This is Why Ziva David is Returning to NCIS in Season 17

If you’re not shocked by the return of Ziva David then you haven’t been an NCIS fan for long enough. The parent show to a couple of spinoffs has been one of the most loved shows for a long time now and has also been one of those that people have taken to for their own reasons as a lot of people tend to like one character or another in particular even if they happen to enjoy the entire team. As Mansoor Mithaiwala of ScreenRant says though it might not be that she’s back for good, but is just back for long enough to settle up with an enemy she doesn’t know and to close her story arc once and for all. Considering that she’s been gone for a while it would certainly stand to reason that Ziva is just back to close things up and then move on. There is after all a daughter and possible man in her future that would likely enjoy knowing that she’s still around, if Tony was good enough to stay single all that time.

Ziva was a hard character to like at first since she came in not long after the death of Agent Kate Todd, who was killed by Ziva’s half-brother Ari despite the fact that she defended him by stating that he hadn’t turned on any of them. What she didn’t know of course was that Ari was marching to the beat of his own drum and had a vendetta against Agent Gibbs. The fact that Ziva killed her own brother and saved Gibbs’ life is one of the things that helped cement her status on the show since it meant that she was there to do the right thing and not simply make excuses when her eyes were finally opened to the truth. Ziva was a tough character to get used for some people since Kate wasn’t perfect but she’d been there for a few seasons at that point and people had gotten used to her. She did have her moments though as Perry Carpenter from the Cheat Sheet proves. Plus, Ziva was way more of a challenge to everyone in the office since the only one that could fully anticipate her, Gibbs, was so laid back that he didn’t bother putting her in her place that often. In a way she seemed to take her role as a Mossad agent a little too seriously and allowed that to give her an entitled aura that was all too evident within the show. This is how good of an actress Cote de Pablo was however, since a lot of people were anti-Ziva when she first came in. It was only when she showed her utmost dedication to the team that people started to really care about her, and as a result she became an integral part of the group, enough so that when she did separate from them following the death of one of her childhood friends at Tony’s hands, they still didn’t give up on her.

Why the show decided to bring her back at this point is kind of hard to fathom unless too many people figured that she needed a better ending, or because the showrunner had been planning this from the moment that she disappeared. It’s not really that surprising that such a thing would happen given the lifestyle that Ziva had, as she was fairly used to coming under attack at times and wasn’t a stranger to dangerous situations. It does seem to imply however that it could mess Gibbs and Tim up in a big way, as well as Jimmy since the three men are the only members of the team that remain from the team that Ziva left. Tony, Ducky, and Abby are already gone obviously and it’s safe to say that none of them are coming back for more than a cameo if we get that lucky, but even that seems like a stretch. It’s also kind of hard to see Ziva settling down even if that’s what she desires since she does have a reason to finally live in peace.

Josh Lezmi of the Cheat Sheet seems to think that Ziva’s arc will come down to her settling in with Tony and her daughter to finally live out the rest of her days in a peaceful manner, and that’s a big hope that a lot of fans can echo since it seems the best idea for all involved. Why they picked now to bring Ziva back is kind of hard to say but at the same time there are a lot of people that are going to be happy to see her if only for a short time. It sounds as though she’ll be showing up for at least four episodes this coming season, and then it’s unknown whether she’ll continue or not. But with Ziva and Gibbs it’s bound to be a good show.

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