10 things You Didn’t Know About Vanessa Cloke

10 things You Didn’t Know About Vanessa Cloke

10 things You Didn’t Know About Vanessa Cloke

Serial horror television seems to be a thing nowadays, and one title or the other can be found just by surfing channels. ‘Walking Dead’ pretty much changed the face of television horror, while ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘American Horror Story’ proceeded to gather fans like a corpse draws flies. Being a horror fan, there’s nothing like a trend on television to make you want to stay home and eat popcorn instead of having dinner with the folks. And what can we say about the addiction factor? It’s perfect women who miss their soaps and men who aren’t paying for the wrestling channel. The ability to lure us in and get us strung out on scare it at an all-new high, and its just in time for the age of endless streaming.

Our ’10 Things’ celebrity this time just so happens to have starred in both ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘American Horror Story’ but her career has not been limited to tense and terrible of plot. She has also been in episodes of ‘’Treme’ and ‘The Big Short’, playing a wine store clerk and representative for Goldman-Sachs, respectively, and that’s not all. It seems that she has been playing the role of the heartbroken girlfriend in her own personal life, and a victim of psychological abuse. “I had a crash course in Narcissistic Personality Disorder abuse; a role in a horror movie I never agreed to play. I cannot diagnose anyone, but I can say that I resonate deeply with the textbook tactics and traits of the Covert Narcissist such a gaslighting, triangulation, financial abuse, smear campaigning, and mental manipulation.” NPD abuse affects 185 million victims each year, and cause PTSD, CPTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and often, suicide.

On Saturday morning of December 14, 2019, Vanessa drove out of her complex parking lot and noticed 3 armed Fullerton police officers, a U-Haul, her ex boyfriend, his stepfather, mother, sister, brother, and 3 friends. Officer Watson approached Vanessa to tell her that they were “aware of all of the calls.” This is when Vanessa suspected foul play. We caught up with her to get the details of the events leading up to her arrest.

“Five days prior, I sent my ex a letter requesting that he stop intimidating and isolating me. I asked him to stop spreading rumors that I told him to kill himself; rumors he based on an edited video. Any who knows me knows that I would never say this. I have attempted suicide twice in my life, and I am faithful mental health advocate.”

The most important and telling notes she wrote though, were that that he did not bring his sister around due to the constant disturbances she brought with her, and that he knew that “I was intimidated by big families and people with money. Rather than respect this, he brought everyone that he knew would make me afraid. I checked my phone after Watson’s statement, and saw a text from my ex stating that he be by the apartment to pick up ‘some of his belongings.'”

The police did not have a court order. Instead, they said they had receipts of everything owned by my ex-boyfriend’s mother. Except, she was not a resident; she was merely a Guarantor on the apartment, so she had no right to remove anything, and neither did my ex, because he did not pay for these things. The police allowed the removal of all the shared furniture we had used for a year and a half since we lived there, both of us being on the lease as residents.

I walked out of the apartment to escape the chaos, as I had done other times he showed up with his sister Kim, who was known for being jealous and combative. On this day, she was waiting in my stairwell recording me when I came out.” His sister claimed to police that Vanessa attacked her, but, according to Vanessa, “Anyone who watches the video can see that this is false. I called her a name, flipped her off, took her phone, and threw it over the balcony. I was told later that day that a neighbor overheard them discussing the details once I was arrested and out of earshot. Jeff called me an idiot after Jeff’s stepdad stated twice that she did not attack the sister. They know damn well that I didn’t attack her. They conspired to entrap, excite fear, and provoke me. How would anyone respond to being thrown ou of their home? His mother, was hiding in the first floor stairwell recording me as well. As if I were an animal at the zoo.”

