Whatever Happened to the Kid from the Peter Pan Geico Commercial?

Thomas Barbusca isn’t lacking for work right now ever since he was signed on as one of the three kids in The Mick. But do you recall that he played the role of Peter Pan in a GEICO commercial several years ago? The clip was pretty funny as it had Peter Pan attending a reunion with old friends that had decided to grow up while Peter, you guessed it, never grew up. There is such a thing as a Peter Pan complex but judging by his acting and his standing in Hollywood right now it doesn’t seem like Thomas will have to worry about such a thing as he gets older.

Right now he’s riding a pretty successful career that was built on commercials and guest star roles in a variety of sitcoms. He’s been seen in everything from Grey’s Anatomy to American Horror Story, albeit in guest roles that were either there and gone or didn’t last for more than a few episodes at the most. That seems to be perfectly okay though as it’s getting a foot in the door that counts and making sure that people remember you for a while to come. Right now Barbusca is doing that and more as he continues to build his career and establish himself as a serious and dedicated actor.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. His career started in 2012.

Despite still being a kid technically he was a very young kid when he first got started, perfect for commercial roles and guest starring roles that wouldn’t demand too much. As he’s grown older he’s obviously taken on more responsibility and expanded his influence.

9. He stars on The Mick.

Thomas plays the role of Chip Pemberton, one of the three kids that are now under the guardianship of their less than reliable aunt. Their parents were arrested for tax evasion and fraud and then fled the country, which means that they were left with their aunt without any other recourse left to any of them.

8. He’s been on an episode of Shameless.

This was largely a guest role since he only showed up for one episode and was credited as ‘the Remedial kid’. It’s still something he can be proud of on his resume since Shameless is a rather interesting and engaging show.

7. He was in three episodes of American Horror Story.

This is another show that he can be proud of showing up in as it’s one of those that is highly anticipated every season and tends to use characters over and over, bringing them back for various roles to help flesh out each coming season. Who knows, we might see him again if the producers decide that he was good enough, and he’s available.

6. His ancestry is 100 percent Italian.

He’s very proud to announce this and there’s nothing saying that he shouldn’t be. It’s not a lot of people that can say that their ancestry traces back 100 percent to a single country. Most of us these days have a family tree that branches off like the root system of a radish.

5. He has a modest following on Instagram.

Thomas has well over 300 thousand followers on Instagram and it’s kind of obvious that he likes being on social media from the pictures he takes. There’s nothing bad, it simply indicates that enjoys interacting with people and having a good time.

4. Despite the many credits he’s wracked up his career is still in the beginning to intermediate phases.

He’s still a young kid after all, an adolescent, but still young enough that if he so chooses he can have a long and illustrious career ahead of him. He’s done well so far wracking up credits to put on his resume but given that he’s still in his teens there’s a lot of time left to create a stellar career if he wants.

3. He’s a fan of the Godfather.

That’s an assumption not a fact but since he has a picture of the iconic Vito Corleone on his Instagram it seems a safe bet that he might be a fan of the movies, or perhaps the actor at the very least. Normally you don’t post such pictures on your profile unless they happen to mean something to you.

2. He was noticed when his sister started up in a sitcom.

Thomas wasn’t seeking a career when he went with his big sister to LA, but he was noticed anyway. When people liked what they saw he started racking up jobs in commercials and from that point on it was a hop, skip and a jump towards show business.

1. He’s done a lot of commercials.

As you can tell this is how he really got noticed and finally picked up for TV shows and a handful of movies. Where he goes from The Mick is anyone’s guess, but hopefully he’ll be sticking around.

He’s already got a career, he might as well finish his education and see how far he can go.

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