These Are the 5 Funniest Comedy TV Shows and Here’s Why

These Are the 5 Funniest Comedy TV Shows and Here’s Why

Nothing feels better than stumbling upon a TV series that has you in fits. You’re watching it day in and out. You wake up and you’re already excited about continuing it. Better yet, you’re home after work, order your favorite food, and can’t wait to pair up the pleasure with your newly-found 24-episodes-per-season sitcom. Life’s good. Dopamine’s kicking in. The feeling is unrivaled. 

So what’s the problem? Well, it’s near impossible to identify all the very best shows in a medium that’s been here for about a century. Everybody has a distinct taste — what qualifies as funny for others, doesn’t blend well with you. The other problem? You believe you’ve now watched all the good comedy shows there are. 

If the latter is true for you, you’re probably a serial watcher and you might just have to wait for the next hit to come out. If, however, you’re struggling to find a show that can make you giggle in the middle of the night, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the five best comedy shows of all time — each one of these carries the potential of becoming your all-time favorite.

1. Friends

These Are the 5 Funniest Comedy TV Shows and Here’s Why

Credit: Friends

There’s no way that Friends wasn’t going to be on our list of the best comedy shows of all time! Based on a story so simple yet powerful enough to emotionally bind you to each character, the show revolves around the lives of six friends in their late 20s.

Those of you in your 20s — you’ll relate to it. The high-school students among you will imagine themselves living the life they are. They’ll become your family and once you’re through the 10 seasons, you’re still going to be watching them, over and again. 

Not to forget, you’ll be laughing uncontrollably in every episode. You’re going to fall in love with Chandler’s wit, Joey’s charm, Ross’s squeaky voice, Phoebe’s goofiness, Rachel’s looks, and Monica’s very-relatable OCD.

2. The Ranch

These Are the 5 Funniest Comedy TV Shows and Here’s Why

Credit: The Ranch

It’s an underrated one, but quite the binder. Boys, you’re going to love it. It’ll teach you how to bond with your dad even if he’s as blunt and conservative as Mr. Beau Bennett. It’ll make you realize that not all dreams work out — and sometimes, it’s for the best.

You’re going to realize how your family is the most important thing. How life can be unpredictable. You’re going to learn all this, and more — while experiencing the funniest chemistry between a dad and his two boys working on their family ranch. You’re going to laugh, cry, and miss them once you’re through the 8 parts, 10 episodes each. The best part about this Netflix-original sitcom? It features Ashton Kutcher!

3. How I Met Your Mother

These Are the 5 Funniest Comedy TV Shows and Here’s Why

Credit: How I Met Your Mother

This one’s similar to Friends but the main idea is unique. A father is telling his children a story of how he met their mother. Well, this could’ve been a 3-minute story, but the way Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) describes it? You get nine seasons, 20 to 24 episodes each.

The story revolves around the lives of five friends and Ted Mosby’s pursuit of finding the perfect girl. Not a spoiler: he’s a hopeless romantic.

The show also features Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the role of Barney Stinson — arguably the funniest character in the show.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

These Are the 5 Funniest Comedy TV Shows and Here’s Why

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Nine-Nine is the precinct in Brooklyn where some very friendly detectives work, bond, and solve cases together, mostly in pairs. The in-house and on-field chemistry between the detectives and criminals makes this show one-of-a-kind.

There’s Jake Peralta, who’s this hyperactive, super-fun lead of the show. Captain Holt by-the-books intellectual and commands the precinct. Terry is this muscular sergeant very much in touch with his feminine side. Plus, Amy, Rosa, Hitchcock and Scully, Charles, and Gina are there. 

Each one of them brings a unique and funny role to the table, but it’s primarily Jake who drives the show with his sharp wit. Remember that clip that went viral on social media where a detective makes a few suspects sing I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys? Yep, that was from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

5. That 70’s Show

These Are the 5 Funniest Comedy TV Shows and Here’s Why

Credit: That 70’s Show

As obvious by the name, this comedy TV show had a fondness for the ’70s, the same way today’s generation has a fondness for the ’90s. It was released back in 1998, and the audience it was primarily targeted at were teenagers in the late 1970s. 

Most of the show’s references, down to the color of shirts and home appliances, run true for a teenager of the late 70s. Since the show started in the same year when Seinfield concluded and about four years after the first episode of Friends had aired, this is probably the only show that binds millennials to Generation X (circa 1965 to 1985).

The interesting part? It features some of the same lead actors from The Ranch (the 2nd best comedy show on our list). So if you’re craving nostalgia to hit your funny bone, you need to watch this!

Already watched it? Good! There’s a spin-off to this hit comedy series in the works that is all set to drop later this year. They’re calling it… wait for it… That 90’s Show — because it’s set in the summer of 1995.

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