Which Theme Park did Erinn Hayes Work At?


Erinn Hayes is an American actress who specializes in comedic works, though she has made appearances in more serious works as well. Regardless, she is someone with a wide range of experience, as shown by her numerous appearances not just on the TV screen but also on the movie screen. As a result, it is no coincidence that she has been chosen to co-star in Kevin Can Wait, which is one of the latest TV shows to debut on CBS; something that could bring her body of work to the attention of even more media consumers.

Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Erinn Hayes:

1. Has Been Known to Tough Through Illnesses

Most of us have obligations that can make it difficult for us to take a break from our normal routines even when we know that we need it, which is why most of us are so sympathetic to stories of people having to tough it out. In Hayes’s case, she had the misfortune of getting the stomach flu during the taping for the first episode of Kevin Can Wait, which was all the worse because of the influence of the first episode over a TV show’s overall success. Although she threw up not once but seven times, she managed to get her job done, which is a rather respectable showing by any standard of toughness.

2. Is Married to High School Sweetheart

To some people, it can seem strange that Hayes is married to a construction supervisor considering the unrelated nature of their respective fields. However, a lot of things make more sense with the revelation that the two are high school sweethearts, which makes their marriage that much more appealing. Regardless, their marriage is still going strong after all this time, as shown by their two daughters who were born in 2007 and 2009.

3. Loves Her Alma Mater

Hayes is known to have a more than passing fondness for her Alma mater. For people are unfamiliar with the school, she attended the University of Colorado Boulder for her Bachelor’s degree, where she studied Fine Arts in Performance. Unsurprisingly, Hayes moved to Los Angeles no long after her graduation in order to pursue an acting career.

4. Held a Position at a Theme Park

Like most actors and actresses, Hayes had to work somewhere else before she managed to get her acting career going. However, her work was more interesting than most of her counterparts, seeing as how she was responsible for entertaining thousands and thousands of people at a theme park by performing soap opera-styled comedy. Something that served her well by preparing her for many of the roles that she has taken up over the course of her acting career so far.

5. Raises Chickens

More and more people are choosing to raise chickens in their homes. In part, this is because some of them want convenient access to fresh eggs, whether because of the lower price compared to shopping for them or because of their aversion to modern farming practices. However, it should be noted that some people are just interested in raising chickens because of their cuteness. Judging by the evidence, Hayes seems to be rather fond of her pets, seeing as how she posts pictures of them on her Instagram account on a regular basis.

6. Discovered By David DeCoteau

Hayes’s first role of relevance was in 2001 when the filmmaker David DeCoteau chose her to play the part of Kristin, which was one of the leads in the horror film called Final Stab. Its plot reads like a horror film template, seeing as how it can be summed up as a group of college friends meeting at an isolated estate where they are pulled into a murderous game in which only one of them can walk out alive. Unsurprisingly, Final Stab was not particularly well-received, but it did manage to get Hayes a measure of credibility that would proper her to greater heights.

7. Bore a Strong Resemblance to Jorja Fox

When she auditioned for a role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Hayes bore such a strong resemblance to the TV show’s leading actress, Jorja Fox, that the show-makers called her back to make an appearance in a later episode called Butterflied. In it, she had a minor role as a murder victim, though her resemblance to Fox was used as a minor plot point as well. That was Hayes’s one appearance on the TV show, but far from being either her first or her last appearance as a minor one-episode character on other TV shows.

8. Was a Regular on Childrens Hospital

From 2008 to 2016, Hayes was a regular on a TV show called Childrens Hospital. Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it was a satire of the medical drama genre, featuring a cast consisting of the staff at an institution called Childrens Hospital, which was a children’s hospital named for its founder, who had the rather confusing last name of Childrens. Hayes played the part of Dr. Lola Adolf Spratt, whose life saw as much swerving as any of her counterparts on actual medical dramas.

9. Was Involved in Other Parodies As Well

Childrens Hospital was not the last time that Hayes would have a part in something that parodied other popular works. For example, she has a role on the second season of The Hotwives, which is an American sitcom based on the The Real Housewives series that made it debut on Hulu rather than more traditional avenues. Hayes’s character is based on a real participant from the series, but with a storyline based on that of someone else from a separate season.

10. Nominated for an Emmy

In 2016, Hayes received a nomination for Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. Unfortunately, she failed to receive the actual award. However, seeing as how she has just gotten a starring role in a series and her career is still going strong, her future prospects seem bright.

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