Everything We Know About Lost in Space Season 2 So Far

Lost in Space Netflix

Lost in Space may seem like another one of Netflix’s gems, but this show’s got something special about it that sets it apart from the abundance of great Netflix shows. The show, an adaptation of a film by the same name from about 20 years ago, is about the space adventures of the Robinson family. This family was supposed to be colonizing a nearby planetary system close to Earth’s but ended up getting marooned into deep unknown space. The first season was a fun-filled albeit dangerous journey into space colonization, and it ended with a cliffhanger so steep that we just had to catch our breaths just a bit. We’re waiting on season 2 to happen, and we know it’s going to; but Netflix is nothing but tight-lipped about it all. So here’s what we could gather so far about Lost in Space season 2.

1. Release date

Lost in Space has definitely been renewed. In fact, That Hashtag Show reports that season 2 actually went into production on September 2018. Based on season 1’s production schedule, filming for season 2 should’ve ended around February this year. We should then expect the premiere to happen in the fall–most likely in October. But as of now, there are no official dates for season 2’s release. It’s a pain to have to wait like this, but we could only imagine why Netflix is keeping it all on the hush. We wouldn’t want any spoilers at this point. Besides, summer’s almost here, and we’re sure that we’re this close to seeing a trailer soon. Hopefully.

2. New habitat

Lots of CGI work goes into the Lost in Space production, but filming locations have given clue as to what we might see in the next season’s habitat: bodies of water. The Lost in Space filming crew got a permit to film in Iceland, particularly at a waterfall and beach area. So we can expect to see these on TV. Better yet, the filming crew has also been spotted doing some work in the Alberta Badlands. This area is famous for its unique rock formations that might prove to be an incredible backdrop for this new habitat. In addition, the Badlands are also known to be the original home to some prehistoric friends: dinosaurs. Are we going to see some dinosaur action in the second season? It’s highly likely given the clues. It also would make sense to see other animal life or dinosaur-like creatures in this planet–something that might pose as another threat to the Robinson family.

3. Casting

We lost quite a bit of characters during the first season. By the time the season finale ended, the only remaining characters were John, Maureen, Judy, Penny, Will, Smith, Don, and of course, the Robot. We’re pretty sure then that season 2 is likely to introduce some new characters. In fact, Denofgreek.com reported that they’ve heard of two new characters already. The first character is a young female mechanic supervisor named Ava. Whether she’s a friend or a villain is not yet clear. The second character coming on season 2 is going to be one Commander Jiang. She’s a commander, so you could expect all commander-type characteristics–smart, capable, and maybe even commanding. Commander Jiang is supposedly the Resolute’s commander, so she’s kind of a big deal.

We also found out that one of the guest actresses on the show, Sibongile Mlambo, has been promoted to series regular for season 2. That means that Angela will be getting some more screen time. The same goes for the character of the real Dr. Smith. Actor Bill Mumy is expected to have more appearances as well. It’s also been hinted that other actors from the original movies might make cameos just like Mumy.

4. Crazy writing

We can thank co-creators Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama for the amazing storytelling we saw from season 1. Both writers are definitely coming back for season 2, and they seem to already know exactly where the show is headed. According to Indiewire.com, Sharpless and Sazama already started working on season 2’s scripts even before the second season got a green light. Either both are just confident they were going to get the thumbs up or the stories they had in mind were just itching to get written out. We’re leaning on the latter because they already said that season 2 would get pretty wild.

5. Plot

Speaking of crazy writing, the details on the plot haven’t been released yet. But we know exactly how the first season ended, so the options for the Robinson family are really short-stacked. The Robinsons really only have a couple of options. They could make a go for Alpha Centauri to try and reconnect with all the other colonizers they lost touch with, or they could do some more exploring in the new galaxy they’ve found themselves lost in. Logistically, it makes sense for the family to do some more exploring, as that’s what the show’s really all about–exploration. The show is called Lost in Space, after all. Can’t be lost anymore if they find their way. Be sure to expect more danger, Will Robinson, because that’s what we’ll be expecting as well.

6. Robot galaxy

We already saw the Robot fight another robot in season 1. We’re in Robot galaxy everyone. Be prepared to see more robots–good and bad–and be prepared to get even more of the Robot’s backstory. I’m pretty sure the Robinsons will discover many things about robots this coming season, and we probably won’t like some of them. We can probably expect some more robot exploration in the robot galaxy. Who knows? Maybe the Robinsons might find another robot to befriend. So we’ll surely find out more on the human-robot relationship. We’ll probably find out how the humans got hold of robot technology. We’ll also probably find out why the Robot resorted to killing humans. There are so many things that we’ll be finding out about robots this coming season. It’ll be incredible.

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