Why The Walking Dead Is The Best Zombie Show Of All Time

Why The Walking Dead Is The Best Zombie Show Of All Time

Why The Walking Dead Is The Best Zombie Show Of All Time

For more than a decade, The Walking Dead has kept countless people entertained. The show, which is based on the comic book series of the same name, follows the lives of people living through a zombie apocalypse. Although there have been a lot of other projects about zombies, there has always been something special about The Walking Dead and people just can’t seem to get enough of it. In fact, at this point, it’s probably safe to say that The Walking Dead is the best to ever do it when it comes to zombie shows. Even after all of this time, it doesn’t look like the franchise will be slowing down any time soon. Keep reading to see why we think The Walking Dead is the best zombie show of all time.

The Characters Are Great

One of the main things that sets The Walking Dead apart from other zombie movies and shows is the fact that the characters are awesome. After all, no matter how good a story is, it’s the characters that really bring it to life. Over the years, viewers have built close relationships with several of the show’s main characters, and they’ve all added an interesting layer to the series. Not only are they fleshed out, but the characters are also very relatable. While it’s true that no one in real life can relate to what it’s like to be in a zombie apocalypse, viewers will still be able to connect with the characters on different levels. On top of that, the series has had some great actors over the years.

It Doesn’t Follow The Typical Good Guy/Bad Guy Format

Life can be complicated, and that’s something The Walking Dead has always done a good job of displaying. The characters on the show are complex and it’s not easy to label any person as being good or bad. Just when you think you completely like or dislike someone, you find out something that sways you a little. Additionally, the show does a good job of making sure that the zombies (walkers) aren’t the only people you want to root against.

Details About The Walkers Make Sense

While it’s true that fiction is one of the keywords in the term science fiction, it’s still frustrating when science fiction stories make absolutely no sense. Fortunately, however, that isn’t the case with The Walking Dead. Although the origin of the zombie apocalypse isn’t made clear in the series, other details about the walkers have always remained consistent. For instance, there is an explanation for how new walkers are created and it’s actually believable as far as fiction goes. In the summer of 2020, The Walking Dead’s creator, Robert Kirkman, finally revealed that the zombie apocalypse in the show started by a “space spore“.

The Special Effects Aren’t Corny

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen plenty of shows where the special effects were so bad that they took away from what could’ve otherwise been a great story. The Walking Dead is fortunate because it’s never suffered from that problem. If anything, the special effects have only made the series better. The walkers always look very believable and the overall vibe of the show makes it clear that the producers are all about putting out the high-quality production possible.

The Show Isn’t Afraid To Get Rid Of Characters

Getting rid of a significant character is something most shows try to avoid. Outside of being fired or an actor wanting to quit, it’s pretty rare to see a main character get written out of a show. The reality is that most shows couldn’t survive without their most significant characters. However, The Walking Dead has never had that problem. Over the years, the series has shown viewers that any character is fair game. For example, officer Rick Grines was the main character for the first nine seasons of the show. There was a time when it was hard to imagine The Walking Dead without Rick, but the show is still doing just fine without him although there’s no denying the fact that his presence is missed.

The Show Has A Life Outside Of The Comicbooks

Despite being based on a comic book series, the tv version of The Walking Dead has deviated quite a bit. While those who are big fans of the comic may not appreciate some of the changes, others really enjoy how the TV series has its own identity. With the way the show has been going, it feels as if it could easily go on for another 10 years.Rick Grines

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