What We Learned from The Flash Season 6 Trailer

What We Learned from The Flash Season 6 Trailer

The Flash Season 6

Death seems to be a big part of the theme when it comes to The Flash season 6 and as Mike Cecchini from Den of Geek! has stated the aftershocks from Crisis on Infinite Earths is going to be felt yet again as this time it seems that fans might be forced to see yet another Flash bite the dust. From the trailer you can’t really get much and there’s not a whole lot online that could possibly give a person a clue as to what’s coming, but those that have been watching the show will no doubt have a pretty good idea of what to expect, at least from past history and any possible theories that have been building since then. Some might notice Barry’s new suit and others might notice various other things within the trailer that are bound to stand out and be talked about leading up to the October release of the next season. In any case it would seem that events are leading up to something big that will eventually decide the fate of another hero in the Arrowverse.

Will Harrigan of Cosmic Book News has joined in with many others in announcing the villain for this season, the individual known as Bloodwork. If you don’t know who Bloodwork is then you likely haven’t paid much attention to the Flash’s timeline since this character is perhaps one of the more disturbing in the DC universe. After experimenting on his own blood with other blood types Ramsey Rosso somehow became capable of controlling the blood of others and turning it into a weapon that could be used to devastating and kind of gross effect. To put this kind of villain into the show is likely going to mean a lot of CGI and special effects that will possibly turn things in a decidedly dark manner since Bloodwork is not the kind of villain that one would want to encounter, ever. Someone that can control the blood of others and actually make it burn inside their veins is someone you don’t generally want to upset, especially with being made out of flesh and blood. But including Bloodwork in The Flash might be interesting with everything that’s been going on, and while the villain can be hurt it’s likely to take a lot to actually keep him down.

The Flash has been one of the heroes that a lot of people want to see move up to the big screen, and yet for Justice League it feels as though fans were let down somehow despite the fact that Ezra Miller didn’t do a completely horrible job. Instead the entire movie kind of flopped since the dialogue felt off, the actions scenes weren’t terrible but seemed entirely one-sided first in one way and then another, and overall the movie just didn’t deliver as it seemed to promise in the trailers and ads. If anything it kind of left people wanting more of just about everything and it turns out that Superman might have been able to take care of the entire problem on his own. The Flash was really more of a helper that didn’t really fight so much as he took orders and played the part of the yes-man. On the show however Barry is more or less his own person and is able to do much more than just run around and push things out of or into the way. Maybe it’s best that some DC characters continue to stick to TV at this time since honestly bringing them to the big screen has only been good for Wonder Woman and, to some extent, Aquaman. The Flash is kind of that hero that has a very impressive power set but somehow still pales in comparison when he’s set up alongside other heroes that are stronger, in some cases just as quick, and have a lot more fighting experience.

In a big way the Flash, like a lot of heroes and villains, is a giant walking, talking deus ex machina. If the writers can think of something scientific-sounding to say that will explain away his powers and how he can do the things he does then it’s bound to be that way. That includes the number of abilities he has, all speed-born, that Octavio Karbank of CBR has listed. The Flash is an impressive character since as his name implies he’s quick at just about everything. But against an opponent that can make your blood boil and burn in your body it might be quite the contest. Also, there are plenty of things going on in the Arrowverse that will affect Barry in a big way and possibly leave him open to more than just physical attacks as the trailer seems to imply. It’s going to be a wild season, there’s little doubt of that.

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