What is the Ghost Adventures Screaming Room?

What is the Ghost Adventures Screaming Room?

Screaming Room

According to a study by Wesp and Montgomery, it’s possible to develop top-notch critical thinking skills by studying paranormal phenomena. Indeed, we’ve always been tantalized by what unknown entities lie in wait for us in the blackness of both our environment and imagination, entities we fear, yet yearn to be found. As humans, we’re fearful of what lays in wait for us, yet we’re curious as to what might exist beneath the layers upon layers of thick, smokey shadows. After all, with the advent of ghost detector apps, and reasonably priced ghost hunting equipment, interest in the paranormal is at an all time high. As investigators Sparks and Nelson found, there may be a keen association between the paranormal television viewing and overall interest in the unseen..

The Ghost Adventures Team

However, there are real life risks involved in such endeavors, and these risks should be taken quite seriously. For instance, those who are inexperienced, casual investigators might find that something quite ethereal and rather unpleasant has followed them home after a night of investigation, or perhaps we suffer a massive, claw-like scratch down our backs. As such, we depend on professionals in the paranormal. These men and women enter the realm of the dark and unknown, so we don’t have to.

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley are such men. They bravely face the macabre, dark and oft gruesome metaphysical dangers of the unknown with a strong sense of determination and vision. Aware of the risks involved, they’ve faced entities who’ve turned out to be wicked tricksters, teasing and playing at their sensibilities as if they were flies entangled in a web of deceit. But these guys are smart. This is their life, and they know how to handle deceivers. While they face the dangerous spirits with what some may term as bravado, they also tenderly, and with great insight, engage with those who’ve unfairly been stripped of life; the sad, lost and loving energies. The interactions are real, the editing is slick, and the cinematography is straight up moody and on target.

Just What is The Screaming Room?

In The Screaming Room, now playing on the Travel Channel, our intrepid paranormal investigators invite you into their personal sphere, in a way not seen before. Here, you’ll be privy to Zak’s very own private screening room where they chill with their snacks of choice, while recapping their choice episodes of “Ghost Adventures”. You’ll get a first hand, authentic view of just how this team of four interact off-site, as they recap each episode with humor, good spirits and sharing. This is definitely a step away from what you usually see on Ghost Adventures. As a matter of fact, it’s actually in a zone all its own, one that can be seen as a new form of experimental television viewing. You’ll find no slow dirge of redundancy here. Instead, a lively styled commentary of things that go bump in the night. So, find a nice easy chair, gather together your homemade EVP detectors, a ghost finder app or two, and a huge bowl of popcorn, because you’re about to get a backstage pass into Zak, Billy, Jay and Aaron’s own private world of Ghost Adventures.

Screaming Room: Phantom Friends

In fact, we totally believe that you’ll find “Ghost Adventures Screaming Room” a veritable pleasure to watch. the camaraderie between the four men, as they trudge valiantly through the smokey obscurity of the unknown. During the Washoe Club episode, for instance, you can just sense the tension as they attempt to reach out to to the energy of a fallen friend, Debbie Constantino. Debbie was a professional paranormal investigator who worked with her husband Mark, and appeared on several Ghost Adventure episodes. Her husband murdered her on September 22, 2015. The Washoe Club episode is a prime example of how Ghost Adventures has survived for so long: It evolves, it makes earnest transitions, and seemingly has no master. As you can see, the “Screaming Room” is essential viewing for those of you who truly want to get deep into the grit and grind of what these guys do. As Zak says, “…This is their life.” Washoe Club also provided the perfect phantom image, as a fully formed spiritual entity which was detected as it walked down a hall, then abruptly slipped into thin air. Then of course, there’s our personal favorite, which really gives the fan an insiders view of just how close these guys are, when they all comment on Zak’s rather personal and particular reaction to his “no sugar” diet–insert smiley emoji here.

Goatmans Bridge – The Ex-Files

As previously mentioned, there’s a good deal of risks involved for those who tread among the energies. These risks run the gamut of psychological disturbances to physical injuries. One may get horribly clawed, or violently pushed by the entity in question, with only fleeting glimpses of hope to hang onto. For instance, the episode “Goatmans Bridge” led to the untimely divorce of Jay and his wife Ashley. Argyle Texas, located in Denton County is home for the Old Alton Bridge, now known as Goatman Bridge, as it’s believed to be haunted by Oscar Washburn, the “goatman” of Denton County. In fact, “Goatmans Bridge” was Ashley’s final episode. which originally aired on January 14, 2017. Upon watching Jay discuss the incident on the Screaming Room, you get an in depth view into just how difficult it is to be a paranormal investigator, and just how close these men are. In the case of Ashley, it is believed that a vile and spiteful entity latched onto her, one she couldn’t easily shake. This experience led to psychological pain and depression. In fact, the area was reportedly so choked with evil, that lead paranormal investigator, Zak Bagans stated he was driven to strangle himself by the entity. But, in true Ghost Adventures spirit, a touch of levity was injected as we were introduced to Billy’s very own family of adorable goats.

Mexico’s Island of the Dolls

Recapping this episode is a favorite for many, as it involves demonic dolls. Originally airing October 25, 2014, the episode opens with Zak discussing his number one fear: Dolls. Demonic Dolls is an episode which takes viewers on an emotional, far out roller coaster ride, as they take in the somber tragedy that brought the Island of the Dolls into being. However, the team is careful to inject some well-deserved mirth into the show, as they make lively jest about certain dolls, and how they grab one another on-site when truly frightened. This episode also shows off some pretty rad editing skills and cinematography, which add to the creepiness of the overall atmosphere. Those who run some of the Island of the Dolls tours may simply take you to the fake Island of the Dolls unless you specify your true destination. Today, tourists are not actually allowed to set foot on the real island, so if this is a place that you’re particularly interested in touring, then we strongly suggest you watch this episode, as Zak and crew are actually allowed into the ‘real’ Island of the Dolls, so episode will be a real treat for some of you. The Demonic Dolls is well-done episode, clever and without the lameness of silly, limp dialogue.

Final Thoughts

Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room is a candid recap of some of the teams most harrowing paranormal experiences, and not to be missed if the paranormal is your thing. You’ll not only get a greater insight into the inner workings of the methodology the crew uses, but also enjoy the comradeship experienced by this intrepid team of four as they relive the most memorable events of select episodes. Zak’s personal screening room affords these gents the ability to reflect from a secure distance, the various heart rending and explosive confrontations, from each of the 8 episodes. So chill out, grab a nibble or two and be prepared to experience the more disturbing part of life…or death.

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