The Suicide Squad Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

The Suicide Squad Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

There were a lot of expectations about this newer version of The Suicide Squad and for good reason, the first one was enjoyable in some moments but overall it was a pretty big dud. That’s why it’s kind of surprising why people aren’t as impressed as they can be with this new version given that it not only gets way bloodier, but it keeps the exposition to a minimum and the action rolling in a way that the first movie couldn’t hope to match. But just as a thought, it could be that all the characters that people were hoping to see more of didn’t exactly make it past the first thirty minutes of the movie. The fact is that the huge portion of the squad that was selected were in fact decoys that Waller kind of expected to be taken out or at least pared down by the time the second squad, the actual specialists, moved in. It didn’t make a lot of sense to put Flagg and Harley Quinn on the team that was meant to face the biggest threat though, since from Blackguard to Savant, the squad was torn apart in a very easy manner that was cringe-worthy, to say the least. 

It could have been the fact that Captain Boomerang went out in the first wave of deaths as well that has some people thinking that this movie wasn’t that great, but that also feels wrong since as much support as the character did get it doesn’t feel likely that anyone would be that broken up about his death. It was a pretty big surprise that the majority of the deaths happened so soon, but James Gunn did make it known that the movie would be getting bloody and it would involve a number of character deaths that people might not be ready for. But the name ‘Suicide Squad’ does have a pretty heavy and literal meaning to it since they’re the group that gets sent in because they’re seen as expendable and not worth thinking twice about if they die. 

The movie did get fairly silly, but not nearly as much as the first one since this movie felt crazy in a way that was easier to relate to since the characters that made little sense, well, they all made little sense, but the ones that didn’t feel as though they had as much to offer were offed first and the ones that could do some serious damage were kept. Some might argue that a few of those who were blown away, in the beginning, might have been better had they been kept, but apparently, James Gunn had a plan and it didn’t involve any of them after the initial fight. But the characters he ended up keeping around were entertaining enough that they made the movie somewhat enjoyable as an action movie, even as their own hangups became amusing as well. Think about, a guy that put Superman in the ICU who is afraid of rats. A guy that loves peace so much that he’ll kill for it becomes a double agent for Waller, and a humanoid shark…well, that one kind of says it all on its own. 

 But one thing that the clip points out, and that feels entirely accurate, is that James Gunn does appear to like bringing daddy issues into the mix since a few of the characters have massive daddy issues, and one of them even has a massive mommy issue that he can’t get past. The fact is that most of the squad has had one big issue or another that they can’t past and it tends to come out at the worst possible moment. But of course, by the end of the movie, those that are still standing have worked through their issues as much as possible and are all the better for it. Whether James Gunn will do a sequel is hard to say since several of the main characters are still standing and are no doubt fully capable of taking on another mission, but perhaps under a few new conditions that Waller might have to live with, if she can resist the urge to simply have them all killed since they did double-cross her near the end, and rightfully so. 

Overall the movie was more or less enjoyable, but it was definitely an upgrade from the first movie since it offered a lot more action with just the right amount of exposition that made things work the way they did. People can say what they want, they usually do, but The Suicide Squad was definitely more amusing and entertaining this time around, even if the villain was kind of ridiculous and definitely way overpowered with one glaring weakness. It was fun to see Waller finally get smacked upside the head, if only because her character is horrible. Viola Davis is a good actress obviously. 

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