What Is Giants Uprising About?

What Is Giants Uprising About?

What Is Giants Uprising About?

Giants Uprising is a new action-adventure game where players take control of a titan to seek revenge against the human race. In this world, there was a productive relationship between the human and giant races, but things apparently turned sour. Now, the giants are enslaved for the purpose of war and construction against their will. Players will be in the role of an escaped giant that’s accompanied by a human convict. They will go on an adventure to save the rest of the giant race from enslavement, topple the kingdom of men and start a revolution to find freedom. This is the basic plot to Giants Uprising and it seems to be a promising twist to the fantasy genre. Seasoned gamers have most likely encountered Giants through World of Warcraft and God of War, but seldom have they actually played as one.

The story will follow the journey of Rogbar and Kietbasa. They will fight their way across the landscape to free fellow giants from their torment. Epic battles will lay afoot and the use of primitive weapons and the elements will spell victory for the giant. Varsav Game Studios has just released a demo for this game over on Steam and attention for this game is gaining traction. Players can try out this new IP and get a good feel on how it plays before it is released this fall. The two protagonists met while fighting for their lives in a gladiator arena. Things got out of control and they managed to escape the slaughter. Now, they are heading Northbound to visit Edgar the Lackland for revenge against what they just endured. This is how the demo starts and chances are things will get more intense throughout this yarn.


Behemoth Beatdown

Giants Uprising is played from a 3rd person perspective. Rogbar is the name of the giant that will be the main avatar throughout this tale. Players will start off pretty much unarmed and they will need to improvise. Luckily, mother nature provides a slew of tools that can be used for combat. Trees can be uprooted from the ground and launched like missiles. The key feature with Giants Uprising is destruction. This game encourages players to tear apart villages and strongholds any way they best see fit. Initially, the idea of playing as a giant would be easy to assume that players would be overpowered. Well, never underestimate the will of man. Players can easily get overwhelmed by the numbers of soldiers charging Rogbar on the battlefield. Not to mention, projectiles come at every angle and they can chip away Rogbar’s health fairly quickly.

Rogbar is no slouch when it comes to fighting. He can stomp, punch grapple, and swing around melee weapons with ease. Excellent particle effects alight the air while Rogbar beats down entire towns and cities. Any player that has played Godzilla or even Rampage would get a feel of what Giants Uprising is about. It’s currently unknown whether or not players take control of Kietbasa. Rogbar appears to be a lumbering, simple-minded being to where Kietbasa acts as the narrator of this story. He sits on Rogbar’s shoulder and gives hints and exposition to the overall lore. He comes with a witty charm to him and he is obviously supposed to be the comic relief to this story. Of course, maybe things will switch up and players will take control of him in special circumstances. This remains to be seen. There isn’t much exploration to this IP. This appears to be a very linear playthrough to where areas must be cleared out in order to progress.

Stomping Things In Place

The gameplay in Giants Uprising seems to be fairly simple, yet effective. The demo showcases that Rogbar has a good selection of attacks to utilize. Not only can he use trees as projectiles, but he can also use rocks. Of course, they have a different angle of projection, so Rogbar can launch them through the air like a catapult. Thus, he can also take windmills and throw them like boomerangs. They are especially handy for eliminating armies of men like a lawnmower. Fallen debris from buildings can be used as weapons, too. Rogbar can use a building’s framework as an ax and blunt weapons. Not only can he swing them around, but he can also throw them like a tomahawk to knock down afar enemies. In traditional video game fashion, there will be boss battles. Sometimes they come in the form of fortresses that need to be decimated to even other giants.

Yes, despite the fact that Rogbar is fighting to free his own kin, there are some giants that are loyal to mankind. These giants have the same move set as Rogbar and it can be a real slugfest. Given that all this is shown early in the game, there is no telling what else Robar and Kietbasa will encounter. Varsav Game Studios definitely has an interesting spin on the medieval fantasy genre. The demo provides a pu pu platter of game mechanics and there’s carnage abound. The game still has a couple of months of development to polish things up. There is some clunkiness to the gameplay, but there is no doubt that there’s is potential here. Perhaps, Giants Uprising will be the start of a new series of games that will expand this concept. Only time will tell.

Tackling Titans

This game was announced on Gamescom this year and nobody saw it coming. It certainly raised some eyebrows upon the initial viewing of the trailer. Some people figured that this would be an RTS or a Sim of some kind. Well, it turns out that Giants Uprising is a white-knuckled action game with brutal combat. Players can check out the demo that is now available to have a gander at this new IP. Currently, it is slated to be a PC exclusive, and Varsav Game Studios hasn’t really clarified whether or not it is coming to consoles. However, it will be available for early access on November 2nd.

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