The Shining’s Shelley Duvall Will Make Her Return To Film For The First Time In 20 Years

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Who could forget one of Stephen King’s best film adaptations? The Shining put Shelley Duvall’s career on the map; however, the experience for the actress wasn’t all too pleasant. Upon release, Stanley Kubrick’s version of the famous Stephen King novel wasn’t reviewed all too well by fans and critics. Shelley Duvall’s performance was nominated for a golden raspberry (unearned); however, the award show would eventually take back the nomination after much consideration due to the revelation of Duvall’s treatment on the set of The Shining. Kubrick kept the actress in a state of panic and fear onset, and given that Kubrick was known for being a perfectionist, the shooting schedule was a long and arduous effort, “You just think about something unfortunate in your life or how much you miss your family or friends,” she said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “But after a while, your body rebels. It says: I don’t want to cry every day.’ And sometimes, just that thought alone would make me cry.”

Following The Shining, Duvall still took roles here and there, being in films such as Popeye and Manna from Heaven. Still, Duvall walked away from the spotlight for good in 2002, and the actress revealed in the same report that she was utterly worn out from the Hollywood system. TwentyHowever,  years later, it’s been confirmed that Ms. Duvall will return in the upcoming horror film, The Forest Hills. The film focuses on Rico (Chiko Mendez), a man tormented by nightmarish visions after enduring head trauma while hiking in the Catskills.

Credit: The Forest Hills

Shelley isn’t the only actor with a memorable film on their resume in the upcoming horror feature as Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) also plays Billy in the film. Furlong has been in and out of the filmmaking game, with personal troubles plaguing the actor’s career after starring in prominent roles such as American History X and CSI: N.Y. Thankfully, Furlong has recovered from his drug addiction and is still going strong. The Forest Hills is written and directed by newcomer Scott Goldberg, who will make his feature debut here.

“She thoroughly enjoyed herself and said she missed acting,” a representative for the film of Duvall. Hopefully, this is the case, as Duvall was a talented actress who unfortunately dealt with a toxic environment during her acting. Hopefully, more to come from the actress, and based on her comments; it sounds like The Forest Hills is just the beginning. However, that’s just pure speculation on my end.

Credit: The Forest Hills

There’s no telling how the film will turn out, even though Goldberg is a new filmmaker who has attracted an excellent crop of talent that also features Dee Wallace, who played Elliot’s mother in 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It’s not unheard of a new filmmaker coming out of the gate with a strong film. Some of the modern horror examples which helped transcend the genre include Robert Eggers (The VVitch), Jordan Peele (Get Out), and Ari Aster (Hereditary). Based on the trailer, the premise is fascinating, and it’s fun seeing Furlong and Duvall doing what they do best. The Forest Hills screams B-horror movie, and that’s not a bad thing whatsoever. The feature is still in the process of filming, so there’s no scheduled release date as of yet. Scott Hansen serves as producer on The Forest Hills with Dreznick Goldberg Productions and Digital Thunderdome Studios. Goldberg is a co-producer. Once more information regarding the release date and theater model comes out, we’ll share the big news as soon as possible.

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