At the police station, Officer Watson asked Vanessa if she had touched the woman, and Vanessa said no. Apparently, if someone claims assault while a police officer is present, by law, they have to arrest the accused. Her brief and first time in jail included being threatened by a female officer, Diaz, who Vanessa begged not to be aggressive with her breasts, as she had been molested at five. “She purposely and aggressively grabbed and yanked my breasts, making sure to cause distress. They refused to uncuff me, because that family told them I as crazy, and my mind became so stressed that by body involuntarily flung itself. I landed between a metal bench and a wall, face down. They refused to help me, saying that I had gotten in there so I had to get myself out. I was stuck. They finally lifted me off. I have pictures of the bruises. I had asked since my arrest to use the restroom; I was menstruating and had to urinate. Like Sybil’s mom, Diaz forced me to hold my water. She then took off both socks and shoes, and ordered me to the restroom. I asked her to put my socks and shoes back on, and she refused. I had to twist my arms and shoulder socket to get them back on, just so I didn’t walk barefoot to the second floor bathroom. Once downstairs again, my mug shot was take, then fingerprints, at which point I had a panic attack. I couldn’t breathe and almost passed out. The officer administering the prints accused me of ‘holding up the process.’ I was put in the room for a minute; it was the only time my cuffs were off. The officer came in to tell me he was ‘trying to get me out of there.’ I told him to Google panic attacks when he got home that night, and to give me a minute. I heard Officer Diaz call me crazy on the other side of the wall. Upon discharge, I asked of her badge. she condescendingly spelled out her name for me. I was released into the rain, no jacket, no money, no car, and a dead cell phone. I have never been arrested, and I do not have a history of violence. THIS, is what a smear campaign of can lead to.”

While in jail, the family was speaking so cruelly about her, that a 19 year old neighbor came out and said to Vanessa’s ex, “I think you need to stop.”

“When I got back from jail, Kim began calling upstairs to let him know I was back. She looked at me and cruelly yelled, “You need to leave! You’re homeless. You can’t afford to live here! My ex’s Special Olympican brother began yelling at me as well. He and I were close, and I know that he was taught to say these things to me. A month prior, when my ex and his mother came to take some of his clothes, I was keeled over on the balcony, sobbing. The brother hugged me until my ex’s mother grabbed him and told him to get away from me. The step-father stood there unsympathetically and told me I was better off not dating a man child like my ex.” These people are not nice.

When Vanessa got wind that they had left, she went inside to find that all of her food had been tossed into styrofoam coolers, and they took the cat, Mia, who Vanessa found for her and her boyfriend in a pet store in Orange, CA November 2018. They took the bed and couches, leaving Vanessa to sleep on the floor. The night of her arrest, Vanessa decided to commit suicide. “It wasn’t because of the break up, or even the arrest. It was that he was the best person I had ever met, and if he could do this to me, if he could subject me to this cruelty and betray me by participating, then there was no good in the world, and I didn’t want to live in that world.” She was able to talk herself into waiting until morning, at which point she called her therapist and a childhood friend. They helped her through the ordeal, and it was a couple days later when she realized that suicide was one of the adverse effects of NPD abuse. The stages include lovebombing, devaluation, and the discard. What TMZ shamelessly shared was the final blow of the discard phase. “I explained that I had almost taken my own life, and begged them not to air anything, but they released the video on Christmas Eve. They didn’t care about my life. I pleaded, telling him that I had been psychologically abused, and that I had battled depression for twenty years. I said that he was adding to the existing mental anguish caused by that family and the Fullerton Police Department. Lost twenty pounds in a month. Every morning I woke up in sweat-drenched clothes from anxiety attacks in my sleep. I reached out to his other sister, but it seemed that she was convinced that I was trying to get attention.”

