What Will Cinema Look Like in 10 Years?

What Will Cinema Look Like in 10 Years?
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Looking too far into the future to determine what’s going to happen with cinema is kind of tough. Even the most experienced individuals aren’t able to see everything that’s coming down the pipeline. As of now, there are plenty of people trying to ascertain what’s going to happen in the years to come.

As it’s already been stated, the MCU has a ten-year plan, and now it sounds as though the DCU has the same. Taking into account the vast scope of cinema, one can’t help but think that the comic book genre is going to keep dominating. At the very least, it will be onto the lead at the box office as it’s been doing. But other directors are going to be working to make sure that their contributions are seen.

In other words, the comic book genre isn’t going to eclipse all other movies in the next decade. There are various issues that this genre is still working with and around to keep things rolling. The popularity of these movies is bound to remain steady with each new wave of fans that arrives. While there are bound to be flops and successes, the hope is that people will be accepting and continue to be entertained. 

Hollywood has stumbled a few times in the last several years with one title or another. But the upside is that filmmaking is a continual learning process. There have been rough years for movies, and there have been great years. But the deciding factor, quite often, is the fan reaction to the movies they’re given. This makes the difference between success and failure. 

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The comic book genre should remain a powerhouse since the fans have responded in a positive way up until a certain point. 

Comic book movies have been around for decades now, before the DCU and the MCU. They’ve performed just as well or just as poorly as any other movie. Thinking that they should experience a decline is ridiculous so long as they’re lighting up the box office. But thinking that they’re going to take over completely is kind of ridiculous.

People want variety. This is something that’s been true when talking about cinema in society for a long time. Trying to convince anyone that comic book movies overshadow anything stems from an irrational fear that other movies won’t be able to get the attention of the people. Unfortunately, it’s also the belief initiated by those who don’t feel that their movies are being respected or regarded as efficient as the comic book movies that many have decided to downplay. 

Other movies are still just as effective, no matter that directors have continually complained that comic book movies ‘aren’t cinema’. 

Thinking that other movies are suffering at the box office because of comic movies that aren’t cinema, according to some folks, is hard to get on board with. The box office numbers might not be great, but the money still rolls in if they tell a great enough story. Listening to those who are making these movies comment when their movies aren’t given the same regard as others make one feel that there’s something else going on.

The truth is that cinema is just as competitive as anything else. People are going to gravitate to the stories they enjoy and vilify or ridicule the stories that are less effective. The fact that many directors and filmmakers know this makes the issue even harder to deal with. Every movie carries the hope that the overall story will carry it and make the plot memorable in one way or another. The comments that pile in when a movie does not do well should give an indication of a story’s weaknesses that can be worked on. 

The First Reviews of 'Avatar: The Way Of The Water' Are In

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It would appear that a lot of filmmakers get lost when trying to please people and forget that the story comes first, no matter what. 

It’s easy to see how a lot of directors and filmmakers have a vision and want to see it realized on the big screen. But when it comes at the expense of what people are hoping to see, there needs to be compromise that can allow the filmmakers and the audience to be as pleased as possible. Like it or not, the story needs to work for the audience and the director or everything falls apart.

In the years to come, it feels as though cinema could continue to decline and rise alternately as directors continue to figure this out in their own way. 

If the cinematic experience gives way to streaming content, it might be the wake-up call that Hollywood needs. 

If movies would go straight to streaming, people might find less need to visit the theater. 2020 saw this issue arise since COVID-19 made it next to impossible to attend a theater. But taking into account the lack of cost and the desire for maximum comfort, streaming could replace cinema if certain conditions were met.

It might not please everyone. But the cinematic experience doesn’t even do that now. In ten years, it’s going to be interesting to see how cinema changes and how it stays the same. 

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