10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tony Revolori

Tony Revolori is not really the kind of guy you would assume was going to be the big, rich jock in high school, nor would he seem like the kind of guy that would do anything more than act like the part of the poor, suffering nerd or outsider that people don’t notice that often. But as always appearances can be deceiving since he’s shown people that he can be the unfortunate nobody that can’t even finance a postage stamp and he’s showed that he could be the arrogant jock that gives the supposedly weakest guy in class a hard time. Tony is the guy that people might not have counted on in the beginning when his career was just getting going but now it’s evident that people shouldn’t be counting him out, ever. It’s actually kind of fun to see just how people can come across and shock the heck out of others when it comes to the raw talent and skills they possess.

So with that said, here’s a few things you likely don’t know about him yet.

10. His first part on TV was at age 2.

He was in a baby food commercial and while you can’t rightly say that he was hooked then, he knew from a very young age that he wanted to act, so the drive to get that far and create a career for himself was never in question. After learning this some folks might even be tempted to try and look up that commercial just to say they’ve seen it. Others might just take my word for it.

9. He was in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

You can go ahead and say it, “Poor Zero”. Anyone that has to act right next to Ralph Fiennes when they’re still considered to be kind of green despite the fact that they’ve earned their spot has a lot to live up to. At least Tony didn’t have to face him in his Voldemort makeup, that might have made this interview even more tense than it already felt. It’s bad enough that Fiennes can give a person a look that makes them feel as though they’re about an inch tall, acting or not.

8. He started acting in 2004.

So honestly he’s been around for a while. He’s only 22 at this time so it’s easy to see that he’s managed to grow up in the business and become the talented young man that he is now. There are fully grown adults that haven’t been in Hollywood that long, so Tony has been doing something right.

7. He played Flash Thompson in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This didn’t seem right to a lot of people since Flash Thompson was always the stereotypical white jock that made Peter Parker’s life miserable in high school. But for whatever reason the director thought it would play out better if Flash went from being some hulking teenager to a slick, quick-talking yuppie that thought he was tough. It was an odd move but not the worst one.

6. He received hate mail for his role in the Spider-Man movie.

This  when fans need to take a pill and calm down. Tony didn’t just get hate mail, he got actual death threats from fans that didn’t like his depiction of Flash. Newsflash for anyone out there that doesn’t like a movie, you’re entitled to your opinion, but hate and death threats cross a very big line that should never even be approached. He didn’t do that bad honestly, and if it was the color of his skin that made people mad then there are bigger problems to worry over.

5. His social media accounts are moderate to big.

He’s a popular guy and likes to take to social media. He might not have have the hundreds of thousands of followers like some people but he does have the tens of thousands. Perhaps as he gets older and starts taking on more big parts those numbers will change a bit.

4. He’s not a very big man.

Tony only stands about 5’6″, so for a man he’s not all that tall. This could be part of what people didn’t like about his being cast as Flash Thompson, since Flash was a pretty big guy in the comics and in the other Spider-Man films.

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3. He’s got a net worth of about $1 million.

There’s no real word on what his salary is at this time but he is worth about a million so it’s safe to say he’s somewhat valuable in terms of his acting.

2. So far it’s not known if he’s dating anyone, is gay, or anything else.

So far no one really knows yet and quite honestly it seems like it should stay that way.

1. There’s not much information on his educational status.

If he went or is going to college it’s unknown, but one thing that is known is that he wanted to act from a young age and he’s been doing just that.

He’s a good enough actor, and can at least make his parts believable.

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