A day before her New Year’s Eve birthday 2018, she was in a car accident. A woman ran a red light and lied to the police. It took four months to obtain the 911 audio disc proving her wrong, and to receive money for a new car. She totaled Vanessa’s. “During this time, my boyfriend’s father passed, and without a car, I could not find work. I temp’ed here and there, but nothing steady. I was in Orange County, totally out of my film industry element. By August of 2019, I was on unemployment, but decided to complete my real estate classes. I put together a get of of debt plan (I stupidly turned down a big contract job at the request of my boyfriend, who didn’t want me leaving the state for as long as it would have required), called all my creditors, joined Toastmasters, began promoting my Photo Booth company (SnapStar Photo Booth), and took to networking in the city of Fullerton. I considered running for city council in fact. He and his mother knew of my financial position, and he knew that I was waiting on the settlement. It was to arrive in December. Once breaking up, his family pressured me to leave my home without any money or place to go, or a plan, because he and I intended to move away after he graduated with his Masters. His mother began writing fake contracts to the leasing office. His step-father tried to bribe me.

In September, I made the mistake of sharing my financial state with his mom that I was on unemployment, and although I was hardly eating because I did not want her money supporting me, she decided that I was using her, and the plot to take me out, and the gaslighting began. She had never accepted my money in the past. She actually encouraged us to go shopping. I have text conversations where she states she said to stop paying for things, and that she was sending everything back to him, which she did. She refused to let me pay rent. She constantly complained about his spending, but when I tried to contribute, she responded by letting me know she withdrew money from her inheritance. She often complained to me about his personality, his choices, that he didn’t work (although she agreed to support him while in school), his haircut, and spending. I constantly defended him, and lovingly encouraged her to discuss finances with him, as it made me uncomfortable. After this conversation, I inquired from him as to whether any changes had been made. He said no. Twice. At one point, I had my first panic attack from holding in the horrible things his mother said about him. She had come to me a few times to vent about her concerns regarding his life, so I tried to alleviate her stress by talking with him. I should have never been put in that position.

He called the police on me more than once. Ironically, he told the police I was harassing a neighbor, the neighbor who verbally assaulted us on Halloween, prompting my boyfriend to call the police. The neighbor had previously physically assaulted me, was a known sex offender, and had made countless remarks about wanting to F__ the college girls at our complex. Two weeks later, after yelling at me behind closed doors, my ex ran downstairs and called the police on me. When they arrived, it was obvious that my boyfriend had discredited me by branding me mentally unwell. This was confirmed in the police report, although my ex denied this via text. More discrediting came when he claimed to his department at Cal State Fullerton that I was crazy and trying to ruin his career. In the meantime, he posted the same claim on Facebook, and the cyber bullying began. I was called ‘the 40 year old loser with no car.’ It was said that I was a ‘Facebook warrior because if she actually had to go outside would melt into the pile of shit that she is.’ These were his family, friends, and colleagues.

I don’t know where his mother got it in her head that I was in it for the money. I had worked since the age of twelve, and aside from a few spotted periods in between gigs, I worked for about 30 years. When I met him, I was on my feet, had just wrapped a Second AD gig for the Panic at the Disco song ‘Say Amen.’ I had money in the bank for a new apartment I found, but we fell in love, and we didn’t want to live a county apart. I tried to pay rent and was told repeatedly that she wouldn’t let me. It’s ridiculous to think that I would wait to live my life 20-30 years for his inheritance to kick in. Anyone in my life knows that I have a very hard time accepting financial help. It embarrasses me. I’ve paid my way through life, and when Iw as without, I managed to figure it out. I didn’t have family to come to my rescue, and I made a point to pay my own way. I never wanted anyone holding money over my head.

I had made it very clear that when I got my settlement, that I would make arrangements to leave, but he chose not to relay this information to his family. The week before they arrived, my grandfather passed, my mother had surgery, and a friend attempted suicide. Within two weeks of a break up, and with only our plans to move to another state after his graduation, I had no idea where I would go or how. Nevermind going through the most break-up of my life with the person I considered my other half. Our friends used to say that we were their “relationship goals.”We had so much fun. There was a great deal of love in our home, and when his mother and sister weren’t involved, our relationship thrived. We had a great social circle and we just enjoyed being around one another. We had our ups and downs, and I had my trust issues, but I worked through them. In September he said to me, ‘You know Vanessa, when we have arguments, you don’t have to get into fight or flight. They’re just speed bumps, and we’ll look back on them one day and laugh.’ I relaxed. I loved him unconditionally. And we both couldn’t wait until we could move and buy our own place, which I intended on doing with my settlelement. We fell in love over conversations about psychology. We played cards, painted rocks, and danced until until late hours of the night. I’m not gonna lie; I love that guy. With all of my heart. Unconditionally.

