Is The Blacklist on a Decline Despite Season 7 Renewal?

Is The Blacklist on a Decline Despite Season 7 Renewal?

When the show The Blacklist first got started it was red hot and seemed as though it could work wonders since the uncertain character of Red came in as someone that was an unknown commodity and wasn’t really a certain protagonist or antagonist. He was a person of interest that several agencies had been looking for and an individual that was considered quite dangerous to the nation as a whole. And yet he still didn’t seem as though he had ranked high enough to be all that dangerous, no matter that people regarded him as a type of devil that was someone that feared for the kind of information he seemed to have. As he started to unveil the blacklist, the list of names of dangerous and even violent individuals that he knew about and that were a true threat to the world, the show took off in a way that not only gave James Spader’s career a serious boost, but also brought the rest of the cast into the spotlight and created characters that many people were interested in getting to know.

But that was early on in the show. As has been seen with a lot of great ideas that come out and hit the ground running and a dozen other tired cliches that can be used to try and make something seem continually appealing, The Blacklist has forced a lot of column writers to exhaust their vast repertoire in an attempt to try and justify why the show is still on the air. The show did come out with a bang and it did manage to convey a sense of interest and intrigue throughout the first few seasons as things kept happening and the lives of the main characters kept changing in ways that you didn’t fully expect. But as happens so often the show did finally manage to start grinding its wheels as it plowed on and on without pausing to see if it was bound to blow a tire or ruin the rims, so to speak. In other words the wheels fell off a little while ago and the producers seem to think that simply adding another tire was the answer in the form of renewing the show for another season and then another.

There are a lot of ways to say that the show is kind of letting us down without having to cite certain episodes and go through them frame by frame and scene by scene. There’s simply not enough continuity or logic just as many shows have been found guilty of throughout the years. When you see an individual or two or more people in one location during one scene and then magically transported a hundred yards or more in the next without any explanation of how they moved that fast it does tend to upset a few people since they want some idea of how this happened. Yes, it seems petty, but it’s also the least of the problems that people have started to have with the show.

As one continues to go along and continues to analyze the show there might be more items that get added to the list, such as the idea of how inept FBI agents seem to be at times and then how they seem to transition into super soldiers at other moments. The idea of this being physically impossible doesn’t often seem to be seen in TV shows and despite the entertainment that it can provide such images do sometimes make it impossible for a rational, thinking human being to keep watching. It doesn’t feel good to rag on a show that started out with such a good deal of promise but the descent that it’s been seeing in the past few seasons has only made it easier. While you might like The Blacklist and want to defend it that’s your given right and it’s not a bad idea since the show could probably use it since Red was at one point the highlight of the show, but at this time has become something of a broken down old man that can no longer carry the series as a character, no matter that James Spader is still an astute actor.

It does sound very negative but this show seems to be going down in a big way and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. If something can be done to raise it out of the lethargy it’s fallen into then it might be time to turn on the jets and make it happen. Whether that’s still a possibility or not is going to be interesting to see since among those that enjoy the show or have enjoyed it in the past the consensus is still a mixed bag.

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