes many different courses. Those of the LGBTQ+ community aren’t any different when it comes to simply being human, as they have a desire to see their way of life represented on the small screen as well.

Personally, I probably won’t ever watch this show since it’s not my cup of tea so to speak, but for those that want to watch it and enjoy the story as it’s told and pushed forward, so be it. Seeing the representation of many different lifestyles on TV, in the movies, and in other forms of media is enough to make a person roll their eyes when the story takes on a serious level of bias that paints one side of an issue as innocent and almost angelic and the other side as nearly demonic in their hatred and ignorance, but when things are balanced and shown as they might happen in real life it becomes a worthy representation since it inspires and allows people to realize that despite our differences we’re still able to exist in the same space without looking at each other with anything other than the respect that one human being should be capable of giving to another.

This show is on its way at the moment, but it’s also one that’s kind of needed, even if those supporting it aren’t bound to watch it when the time comes. Despite what some might say, it’s enough to support the idea that the story should come to pass even if that’s where the support ends. Being someone that’s more about the story than anything else, I’ll gladly be one to state that any and every story should be given some consideration, but the moment that hatred and violence are spread in real life due to the story, then it begins to lose its validity. Fortunately, this show isn’t bound to push such ideas.

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