The Twilight TV Adaptation Needs To Get This One Thing Right

The Twilight TV Adaptation Needs To Get This One Thing Right

The Twilight TV Adaptation Needs To Get This One Thing Right

Hollywood is in the era of remaking popular shows and movies from the early 2000s and 2010s. With Harry PotterGossip Girl, and Percy Jackson getting a reboot, it was only fair that Twilight would get one too. While the Twilight Saga is barely a decade old, there is already news that a reboot TV series is in the works. The news came shortly after Warner Brothers announced that a Harry Potter reboot series is in the early stages at Max. 

According to reports by The Hollywood Reporter, the Twilight series is in early development by Lionsgate TV, with talks to bring on streaming services and networks later. With tons of fans to impress, it’s unclear whether this will be an adaptation of the Lionsgate movies or stay faithful to the Stephanie Meyer books. However, there is one thing the series has to get right to impress fans.

The Cast Can Make or Break The Twilight TV Series

Twilight saga reboot TV series cast

One thing fans can agree on is that the Twilight movies had near-perfect casting. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Taylor Lautner as Jacob, and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan were the best casting choice according to the source material they had to work with. For the upcoming Twilight TV series, the cast they choose could be the difference between a hit or a miss. HBO learned this the hard way with the Gossip Girl reboots. While the series had a big budget and great actors, the roles didn’t fit. Even with a small budget, the first Twilight film was successful enough to green-light the second film, Twilight: New Moon

While the saga stars could make a cameo, they will unlikely have time to work on this project. Pattinson is busy with the Batman movies and is in talks to star as Dracula in a Chloe Zhao-directed film. And with Stewart’s glowing acting catalog, going back to Twilight may not be in her plans. With little information available, fan casting has already begun, and a large majority of Team Jacob and Team Cullen think Timothée  Chalamant could easily play a 17-year-old who died of Spanish influenza in 1901. 

The Twilight TV Series Has Big Shoes to Fill

The Twilight saga reboot

The Twilight Saga was a very successful franchise birthing five movies and launching the successful careers of Pattinson, Lautner and Stewart. The movies were generally mocked when the Twilight Saga was at its peak, aside from among the die-hard fans and teenage audience it attracted, despite the combined films earning over $ 3.4 billion worldwide. This was primarily due to poor writing and the majority consensus of aversion towards what teenage girls like. But as the years go by, the Twilight films have gained more popularity and endearment among movie fans, creating a cult-like following in other generations. While much of the hype also involves digging into the troubling elements of the saga, the new Twilight TV show would have to make multiple changes to have a successful series run if they intend to tell the entire story over more than one season.

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