Which Two Jonas Brothers Are Hosting a New Reality Show?

Which Two Jonas Brothers Are Hosting a New Reality Show?

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers do a lot with their lives. They’re Disney movie stars. They’re musicians. They’re married men having babies and living their lives. Now two of them are making their television comeback on a new show called Claim to Fame. Which two Jonas Brothers are back in action? In case you are unfamiliar with this new reality show, here’s everything you need to know. Furthermore, we’ll answer your burning question about which two Jo Bros are back.

1. Frankie and Kevin are Back and Better Than Ever

Kevin is the eldest Jo Bro, and he’s the one who is famous thanks to his role in the band. Over the past few years, Kevin is living life as a father to his two daughters. He’s enjoying time spent with his wife, Danielle, and they are living their best lives. Frankie is the youngest. Though not part of the band, he is an actor and lends his voice to several television characters. Together, they’re creating their own team of two and hosting this new show.

2. The Point of the Game

The point of this game is to gather the relatives of celebrities in one house to compete for the top prize. However, there is a catch. These celebrity relatives cannot tell anyone who their famous relative is. They do provide a few hints, but the point is to compete without anyone knowing the truth.

3. Where to Watch the Show

This new reality show is airing on ABC. It airs at 10 pm Eastern and 9 pm Central time on Monday evenings. This show is viewable on the Hulu streaming service, too. You can’t miss it if you know how to use Hulu. Even if you missed the first episode or two, catching up is easy.

4. Fans are Into the Game

One contestant, especially, is causing fans to go crazy. X is a contestant on the show who says his famous relative is his father, but fans aren’t buying it. In fact, fans are certain X is the twin brother of Laverne Cox from Orange Is the New Black. One even speculates that X played Cox’s character in a flashback role on the show.

5. The Show Films in Los Angeles

We do know that this show is filmed in Los Angeles, which makes sense as so many celebrities live in LA. One thing fans find interesting, however, is that the show is occasionally filmed in front of an audience thanks in large part to the fact that the challenges are not a secret. While the entire show is not filmed in a studio, the show does occasionally use the El Portal Theater.

6. The Big Prize

What exactly are these celebrity relatives looking to win? The answer is simple. They want to take home the six-figure prize for themselves. The grand prize for winning the show is a check for $100k. Even though these people are related to celebrities does not necessarily mean that they are also wealthy like their celebrity counterparts. We’re talking grandchildren, children, siblings, and more. The prize is a big one.

7. How Many People Compete?

There are 12 celebrity relatives on the show. Each one works hard to keep their own secret, but we do have a few bits and pieces of knowledge about who belongs to whom. For example, one young man goes by the name Maxwell, and he lies about his famous relative. In the end, we find out that his famous grandfather is none other than Chuck Norris.

8. How the Lies Work

When each contestant arrives, they get to present themselves to everyone else with three simple statements. The catch is that one of their three factual statements is a lie. Anyone can choose any lie to tell, including how they are related to their famous relative. For example, someone might say their famous relative is their grandmother but it is their sister. It’s a lot to dig through, but that’s the point of the game.

9. Viewers Know the Truth

While contestants don’t know who is telling a lie and when they are telling a lie, viewers at home do. For instance, one young lady tells us her father is her relative, he’s a famous athlete, and he has an Emmy. Of course, the last one is a lie – according to her admission later to viewers – and she said he has a Superbowl ring and is in the Hall of Fame. Fans think she belongs to Brett Favre.

10. Fans Guess Constantly

We do know some of the famous family members already, but we don’t know them all. The one thing fans love about this show already is the constant guessing. Are you correct? Did they lie? What is happening? Watching this show keeps fans on their feet.Kevin

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