Is studied the hell out of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and I read my own story in the words of others on abuse advocacy forums. An overview of the NPD timeline:First is the Lovembombing phase; you meet and fall in love with the most perfect person you could ask for. They check all the boxes, and then some. They swoon over you, and before you know it, you’re talking marriage, designing your house, and you have withdrawals when they’re gone. They qualm all of your trust issues. You share your deepest traumas. They vow to never change, and the sex…well. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The second part is the Devaluation phase, and this is when things get strange…suddenly they are mocking you, lying, cheating but denying. Family has interfered heavily at this point, using money and triangulation to rally what are called “flying monkeys,” the other family and friends who weren’t too keen on you, because you provided a healthy love that their dysfunction is threatened by, and they are ready to join the plot. The smear campaign begins during this phase; your partner’s place of colleagues, institutions, even the police are convinced of the acts you never committed. There is most likely a “new supply,” a low-hanging fruit which the partner begins to establish an emotional connection with and of course, smear your name to in order to secure sympathy and a new relationship. They usually have affairs right under your nose, and in my case, a neighbor and friend. Gaslighting starts as well; this is when a person manipulates you in order to make you feel that you are losing your mind. This happens often with avoidant personalities, so when you confront the concerns head on, you are told that you are crazy. The love of your life will call you names and degrade you. Many victims develop eating disorders during this phases because the abusive partner begins criticizing their weight. The last phase, the Discard, comes almost out of nowhere, and by the time it does, you have been isolated from not just their family and friends, but your own. You’ve been yelled at for having a life, made to feel guilty, and you end up completely vulnerable. By the discard, you are more than likely barely hanging on to your sanity, finances, and your will to live. as her boyfriend, Jeff, recently broke up with her and moved out, which she responded to by assaulting a bystander who was recording their public argument on her cell phone, but we can discuss that in a bit. Let’s get to know her better first. Vanessa was recently arrested.

I know how much he loved me, and I can’t say that I was perfect, but I lived in honesty, and constantly worked on myself. I truly believe that his mother coerced and or gave him some sort of ultimatum. He wasn’t in a position to work, and even though he had repeatedly during the course of our relationship tell me that if he ever had to choose between his sister and mom, or me, it would always be me, as you may have heard me yelling in the arrest video. I really didn’t understand why he said this, but it doesn’t matter, because he picked them both, and left me out in the cold. I know now why he said it though and I don’t blame him; those women have so much hate in their hearts.

The thing is, I have forgiven him, but I don’t think he could ever bring himself to confess, apologize, and heal himself, whether we worked through this or not. Although inexcusable I understand the deep reasons as to why he did this. I believe he is a victim as well, as his mother fits the textbook description of a narcissistic parent, but again, I can’t diagnose anyone. I just hope that this family learns how to communicate, stop avoiding, and that they turn inward to explore why they felt the need to destroy our union. There is a lot of past pain, as there is in my life, but developing emotional intelligence and committing to the work truly brings freedom. Projecting onto others your insecurities will cease eventually, and you can one day be happy that your family member found true love, instead of interfering with and sabotaging the relationship.

