Whatever Happened to Amy Sakasitz?

When the world welcomed Amy Sakasitz back in 1985, the world didn’t know she’d go on to star in some of the best movies of that generation. She’d take on roles in famous works such as “Dennis the Menace,” alongside some exceptionally famous faces. She’d also play an important role in movies such as “House Arrest,” when she was only 11. She’s a child star if ever there was a child star, but her fans haven’t seen her around much now that she’s an adult. She worked regularly in Hollywood as a child making her mark as a rising star in the child star industry, but her adulthood took her a different route as it often does. She’s not living the child star life any longer, but her fans want to know what happened to Amy Sakasitz? We have some information for you right here.

Early Fame

There’s no one who wants to believe that it’s been almost 30 years since the movie, “Dennis the Menace,” was made, yet here we are. It does age most of us, but it’s still cute. If you’re like most adults who grew up watching this hit movie, you probably have it on your list of movies to share with your own kids on family movie night if you haven’t already. We all do. It’s a cute one that is probably somewhat of a cult classic that doesn’t get old. Amy Sakasitz was just a child when she was cast in this movie. She took on the role of little Margaret Wise, the little girl who made such a big impact. This role was, shockingly, the second of her major roles as a child star. It’s hard to believe that a girl this young was already in her second big role as a child. Sakastiz would go on to star in three more movies as a child star. She starred in a total of five prior to giving up her life as an actress and moving on to other things.

Where is Amy?

The simple truth of the matter is that this is one child star who doesn’t really share much of her life with the world. She’s taken it upon herself to grow up leading a rather private life, and it appears to be working well for her. She is relatively active on social media, particularly on her own Twitter page. She has a lot of followers, and it’s there she shares a lot of book reviews, and she is never shy about sharing her opinion on the ongoing social issues that are going on in the world right now. She calls herself an ex-actress. She did leave the industry in the 90s, and she hasn’t been back since, though she embraces the time she spent starring in movies and on television. She’s made it clear where she stands on many issues, and she is not afraid to speak her mind.

Like so many people in the pandemic times, she’s struggled from time to time. Amy Sakasitz lived through 2020 with many of the same feelings the rest of us did. She’s frustrated that things have turned into what they have turned into, but she’s also thankful and grateful that she is alive and well and that she is thriving. However, she has also notated via Twitter that she does feel the same burnout and frustration as so many other Americans who have been through so much during the same time. She was hoping for a better 2021 on January 1 when she opened up about her gratitude and frustrations, but we don’t know how she feels about things now.

In terms of her personal life, we simply do not know much about her life. She doesn’t share much personal information. We don’t know what she does for a living. We don’t know if she has a family. She doesn’t share if she does, but that is one of those things that her fans should accept should she have one and simply choose not to share them. What we do know about Amy is that she might be a child star who did not take her fame into adulthood with her, but she is someone we have fond memories of watching in some of the best movies of all time. She’s an actress who did become an integral part of our own childhood, and we will always remember her. In fact, some of us have already introduced her to our own children via her work as a child actress, and they love her, too.

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