The Best They Ever Looked: Ed Norton in “American History X”

The Best They Ever Looked: Ed Norton in “American History X”

The Best They Ever Looked:  Ed Norton in “American History X”

There are virtually no movies in Ed Norton’s entire portfolio where he’s muscular with the exception of The Incredible Hulk and we all know that doesn’t count because when he’s not The Hulk he’s still relatively meager in stature.   Ed Norton isn’t known for being particularly muscular.  In fact he’s even been in films where he’s supposed to be the exact opposite.  Think about the movie Fight Club.  He’s supposed to be the “anti-Brad Pitt” character.  Not as handsome.  Not as good looking.  Not as sexy.   But if there’s one film where Norton went all out, it’s his character of Derrick Vinyard in the movie American History X.

This isn’t me advocating anyone looking like a Nazi.  This is me simply pointing out that Norton was jacked in this film and you’ve never ever seen him look like that in any other movie he’s ever been in.  And let’s not forget he was incredible in this movie.  It was American History X that really cemented Norton’s status as an elite actor in Hollywood.   It’s said he put on 20 lbs of muscle for the part and I think it’s safe to say you’ll never see him look like that in a movie again.  It was an Oscar worthy performance and yeah, it’s the best he’s ever looked on film.


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