I can’t forgive the Fullerton Police Department yet though. One three occasions, they left me in at risk. They were tricked, but more importantly, they are not educated on the tactic of discrediting, and allowed the false victim to make false claims against the actual victim, as is often the case in NPD abuse. The police verbally and physically assaulted me, and during the three occasions in which I needed help, including a break-in, they ignored my plea. Instead, they intimidated me further, branded me crazy, and assisted a family in causing mental anguish, financial ruin, Complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, fear, and suicidal thoughts. Of course, I’m not Kellly Thomas; I wasn’t beaten to death. Now, I am awaiting an October 2, 2020 court date for tax-payers to waste their money and the city to waste it’s time on a case that is clearly bogus. Misdemeanor criminals are being released during quarantine, but I’m facing a court trial for a lie. Luckily, I have plenty of proof, and I feel confident that my case will be thrown out.

I have left out so much, and if it weren’t for my new cause as an advocate of NPD absue victims, I might’ve left out everything, staying quiet and suffering in silence like most victims, but I can’t. I can’t allow this to happen to anyone else. The stories I’ve read and heard would break your spirit. I want to thank YouTube Channels Lisa A. Romano, Inner Integreation, Vital Mind Psychology, the Enlightened Target, and Surviving Narcissism for their expertise, support, and constant commitment to mental health for the victims of NPD. Their videos have given me so much support, and now I am contributing my own piece of this pie by organizing to change and create psychological abuse laws. The UK and France are already on it; we need to catch up. What’s the point of hash tagging mental health awareness if abusers are not going to face consequences?”

1. Childhood/ School Years

Vanessa Dimitropoulos was born on December 3, 1976 December 31, 1976; she is a Sagittarius Capricorn, born in the Year of the Dragon. The actress was born and raised in Paramount, California and raised by her parents until the age of 14, after which her father was forced to leave after years of verbal and emotional abuse. Her mother worked full time as a bank manger to support the family. She also has a brother, but neither the parents nor the sibling’s (just one) names are is available. While some list her birth year as 1981, we know she graduated with High Honors from high school in 1995, so we adjusted the information a bit. She attended Paramount High School in Paramount, California before enrolling at Cal State Fullerton, but after one year, applied and was accepted to Chapman University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications. While she held interests in show business as a child, she never considered going into it as a career outside of training as a dancer from youth. She danced since the age of 5, eventually attending Studio C in Downey, home of many child actors and celebrity dance instructors including the original Kelly Bundy, Tina Caspary (Can’t Buy Me Love). Vanessa acted in school plays at Alondra Junior High under the caring instruction of Joesph Campbell, the drama teacher who passed away from AIDS shortly after Vanessa left for high school. She was the only 8th grade student from two middle schools to land a spot on the high school Drill Team, and turned down the role of Cherry in the Outsiders to focus on competitions.

At the beginning of her freshman year, she witnessed the fatal shooting of Shiela Lorta. Vanessa experienced many deaths before the age of 18, and stayed away from funerals for the next 15 years. Despite the tragedies and tumultuous times such as the Rodney King Riots, Vanessa is proud to be from Paramount, the city next to Compton.. She keeps in touch with her hometown friends, and often goes back to eat at her favorite burger joint Tam’s. Apparetnly their chili cheese fries are the best.

2. Career Timeline and Projects

In the years 2010 and 2011, Vanessa began getting the acting bug and going to auditions Vanessa’s acting bug started nibbling in around the age of 7 after watching The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. Although she didn’t pursue the profession, acting always stayed in front of her. She was selected for a Chapman showcase, and landed a lead role of a play that was set to run in Rtoa, Spain, where Vanessa lived for 3 years. It wasn’t until she and her then husband were serendipitously stationed in New Orleans, LA that her childhood ream would become a reality. While working as the Director of a National acting and modeling franchise (which she later quit due to their poor business practices), she decided to enroll in an Acting for TV class on her one evening off. Six months later, she had an agent, and in January 2008, she booked her first gig as a Firestone Employee for a company industrial. And in December that year, after crying to her agent for not booking anything, she landed her first TV role on HBO’a Treme. Her first role, in 2011, was in the series ‘’Treme’, and she was the clerk in the wine store; the episode was entitled ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’. From there Vanessa landed parts and also a few recurring roles on a variety of television series episodes, including ‘NCIS: New Orleans’, ‘Slaw’, ‘Satisfaction’, ‘Common Law’, ‘American Horror Story’, ‘Walking Dead’, and several more. She has also had roles in movies like ‘The Big Short’, ‘Logan’, and ’90 Minutes in Heaven’. Vanessa is an actress, producer, director, and of course, social media personality, and she lives in Orange County, California currently. Los Angeles, CA. In August 2019, she quit acting, but since her arrest and advocacy, she decided to step back into the audition room. She’s ready to play.

