Who is in the Halloween Kills Cast?

Who is in the Halloween Kills Cast?

Credit: Halloween Kills

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Michael Myers returns. Sadly for this doomed town, it’s not Mike Myers who played Shrek and Wayne in Wayne’s World, but the other famous Michael Myers. The one with the mask and the deadly desire to kill everyone in town – but specifically the lovely Laurie Strode. Or, Jamie Lee Curtis, as we know and love her.

The Halloween Kills cast is impressive, and the world headed to theaters to watch yet another installment of the Halloween movie series when it was released in 2021. The franchise does so well that another, Halloween Ends, was released in 2022. When is enough, enough? We don’t know, but we do know that there are now officially 13 Halloween movies dating back to the first in 1978. That’s officially 44 years of terror reigning on this fictional community. Who is part of the Halloween Kills cast?

Jamie Lee Curtis

Laurie Strode is the main character in the life of Michael Myers, even when she’s not been in his movies. She’s the reason he keeps coming back, and she is the person who has to kill him. She’s thought to have done so more than once, but he always comes back. She survived his murder attempt the first time she encountered him in 1978, but he isn’t happy about it. She’s much older now and will never get rid of the PTSD she encountered from her encounters with Myers. Do we blame her for that? No, not at all. We’d all have the same PTSD had we survived this madman killer as many times as she has. It’s all full circle for her and the complicated, difficult life she leads. Jamie Lee Curtis is always stellar in any role.

Who is in the Halloween Kills Cast?

Credit: Halloween Kills

Nick Castle

He is the original Michael Myers. He’s back to get revenge, too. But, the thing is that the timeline of this movie is one that doesn’t match up with the others. In this movie, he was caught by police back in the late 70s, and he’s been locked up all this time. Now he is on the loose after escaping, and he goes back to his original haunting grounds to find and eliminate Laurie Strode. He’s the OG back to get the OG. It’s also important to remember that the storylines in these movies rarely match up.

James Jude Courtney

He is also here to play the role of Michael Myers. While the killer is primarily played by the original actor, James Jude Courtney takes his turn with the mask, too. He only does, though, when there are some more physical demands of the killer. He is, essentially, the man who is the stunt double for the character. Either way, though, the actor gets to add Michael Myers to his resume.

Judy Greer

She’s here as the daughter of Laurie Strode, Karen. She is the daughter whose relationship with her mother is not the greatest. Her mother has some issues, of course. She’s not sure why her mother is the way her mother is, but she’s going to find herself in a very difficult situation as she quickly learns why her mother is terrified, afraid, and worried – and why this has been true most of her own life. She’s going to learn the hard way, which is not how we imagine her mother wants her to learn.

Andi Matichek

She plays the role of Allyson. She is Karen’s daughter and Laurie’s granddaughter. Her mother and her grandmother do not have a good relationship, but she wants to have a relationship with her grandmother. So, she decides to have one. To say that this is going to cause her some serious issues is an understatement. However, she’s an integral part of the Halloween Kills cast.

Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is playing an important role in the Halloween Kills cast. She’s Lindsay Wallace. She is the little girl Laurie Strode babysat while Michael Myers tried to kill her and the kids. Strode protected the kids, and now she’s unhappy that he is back. What’s fabulous about her right now is that she was really the little girl in the 1978 movie.

Who is in the Halloween Kills Cast?

Credit: Halloween Kills

Anthony Michael Hall

Little Tommy Doyle also survived the attack on his babysitter in 1978, and he is going to help her take him down this time, too. He was but a child in those days – he is not the original actor who played the little boy back then – but he is all grown up now, and he is ready to help fight to protect the woman who saved his life.

There are many additional characters in the Halloween Kills cast, but these are the main characters with the biggest roles. They are the people who are nothing short of entirely angry about how it all went down.

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