The Top Five Alexandre Desplat Movie Scores of His Career

Alexandre Desplat has been tearing it up for a while now on the music scene and has performed many musical scores for movies that many people would easily remember. The guy was playing the piano by the age of five and already had a goal to play music for movies at a young age. So far he’s been nominated for a veritable host of awards and has won an impressive number of them for his musical talent, including an Academy award to his credit. His music isn’t always as hard-hitting as some but it doesn’t have to be since he tends to take a very subtle approach and in the doing really delivers a lot more power in his performances than he might if he started out strong and forceful from the beginning. As it stands his music is something that makes you wait for a few moments as it builds, but by the time it really comes in you’re glad that you waited.

He has his own style and it’s very effective.

5. Rise of the Guardians

This movie never really took off but it’s a well-done picture and it carries a great deal of interest thanks to the fact that it deals with such things as the power of a child’s belief and what it means to be a legendary figure. It’s more fun than serious and the film doesn’t take anything over the top so much as to make a huge issue about anything. It’s just a fun, interesting movie.

4. Unbroken

Louie Zamperini showed everyone what tough was during his time in an POW camp in Japan. No matter what they did to him, what punishments they inflicted upon him, there was never a moment when he broke or even looked close to giving up. That’s not bad for a kid that used to be nothing short of a troublemaker on his way to becoming a hoodlum in his youth.

3. Godzilla

“Let them fight.” That’s sound advice given in this film that features one of the most iconic monsters of all time. Anytime Godzilla decides to rear his head above the waves it’s best to get out of his way and make sure there’s a clear path towards whatever it is he’s aiming for. If that happens to be you then you’d best have a monster that just as awesome in your corner.

2. The King’s Speech

The novelty in this film is that in movies you tend to see the English represented as rather uptight, stuffy, and in many cases acting quite superior. In this film however the king is quite uncertain of himself and cannot speak in public or over the radio to save his life. That is where the speech therapist comes in, and the manner in which he instructs the king is quite amusing.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

So much was lost to this point that the survivors of the Battle of Hogwarts were just about bereft of hope. When they saw the still form of Harry Potter in Hagrid’s arms however they seemed just about ready to break. They would have fought to the last, but seeing Harry still alive surely galvanized the last of them and created that last spark that would win the day.

Alexandre Desplat obviously knows just how to tweak a person’s emotions.

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