3. Before Acting

We know that Cloke held an interest in acting as a child, but only studied dance, and we know that Vanessa attended Chapman University, where she studied communications, as a adult. But what the heck was going on after that? During college, she worked 3 jobs; a childrens dance instructor, a childrens birthday performer as different characters (her head once fell off during the magic show…Vanessa quickly set it back on and shrieked, “Yada!!!”), and as a delivery driver for Restaurants on the Run (the OG delivery service. After college, she purchased a childrens mobile dance franchise in San Diego. While driving back and forth to LA and SD, 1-2 times a week, she built the company from zero to 300 students in two months, employed 5 dance instructors. Always the curious ulti-tasker, she took a bartending job on San Clemente Island, a military isntallation, where she was flown out ever other week, lived, and worked. There she went lobster diving, sea lion searching, and wooded the Chief’s ass at racquetball. She also met her future husband, and after marrying, they sought orders to Rota, Spain. But first, she bought a condo…After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, Vanessa purchased a 3 story condo which she renovated and rented out to 3 Navy guys before finally heading to Spain. She hired a manager for her dance company, and a year into the orders, she sold the condo for a nice profit.

Spain served as a great travel hub; Vanessa spent a St.Patricks Day in Ireland saw U2 play and danced with Turks on tables in Paris, had a snake on her head in Morocco and an ape on her shoulders in Gibraltar, partied at The Library and visited Sleeping BEauty’s castle in Germany, attended Amsterdam’s Kukenhoff festival and attended a live sex show in the Red Light District, order horses on Spanish beaches, and so much more. They made great friends, had weekly bbq’s, and danced until the sun came up. Vanessa became a Girl Scout volunteer and worked at a stables, shoveling shit in exchange for lessons. She had to work, because she had to eat, and her first role, in ‘’Treme’, wasn’t until 2011. Well, it turns out that she moved to Spain, where she lived and worked for 3 years. But what was she doing there? Well, according to her account on LinkedIn, Vanessa has worked as a communications professional, with job titles that ranged from ‘Production Assistant’ for Nicki Minaj to ‘Talent Production Assistant’. She is also known for owning a SnapStar Photobooth’, which she lets out for events.

Vanessa sold her dance company in 2008, just before a surgery to remove a grapefruit-sized tumor from her right thigh. She began mindfulness, and started paying close attention to her body. During the next several years, and after her divorce, Vanessa worked as a real estate agent, a non-profit consultant, and a professional organizer before deciding to make everything about acting. The prompt was partly due to being terminated from her position as Director of Operations at the New Orleans Public Library Foundation at the orders of Irvin Mayfield. Vanessa expressed repeated concerns about missing funds and equipment, to which Mayfield ordered her into a meeting, threatingening to fire her for insubordination, then fired her anyways. Rumors spread about Vanessa, but the truth was finally revealed when Irvin was investigated by the FBI. He is now facing 23 counts of white collar crime.

In 2012, she spent the summer in New York studying her craft, travelled to Lebanon, and had many adventures with friends in New Orleans.

The switch to a life of acting included learning how to tape and edit auditions and opening what would become a successful taping service (Tape My Audition Nola), started Shoot My Reel, a company which produced original content for actors in need of demo footage, she produced two web-series and the short film Equal, the latter which won Best Drama at the Louisiana International Film Festival. She worked as a private acting and on-camera coach while continuing her personal pursuit of credits. She knew she wanted to get back home to California, and when The Big Short ent up for an Oscar, she headed west.

