Whatever Happened To The Cast Of “Psych”

Whatever Happened To The Cast Of “Psych”

Whatever Happened To The Cast Of “Psych”

The American detective comedy-drama television series Psych, created by Steve Franks, has gained a cult following since its eight-season run from 2006 to 2014. The series follows highly observant Shawn Spencer and his best friend Gus who have convinced the Santa Barbara Police Department that he solves cases using his psychic abilities. He becomes a freelance consultant for the police department and solves several cases together with Gus. The series also had three spinoff movies so far: Psych: The Movie, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, Psych 3: This Is Gus, which premiered on November 18, 2021. When asked in an interview with Collider if we’ll be expecting more Psych movies in the future, James Roday Rodriguez, who played Shwan Spencer in the series, responded, “If Steve [Franks] has anything to do or say about it, there will be at least a fourth movie and probably 20 more movies. We treat every movie like the gift that it is, for us, for the fans, for everybody. We try to leave it in place where, in case you never did come back to visit these people, you would feel okay about where they are.” If you watched the last movie and you’re wondering what the cast has been up to since the series ended, keep scrolling and find out more.

James Roday Rodriguez

James Roday Rodriguez played the eccentric and outgoing “psychic” Shawn Spencer in the series, who worked as a freelance consultant to the Santa Barbara Police Department. After the series ended and aside from reprising his roles for the Psych movies, Roday has appeared in a few movies including Pushing Dead, and in 2018, he landed the role of Gary Mendez on ABC’s A Million Little Things. He also lent his voice in the animated feature film Night of the Animated Dead, an adaptation of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. In Variety’s Streaming Room series, Rodriguez shared, “I think as long as there’s an appetite and our fans remain as devoted to us as they always have been, I think we feel both an obligation and of a desire to give back because we couldn’t have done this without Steve obviously, and we couldn’t have done it without the PsychOs,” Rodriguez said.

Dule Hill

Dulé Hill played the role of Shawn’s trusted best friend Gus in the series. After Psych ended, Hill appeared in several shows including the comedy series Ballers, portraying the role of Larry Siefert, Albert Cobb in the legal drama Doubts in 2017, and Alex Williams in the legal drama Suits for seasons 8 and 9, and his most recent project is playing Bill Williams in the 2021 remake of The Wonder Years. He also appeared in several films such as the 2016 American superhero drama film Sleight, HBO Max film Locked Down, and Netflix’s thriller film Hypnotic. In addition to his acting, Hill also serves as a member of the Screen Actors Guild Hollywood Board of Directors. In the same interview with Variety alongside his Psych co-star Rodriguez, Hill shared, “It always blows me away how the show premiered in 2006 and we’re now in 2020 … the excitement that is there and I guess how it brings people together just to engage in ‘Psych,’ it always blows me away. They’ve been the best group of family that I can ever have asked for — we could have asked for. I look forward to seeing where the journey’s going to go.”

Timothy Omundson

Timothy Omundson played the role of head detective Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter in the series. After the series ended, he appeared on episodes of Supernatural and Hot in Cleveland. In 2015 he landed the role of King Richard in the musical fantasy-comedy television series Galavant and had guest appearances in American Housewife and This Is Us. Omundson also had a guest appearance in the medical drama series New Amsterdam alongside John Christopher Jones and played the roles of comedy partners recovering from a stroke and Parkinson’s respectively. Omundson, who suffered a major stroke in 2017, talked about the episode of New Amsterdam with the Los Angeles Times and shared “What’s so great about this story is that it’s about friendship, not disability. If I have to spend the rest of my life playing stroke victims, and I certainly hope I do not, this is exactly the kind of story I want to do.”

Maggie Lawson

Maggie Lawson played the role of detective Juliet O’Hara and Spencer’s love interest in the series. When she reprised her role in Psych 3; This Is Gus, she shared in an interview with CBR how special the reunion movie was for her. “Every time we get to come back together and hang out is the best time, but I think this one was even more special after coming from and still being in this pandemic and everything. I hadn’t left my house much, much less gone to a set and seen everyone, so to go to work and see all of these people after this whole experience and get to work and be together again, it was sweeter,” the actress shared. Post-Psych, Lawson appeared in the American sitcom Angel From Hell, Back in the Game, Netflix’s The Ranch, and another Netflix original Santa Clarita Diet. She also had a recurring role in the cop-action comedy-drama television series Lethal Weapon. In 2020, she landed the lead role in the sitcom Outmatched. She also appeared in the comedy film Spivak and Hulu’s monthly horror anthology Into The Dark where she was featured in the Treehouse episode. She has also starred in several Hallmark films such as Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy, The Story of Us, My Favorite Wedding, and Christmas Encore.

Corbin Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen played Henry Spencer, Shawn’s uptight father who trained Shawn’s observation skills. Just like his Psych co-star Lawson, he appeared in Hallmark movies including A Time to Dance and Love’s Complicated. In 2019, Bernsen starred in films like Sunrise in Heaven, Swell, and The Russian Bride. He also appeared in several shows including The Kominsky Method, Magnum P.I., The Punisher, and The Resident.

Kirsten Nelson

Kristen Nelson played the role of Karen Vick, Santa Barbara Police Department’s Chief who always had a soft spot for Shawn despite his sometimes annoying tactics. After Psych, Nelson appeared in several shows including Bones, Limelight, This is Us, and a cameo on NCIS: New Orleans. She also had a recurring role in the drama series Versus and appeared in the comedy series K.C. Undercover.The Wonder Years

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