The Walking Dead is Getting Intense Again

The Walking Dead is Getting Intense Again

It’s a matter of opinion when it comes to The Walking Dead as to whether it’s going to continue to get better up until the end or if it’s going to plod along without finding the legs that many believe it already lost a while back. For several seasons the show that helped the zombie craze to become what it currently is has been under fire from fans that have claimed that there’s nothing left to get excited about and that TWD is more soap opera than anything. But after watching this trailer it’s easy to think that the soap opera has been relegated to the back of the bus, and it’s looking as though more than a few individuals might not make it to the end. The second of a three-part final season is coming quickly in the next month and it’s fair to think that we’re about to be surprised once again as the survivors of Alexandria and Hilltop continue to interact with the folks of the Commonwealth. As anyone should have been able to predict, the Commonwealth isn’t quite as serene and innocent as one would think, as the idea of letting in the right element and keeping out the bad has made this place become like another Woodbury. 

Of course, Woodbury wasn’t a haven either since there was plenty going on that people didn’t see or actively ignored, and Woodbury didn’t feature an armed and armored force of men and women that were trained to keep the peace. In other words, the Commonwealth is a place where if a person has a use, they’re bound to be kept around. But otherwise, it feels as though they’re another location where inclusion is bound to come with a steep price. Now, as the Commonwealth appears to be moving outward to find other survivors, and to expand their influence, it’s bound to happen that the people of Alexandria aren’t going to wish to join so readily. 

So far it would appear that the survivors are bound to stand against the Commonwealth, but it’s too likely that they’ll be apprehended and drawn into the growing city, to be judged and given different tasks that are commensurate with how the leadership of the Commonwealth sees them. It’s amazing to see the vision of how people might react to each other once the world ends, as it makes a person wonder if this would happen if the zombie apocalypse were to happen. But there are other issues to deal with as well as the Reapers are far from gone despite the death of their leader, and there’s still quite a bit of animosity between them and Daryl, which means there’s another threat to think about. One also has to wonder if Maggie and Negan are going to confront each other eventually, as the overall trust issues that they still have don’t appear to be on the verge of being solved. There are quite a few issues that need to be solved, and considering that this is the second installment of the final season and another is still on the way, things might get advanced just far enough to be interesting, but we probably won’t see a solid resolution yet. 

For many years now, TWD has been going up and down but moving mostly down from the perspective of the fans. People have continued to follow the series, they’ve done what they can to enjoy it, but many have fallen off, seeking other entertainment elsewhere to find the same sense of joy that this show brought them in the beginning. But this season has been building to something that is bound to be jaw-dropping by the time all is said and done. It does feel that it’s going to drag a little bit as more and more exposition is allowed to roll out, but at the same time, it’s obvious that there’s more than enough action on the way, though one can only hope that the trailer won’t be the best part of the final season. This has happened in the past and people have been rightfully miffed that the season didn’t deliver since it’s become less about the need to survive in a zombie apocalypse and more about the soap opera that’s resulted from the horror. 

The trailer is a great way to get people interested again, and it’s a big hope, a huge hope, that things will right themselves as they’ve been doing, since the past couple of seasons things have been picking up again. From the fall that occurred during the conflict with the Whisperers to the fallout from that war, the survivors have had to adapt to a world that keeps changing around them. Now, with the Commonwealth breathing down their necks, it would appear that things are only going to get worse, and the dash to the end is going to be insane. 

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