Whatever Happened To Hook’s Raushan Hammond?

Whatever Happened To Hook’s Raushan Hammond?

Whatever Happened To Hook’s Raushan Hammond?

When Raushan Hammond was cast as Thud Butt in Steven Spielberg’s 1991 adventure film Hook, he probably had no idea that people would still talk about it 30 years later. However, the film has left a lasting impression on people all over the world, and Hammond’s role in the movie remains very memorable. Given the financial success and popularity of Hook, Hammond, like other child actors who were cast, gained an appreciable level of visibility in Hollywood.

This led to Hammond landing a few other small TV roles in episodes of Tales From the Crypt (1993), Hangin’ With Mr Cooper (1994), ER (1995), and Family Matters (1995). After which, Hammond seemed like he took a long break from film and television. He faded from the spotlight almost instantly, and many people have spent years wondering what became of the former child star.

Raushan Hammond’s Acting Journey

Raushan Hammond in Hook

Los Angeles is arguably the best place in the world for people wanting to enter the entertainment industry. Every year, countless people flock to the area, hoping for a big break. Fortunately for Hammond, he never had to make that move because he was born and raised in the area. A nine-year-old Hammond made his film debut starring as one of the Lost Boys on Hook. Despite his age and lack of experience, Hammond still held his own, even with the legendary Robin Williams. While working together, Hammond and Williams developed a close bond. According to Cinema Blend, Hammond said,

“There were a couple of times on the set of the movie where some kids would literally try to rough me up on the set. And Robin Williams would see this going on in-between shots and he would come over, like he was my dad, and he would turn the other kids straight. Like, ‘What are you doing? We’re on a set, this is a major film. Why would you act like this?’ It was really surprising because we always saw Robin Williams always joking, always laughing, always doing the craziest things. And when he would do that all the kids would stop because they were so shocked that the 10-year-old child in him would stop for a minute or two.”

Even after filming, the two kept in touch, and Hammond revealed that Williams sent him birthday cards over the years. When Raushan was thinking about getting into directing, he planned to make a Hook sequel called Thud Butt vs. Rufio. He hoped to have Williams make an appearance. When Williams passed away in 2014, Hammond spoke fondly of his late friend. Since Hook, Hammond made four small TV appearances before disappearing from the entertainment industry. He returned in 2011 with a role in a movie called 24 Hours in Las Vegas, which he wrote, directed, and produced.

What Is Raushan Hammond Up To Now?

Raushan Hammond

Rashaun Hammond has not had any acting, writing, directing, or production credits since 2011. Although Hammond doesn’t have a large social media following, he has Twitter and Facebook accounts. Facebook is where he seems to be the most active. Based on his posts, it appears that he is living a “normal” life away from the spotlight. He enjoys cooking and worked on a TV version of 24 Hours in Las Vegas. He uploaded more than a dozen episodes of the show on YouTube. However, it didn’t attract a large following.

What’s Next For Raushan?

Raushan Hammond as a Magician

What we do know for sure, though, is that Raushan Hammond has switched gears and left acting. He is now a professional magician who works in Las Vegas, which is, after all, a popular spot for magic shows. However, having stayed close to Hollywood for most of his growing years, Raushan Hammond could make an appearance in film or television if the opportunity ever presents itself.

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