The next 4 years were spotted with hardship, details of which will be expressed in an upcoming book. There were exciting adventures though, including working with high school foreign exchange students as a Tour Monitor,

4. Personal Life

We have to admit that the information that is available out there regarding Vanessa’s birth and childhood is sparse, and so is much of the information about her personal life as an adult, but this is what we do know. Vanessa was married one time prior to her recent tumultuous relationship, which is now over. She was married to ex-husband Laythan Cloke, and together the couple had one child, who is unnamed. Currently, she resides in Orange County, CA, but she has lived in Paramount, California, Spain, and New Orleans, Louisiana, from what we have learned. Vanessa had a lot fun with her husband, Laythan Cloke. She will always be grateful for the life they shared. The relationship became strained during the summer of 2008, and ended shortly after Hurricane Gustav. Funny story…A mandatory evacuation sent Vanessa traveling solo with 4 rabbits, 3 cats, her computer, and a 9mm. She found refuge at a military base in Columbus, MS. They gave her a house, a cot, some towels, and a shower curtain. She was able to obtain rogue for two friends as well, and the 3 turned the flee into an Evacuation Vacation. They visited Graceland (Elvis was Vanessa’s first love), ate jambalaya in Birmingham, and watched patron’s boxing at the city’s Bell Bottoms night club. While watching from the second story, Vanessa noticed a ring girl bouncing on the ropes. Before she knew it, the girl climbed the pillar and planted a kiss smack on Vanessa’s lips.

Also, contrary to IMDB’s faux pas, Vanessa has no children. In her thirties,she decided against having them for many reasons. It wasn’t until falling in love with her last boyfriend that she finally understood the only reason for having them; as an expression of the love and unions between two people. She found herself thinking one day, “I love him so much, I can’t find the words to describe it.” And then she got it, and although they both chose not to have children, they often discussed looking back on this decision in their elderly years, and being grateful for the amazing adventures they had together.

5. Social Media

While one of her professional titles is ‘Social Media Personality, Vanessa could only be found on Facebook and LinkedIn, and she uses her maiden name on the latter. Her past pages on Instagram and Twitter were found under her maiden name as well, but the Instagram has since been shut down. It should be noted that the actress has had a difficult year, and like we all must at times, she likely decided to take a hiatus from the perils of social media.

FB PAGES: Vanessa Cloke
IG and YouTube: The Vitamin V Show

For anyone interested in learning about Narcissistic Personality Disorder visit and follow her advocacy accounts:
IG @iamtheescapedgoat
FB PAGES and YouTube: The Escaped Goat

For public speaking engagements, she can be reached at theescapedgoat@gmail.com

6. On Thinking and Communicating

Much of what we see about Vanessa when researching her is centered around her ability to communicate, whether it be by acting, writing, or speaking. Vanessa recently joined Toastmasters, an international organization dedicated to speech making and delivery. Her life path number is a 3, that of the communicator. She talks a LOT, which drives some people nuts. She’s learned to know her audience, and also not care what others think. She feels that her voice is a tool, and uses it to speak up for and encourage those who are afraid to use theirs. She believes that communication is KEY, and without it, we are left in a world, relationships, and life of misunderstood motives and behaviors. According to her LinkedIn page, she is exceptional at this, and also has great skills when it comes to coming up with fresh ideas that are ‘outside of the box’, and inspiring others to do the same. In keeping with these talents, Vanessa has done some work with other people that doesn’t involve acting, yet assists and inspires those around her to be the best they can be. For instance, she works as an acting coach from time to time, owned ‘Shoot My Reel’, a company which writes, directs, and records video of people who need to successfully market themselves, as a videographer who shoots audition tapes, is a certified personal trainer, and is the owner of her own production company, Painted Lady Productions. Vanessa has herself involved in all aspects of the industry in one way or another, and enjoys helping others who are chasing their own dreams.

