“The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On:” Season 1, Episode 8 Recap

“The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On:” Season 1, Episode 8 Recap

“The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On:” Season 1, Episode 8 Recap

It’s been weeks of breaking up, making up, falling in and out of love, only to fall back in love again on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. One couple that isn’t having it easy as the eighth episode begins is Rae and Zay. He spent the whole night away, and Rae is livid. She’s even gotten physical with him. He’s smelling like the club, spotting a scent she’s not familiar with, and to top it all, not giving her a valid explanation. Rae is done with this relationship. If she had any patience left, she’s lost all of it. This is not who she is. Zay cannot believe that she’s throwing away two years of being together because of an eight-week exercise. Is there anything he can do? Not even a little chat in the hallway can salvage the situation. Rae is out.

Only four days are left until we get answers to the ultimatums. April and Jake catch up with Jake’s mom, who’s happy to see the two of them together. Of course, there are qualities that Colby and Rae both have that they could borrow from, but so far, so good. Jake’s mom approves of the milestones Jake and April have taken towards making it work.
In the last 48 hours, a lot has changed. Shanique is catching up with Zay, who’s now a single man. Given the hard time Zay has had, shots sound like a good idea. The pair have a bond from the time they lived together, so speaking to Shanique is a lot easier. Shanique is hell-bent on keeping things real. If she were in Rae’s shoes, she’d probably be just as mad.

Zay’s past comes up. He’s not too happy that Shanique is going there. Because he insists that “Rae left me like everyone else left me,” Shanique thinks Zay uses the past as a mask. It’s his way of avoiding accountability. She’s of the opinion that he needs to be patient with Rae. Zay doesn’t let her finish. He storms away. He feels belittled. This conversation isn’t going any further.
Madlyn is having an honest conversation with her mom. She tends to give people the benefit of doubt. That’s what has gotten her so far with Colby. He loves her, that she knows, but she thinks he’s too focused on building a life together in a grand way as opposed to solving the little problems in the life they do have. Sometimes she gets lost in conversation. He excites her. He’s extremely passionate, although she needs a little more clarity than he is able to offer. Is she ready to get married? That’s a question Madlyn’s mom cannot answer. It’s her daughter’s cross to carry. She trusts that she will eventually make the choice that is best for her.

Rae is a single girl. When she first came to the show, she gave Zay an ultimatum. Just when he was ready to walk away from the show with her, all hell broke loose. Did Jake have something to do with it? Maybe. She and Jake had a nearly perfect stay as far as he is concerned. There were barely any arguments. Maybe meeting him will bring back a little life to her already dark shadow. At the very core, Rae is somewhat scared of the connection she shares with Jake. She proceeds to recount the experience with Zay. There’s a golden box that particularly upset him. Jake thought that would be a problem. Otherwise, Rae wants to know what’s going on between him and April.

Jake is honest. They’ve had their ups and downs and clashed a couple of times, but he’s very open to making it work. Rae suddenly comes up with a crazy idea. Why not set up Zay and April on a date? Jake cannot contain himself. The thought is hilarious. It’s funny that opposites attract. In the case of Jake and Rae, they are alike in every way, and the attraction is undeniable. It’s a shame that he’s in love with April, too. Jake definitely has a lot to unpack.
We’re only two days away from getting answers to the ultimatum. Shanique and Randall appear to be the most stable of all the couples. She admits she’s been a little invasive. She needs to give Randall his space more. They have both tried to be kind to each other. There needs to be a more empathetic approach towards interacting with each other. Randall can see that there are small changes Shanique has made to better their relationship. She’s more respectful of his time, something he’d entirely given up on.

As far as the decision to be together or apart is concerned, Randall wants to make that choice without any influence. It’s his life after all. He doesn’t want to go down on one knee if he does not really mean it.
It’s Madlyn and Colby’s last night together. Does he have any regrets? Absolutely not. At first, Colby and Madlyn seem to be in a good space. Things take a different turn, however, when Madlyn asks a lot more questions. Colby says he’s made the experience real for both of them. Madlyn doesn’t agree. How is she supposed to be with someone who cannot admit that they’re wrong? She feels stupid for fighting so hard for her relationship. “ It’s not gonna work,” she tells Colby. This was meant to be her last dinner with Colby as her boyfriend. She can’t live the rest of her life like this.

It’s the couples’ final morning together. It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey for Shanique and Randall. She’s simply hoping for the best. He’s hoping she will respect whatever choice he makes. Rae is on her own. She believes everything simply worked the way it was supposed to. Zay has done a lot of thinking. He’s managed to go a lot deeper within himself in search of answers. Madlyn is not worried about Colby at all. He, on the other hand, is scared. April and Jake are lucky. There’s no baby. Her cycle is up and running.
Nick and Vanessa Lachey once again grace the screen with their presence. It’s time for us to get some answers. First up are Randall and Shanique, who find their way toward each other with a lot of thought in mind. They’re both dressed for the occasion. Will he propose? Will she say yes? The only way we can find out is by watching the next episode.

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