Whatever Happened to Sierra Storm from Below Deck?

Whatever Happened to Sierra Storm from Below Deck?

Whatever Happened to Sierra Storm from Below Deck?

When the show “Below Deck,” first began airing, the world was fascinated. The luxury yacht industry is explosive. Being a guest on a luxury yacht is by far the most amazing experience in the world. Being able to set sail in a floating luxury hotel with a crew to keep you fed, a drink in your hand and your bed made while also showing you a good time on the water is unlike anything else you could ever imagine. For some, being a guest on a yacht is a dream they will never realize. However, if you are willing to put in the work, you can go to work as a crew member, captain, or stew on a yacht and be part of that life from the other side. That’s what Sierra Storm did when she chose to go through the training and hop aboard a luxury yacht to sail the Caribbean. She was part of the Below Deck cast for some time until she left, and the world wants to know where she is now.

Her Story

Sierra is from Miami, and that means she’s no stranger to luxury yachts. She’s seen her fair share of yachts in the bays and harbors of Miami, and she knew she wanted to be part of that life. She was trained as a certified yacht crew member, and the rest is history. She is someone who describes herself as impulsive and open-minded, and the job was just so good for her. She’s been everywhere in the Caribbean on luxury yachts, and that was something she thoroughly enjoyed during her reality show stint. However, that’s not all she’s into. She also loves yoga, and she also loves nutrition. She’s into being the healthiest version of herself, and that is just who she is as a person. She made a splash when she was late for her very first trip because she missed her flight. It was not a good moment for her, and many fans of the show began to see her as a sort of unintelligent young woman. While we certainly don’t find her unintelligent, we do feel she might be impulsive and she might not care as much about time and the lives of others as she does herself. This quickly led to people feeling one of two ways about her – loved her or hated her. There might not be any in-between.

Where is She Now?

We don’t really know, to be quite honest. She is a woman who is not entirely active on social media, so we don’t know what she is up to or where she is. The last photo she shared on her Instagram account was on January 7, 2022, in which she posed in a pinkish-red bikini and said her year is going to be her own. She hasn’t said anything else or posted to social media since then. She experienced a lot of drama during her reality television tenure, and it wasn’t something she really enjoyed if we had to guess. The rest of the crew seemed to find her a little bit difficult. They seemed to find her a little bit incapable, and they often described her as someone who blew up all issues or problems she faced into something much larger than they needed to be, and that seems to be something she was not a fan of. She eventually left the show and didn’t return. She literally did not even return for the reunion, and so no one got to see the last of her or hear from her as it pertains to her own side of any story. We don’t know where she is.

Private Life

One thing we do know about this young woman is that she is currently living her best private life. She’s not sharing her life with the world. She doesn’t seem to have much to tell anyone about what she is up to, and she certainly doesn’t feel at all compelled to share online. She’s living her life, doing her thing, and we hear she’s still working on yachts. However, we don’t know where she’s working or what she is doing in the yachting industry, and that’s interesting. Perhaps she will eventually make a comeback, but it really seems like she will not. She posted only two photos in the year 2020, none in the year 2021, and only one in 2022. If you ask us, she doesn’t care if anyone knows what she is up to.

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