What We’ll Miss Most About the Show Empire

What We’ll Miss Most About the Show Empire

What We’ll Miss Most About the Show Empire

There was a time when FOX’s Empire dominated its time slot week after week. It might be safe to say that it was during its first initial years when Empire was at its best. The last season was marred with controversy, and the show is entering into the same dynamic as it airs its sixth and final season. The show has gone through an incredible amount of storytelling, and it’s time for the stories to come to a close. Despite of everything that’s happened on and off the show in the last year or so, we can honestly say that we’re definitely going to miss this show once it’s done. Here’s a list of everything we’ll miss about Empire.

1. The family folly

If there were one word to describe the Lyon family, it would be crazy.The parents are crazy. The children are crazy. The children’s wives are crazy. There’s just a lot of crazy to go around in the Lyon circle. There were times when it got a bit over the top, but that was exactly what the family’s lifestyle was all about. Of course, all the folly added to the drama of it all. It made the show extremely exciting to watch, and it made us sit on the edge of our seats some nights. We may never get a chance to truly understand the Lyon family before the show ends, but here’s to watching the show again once it’s off the air.

2. Cookie Lyon

Cookie definitely deserves her own spot on this list because she’s just amazing. There couldn’t have been an episode worth watching if Cookie wasn’t in it somehow. Taraji P. Henson has done an unbelievable job with this role. The role itself is one-of-a-kind, and we couldn’t picture any other actress that would’ve been able to pull Cookie off the way Henson did. Cookie is one heck of a character, and we’re going to be terribly sad that she’s not going to be around anymore. We’re going to miss her antics, and we’re going to miss her personality. We’re going to miss Cookie the mom, and we’re also going to miss Cookie the troublemaker. Cookie Lyon is the glue that held this show together. Without her, the show would’ve been unbearable at times.

3. The music

Empire would be nothing without its music, and what awesome music has the show been putting forth in the last few years. It’s rare to watch a show today and be able to bop your head at the same time. The musical caliber of the show was nothing short of impressive. Some of the songs they released on the show could be played on the radio. Of course, that’s only to be expected given that Timbaland is the show’s executive music producer.

4. The talent

The music and the story wouldn’t have been the same if there weren’t any talent backing it all up. The musical talents on the show are just amazing. You automatically have to be a triple threat to be on this show. You have to be able to sing/rap, dance/move, and act as well. With actors and musicians such as Jussie Smollett and Bryshere Y. Gray, the show couldn’t go wrong at all. Every single episode was explosive with the talent level required to perform, and it was definitely fun and exciting to watch. It’s rare to see that level of skill on television these days, and that’s something we’ll definitely miss. If ever Smollett or Gray doesn’t make it in the acting industry, there’s definitely room for both in music. We’ve already heard how they sound, and we’ve seen the way they perform. We already know the presence they bring to a stage, so it’s really just a matter of formality. We’ll wait and see where both of them end up after the show ends. The road is slightly different for Smollett considering the controversy he’s been embroiled in the last few months that never seems to get resolved.

5. The lavishness

Occasionally, we like to indulge in the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous–just like the Lyon family. It’s all fictional; we know. But it never stopped us from admiring all the fancies the show Empire showed us. There were mansions, fancy cars, and tons of well-dressed people. It was definitely a good touch to the story, and it added to the believability factor of it all. The entire show is as over-the-top as it should be, and we appreciate that kind of candor even in its shallowness. It was an actual escape, actually, from the mundane. If we could just see the styles and the clothes all over again, we’d be fine.

6. The story

There’s no denying it. Empire’s story got us hooked from episode 1 until today. As crazy as it may be or as over-the-top as it may be, the story of the Lyon family is rooted in very basic values and things. When you strip away all the flashing lights and the glamour, you’re going to be left with one basic plot: family. The entire show is about family. Albeit an unusual one, there are still many things about the show that makes it relatable to a vast majority of people. The Lyon family story is about triumph and loss. It’s about love and hate. It’s about drive, ambition, and failure. The Empire story is about everything we all go through as humans–only amplified.

7. Lucious Lyon

Our relationship with Lucious is that of love and hate. There were times when we were on his side, and there were more times when we just hated his guts. It’s been fun being able to watch Terrence Howard on television, and we’re definitely going to miss him when the show is over.

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