Guns Akimbo Looks Absolutely Crazy and We Love It Already

Guns Akimbo Looks Absolutely Crazy and We Love It Already

If people are wondering what happens to Harry Potter stars after their run in the movies this might not be the best movie to point them towards when it comes to Daniel Radcliffe, unless of course they’re ready to see the most insane and wild adventure that the former Boy Who Lived is currently engaged in. He’s not the only one that has been in movies that are designed to make you think, but Guns Akimbo is definitely a step above, or below depending on how you look at it, the movies that he’s done to date. Even Horns doesn’t really equate with this movie as Daniel takes on a role that pictures him as a nerdy game developer that spends more time dreaming than doing and is basically the kind of caustic voice on the internet that many people tend to ignore or feel the need to confront. Unfortunately for this character, a group named Skizm, who run an underground and highly illegal death match online, catch wind of his comments and decide to make him own up to the things he’s said by making him a part of the game. The good part is that he’s armed for this foray into madness, the bad part is that even with a heavy pistol bolted to each arm, he’s not much of a fighter.

In a sense this reminds me of the movie Gamer with Gerald Butler, but instead of an ex-con, military man being the avatar the gamer that has no idea how to function outside of his comfort zone has been thrust into the middle of the game and told to survive without any training whatsoever. Worse is that he can’t simply put the guns down and as they’re bolted into firing position he can’t even get his pants on without worry about whether he’s going to lose a part of his anatomy in the process. In short, this is a crazy thrill ride that thrusts Radcliffe right over the cliff and expects him to soar like an eagle to the finish. If we’re talking about Mighty Eagle from the Angry Birds movie that might be an apt analogy, as throughout the trailer it’s obvious that he takes a massive beating and is more worse for wear by the time the movie finally comes to what might be called a head. The fact that he’s set to square off with the game’s number one killer doesn’t help either as Nix, played by Samara Weaving, is already a stone-cold killer that is out to win and is out to preserve her place in the game, as there is no second place.

Since his time on the Harry Potter movies Daniel Radcliffe has definitely made the jump into movies with more adult themes and hasn’t looked back. Not all of his appearances post-Potter have been that memorable but there have been some that have been able to show that he still has a tremendous amount of talent and is able to make the audience believe that he’s worth keeping around and worth watching. Horns was an odd movie, Imperium was kind of disturbing. The Woman in Black was definitely a creepy movie, and several of his others are least worth giving a look to. Guns Akimbo is basically a shoot ’em up movie that takes a great deal of its cues from the video game world and runs with it in a way that suggests that action is the main theme of the entire thing once the game gets going and there’s not a lot of slowing down until the endpoint when it’s time to put up or finally shut up. The movie was apparently underway as of 2018 as set photos have been circulating since then but there hasn’t been a lot of chatter until now when the trailer has finally hit and people are likely thinking ‘what the hell is this?’. In short it looks like a riot and a good time during which to just shut off one’s brain and enjoy a good thriller that might actually be among Radcliffe’s best to date since it definitely looks like a no-brainer that won’t require a lot of introspection, but will still get it.

It’d be great to see the kids, now adults, from the Harry Potter movies back together again at some point perhaps for another movie or for some sort of reunion, but as of now a lot of them are off on their own, doing their thing, and making their careers work as much as they can. Daniel has definitely attempted thus far to keep his career moving onward and upward and while it hasn’t always been a rousing success this movie is at least bound to get a good deal of attention simply because it looks absolutely crazy, and without a doubt we’re down for it.

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