Why is Justice League Snyder’s Cut So Important to Everyone?

Why is Justice League Snyder’s Cut So Important to Everyone?

Snyder Cut

Quite honestly I was willing to give the idea of the ‘Zack Snyder Justice League cut’ the benefit of the doubt and think that Stephen M. Colbert of ScreenRant was about to change my mind on it until I read “The fact that Zack Snyder is also teasing and encouraging fans who want to see his version of the Snyder Cut also keeps the topic alive.” Maybe I’m misreading things, but seeing as how the director is keeping this alive seems to indicate that HE’S not letting it go any more than the fans are and in this case it’s more a case of ego than any real attempt to appease the people that sought to vilify the attempt at Justice League only to soften to it later on and admit that maybe it’s not quite so bad. Personally there’s a reason why I believe superhero movies, DC especially, seem to become so overblown and easy to walk away from. It doesn’t matter if we get one certain cut or another, the issue isn’t whether fans want the Snyder cut or the one they received. It’s that there’s no real danger in any case no matter how dire the situation seems in the movies. The Snyder cut is important to people largely because they’re looking for an ironclad reason to like it and to feel justified in doing so, and not much else.

Want to know why hero movies are frustrating? It’s like I said above, there’s no real danger that something so bad is going to happen that we as the audience are shocked and ultimately depressed as we walk out of the theater. The magic and the whole idea of a superhero movie is that they’re going to save the day, even if they don’t end up saving everyone. The people that exist as collateral damage are typically those we don’t think about since we don’t see their deaths on screen even if they’re implied. It’s not just DC, Marvel does this as well as the moment a big battle breaks out and damage starts to add up you can’t help but think, ‘are there people in those cars that are getting trashed’, ‘are there people in those buildings or did everyone conveniently clear out in time’, and so on and so forth. Snyder’s done the same thing in his movie since the simple truth is that a director can’t show the plight of every last person for a couple of reasons. One is that there’s not enough time or enough in the budget to take on a task such as this, and two is that eventually it becomes too real and the whole fantasy is gone. With Snyder however, and most people ought to be able to admit this is true, his use of shadows and less than heartening dialogue and situations tends to make it clear that something bad or depressing is just on the horizon. While Marvel’s use of shadow and lighthearted jokes and situations can tend to get a bit goofy, some of DC’s have been downright depressing. This is why I personally don’t think that it will matter to show the Snyder cut all that much. It might allow a great many people to validate themselves for still enjoying the movie in some way, but apart from that it’s not going to do much else.

Snyder is going to talk up his movie, that’s pretty normal and isn’t something to frown about, but instead of looking back and grumbling about how his movie was butchered, it seems like a better idea to take hold of another movie and show the people that he can actually deliver on something that they’ll fully enjoy without feeling mass confusion over the story and the characters. There’s a few reasons why Marvel is staying on top in the theaters and DC is dominating the small screen, and some of it has to do with the idea that there isn’t quite as much tragedy in the movies as there’s been in the comics. For instance Superman died in the comics and was replaced for a short time with a few different versions, but in the movies he died and came back due to the Justice League, which was finally formed. That seems par for the course in this day and age when the comic book movies aren’t even being made to follow their own source material. But the ability to tell the story and to stick to the hard truths that fans want to see is something that might be seen as more respectable and easier to take. Marvel’s just as guilty of this as well for different reasons, but the point is that changing things so drastically because a director has a specific vision tends to upset a lot of people, so in the end, a director’s unseen cut is really a much smaller matter than some people are willing to admit.

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