7. Words of Advice

Sometimes we all need advice, particularly since the past year has seemed to be rough on just about everyone in one way or another, and Vanessa is no exception. She seemed to get guidance by a story told by Sylvester Stallone, and it refers to advice he gave his son. “A tip and advice I told my son about life and people: Don’t even do them like they do you. Just disappear and do better…that’s the best revenge.” It seems this is wonderful advice for many of us as 2019 draws to a close. My words of advice are this: Stay away from third party situations. If a partner involves his parent or siblings to interfere with the relationship and domestic life of a couple, the union will die. Get to know your partner, and their family. Listen to you gut, ALWAYS.

8. Vital Stats?

Well, she’s human, isn’t she? Everyone has favorites: A favorite color, favorite food, or favorite person. Well, Vanessa is no exception; she too has her favorites, but what are they? Well, we have a few here for you. Her favorite color is dark blue She doesn’t have a favorite color, and her favorite food is Italian Lebanese, with Thai a close second. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are her favorite actor and actress Currently, her favorite actors are Jesse Plemmons, Alicia Vikander, and Jake Gyllenhall (who has popped up in her dreams for years, and who she has almost had three encounters with through varying degrees…no crush here or anything…),and all-time favorite actors Gary Oldman and Jessica Lange. Her favorite movies are Rushmore, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, The Fall, and The Departed, which she’s seen at least 23 times. and her favorite dream vacation spot would be Switzerland (I’ve never said this…) The list of next countries she’s dying to visit are Japan, Italy, Brazil, Australia, and Prague. She also has hobbies, or things she likes to do when she’s not working. Vanessa enjoys reading, and she also has a good time doing anything associated with the theater, from the sets to the artwork. Vanessa’s hobbies include studying psychology, cooking, dancing, and her favorite, traveling. She is a Reading Partners tutor, and is a consultant for the developing non-profit Absolved, which offers legal and financial education to the wrongfully incarcerated, founded by Django Unchained actor and long time friend, Escalante Lundy.

She’s also started a YouTube series titled Narcs on Film, where she uses film and TV characters as examples to recognize the traits and tactics of narcissists in “real life.” You can catch these episodes on her YT channel The Escaped Goat.

9. Net Worth

Even though Vanessa has been in many different television programs and a couple of movies, along with a few memorable commercials, she is still waiting for her millions, like the rest of us. But the good news is that her net worth isn’t shabby. According to eDaily Buzz, Vanessa has an estimated 2019 net worth of just under $500k. Well, looks like she’s waiting in line with us…the line forms to the left, Vanessa. Her net worth isn’t really worth reporting, according to her, and definitely nothing to envy. She is experiencing the struggles of quarantine just like everyone else, but grateful for shelter and food.

10. Future Plans

Well, this particular actress has enjoyed her share of television appearances and guest spots in shows and movies. She even got to act with Brad Pitt Christian Bale and other stars in ‘The Big Short’, which was a pretty darn good movie, but it just goes to show you that one isn’t always ‘guilty by association’. In the coming months and years Aside from re-entering the acting scene, Vanessa is producing a feature film based on the true story of a Honduran woman who was severally physically and sexually abused, sold for sex, then escaped via bus through Mexico. She is also writing a scripted series surrounding the dangers of NPD abuse and to showcase the dire need to reform psychological abuse laws and educate law enforcement. will continue to work on her career and getting the bigger, longer parts she wants, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re as excited as she is waiting for this to happen for her. She has our support.

2019 has, indeed, been something of a rough one for all of us. We know we’re not the only bunch who are glad it’s almost over, and we think Vanessa Cloke is likely anxious for it to end as well. Next year is a brand new start, and I have confidence that this actress will not only turn things around, but that she will prove they can be better than ever, and the disappointment is nothing more than a fading memory. We cheer her on from the sidelines, and wish her nothing but happiness and success in the future.

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