The Incredibles Film Series Detailed

The Incredibles film series

Credit: The Incredibles

The Incredibles film series have been some of the most associated films with Pixar for several reasons, from the mild cliffhanger left at the end of the first, the loveable and unique characters, and so much more that made the anticipation from one to the next greater than any other Pixar film, except maybe Toy Story. While each Pixar film has been dramatically different and unique from the other franchises started by the animated studio, acquired by Disney since the first The Incredibles film was released, the overall emotional journeys depicted in each film from the studio have been heartwarming also. Below, we’ve detailed The Incredibles film series from Pixar, from the first film to the second, the long wait between the two, and more about Pixar and even the likeliness of a third The Incredibles film.

The Incredibles Syndrome

Credit: The Incredibles

The Incredibles

The Incredibles was released in 2004 and was inspired heavily by The Iron Giant director Brad Bird’s younger self’s obsession with espionage films and comic books that featured superheroes. Brad Bird went on to create The Incredibles with the team the director used for The Iron Giant. Still, there was an evident growth in development, skills, and animated technology between the two releases, as noted by Pixar’s trademark animation across their films and franchises. The Incredibles films series, introduced in the first film, followed the super-powered family of The Incredibles as they fought with their typical villains and personal issues that divide the family between work and personal life. The voice cast for The Incredibles included Craig T. Nelson as the powerful Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as the stretchy Mrs. Incredible, Elastigirl, Sarah Vowell as Violet, the invisible force field manipulator, Spencer Fox as Dash, the family’s resident speedster, and the baby Jack-Jack, wielder of a seemingly infinite number of powers. The Incredibles overall showcased a return to becoming a superhero again for Mr. Incredible. At the same time, his family gets dragged in when E mistakenly creates suites for the whole family, earning them the overall name of The Incredibles by the film’s end. Other engaging cast members that provided voices for the first The Incredibles film of the film series included Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, Brad Bird, and others, many of whom were Pixar employees.

The Incredibles 2 family

Credit: The Incredibles

The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2, released well after the first movie of The Incredibles film series, premiered in 2018 and showcased The Incredibles family without any age progression between them, but showed a lack of trust from the world for superheroes as The Incredibles needed to regain it while fighting a new villain that was pushing the public against heroes. The Incredibles 2 returned to The Increibles film series with a mostly returning cast. The Incredibles family mainly remained the same, with a couple of recasts and familiar voices from Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Bird, and John Ratzenberger, reprising his role from the end of the first The Incredibles. Plenty of new voices joined the cast of The Incredibles in various roles, such as Bob Odenkirk, Phil LaMarr, Barry Bostwick, Usher, and others.

Mr. Incredible Elastagirl

Credit: The Incredibles 2

Possible Third Film in The Incredibles Film Series

A third film in The Incredibles series could be released somewhere down the line. Still, as Brad Bird waited to produce other works and separate The Incredibles 2 from other superhero films being released, he may do something similar in the pre-production stages of The Incredibles 3. On top of Brad Bird’s intentions for a new The Incredibles, as noted by his statement that several plotlines were abandoned in favor of time when Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2 swapped releases dates, Samuel L. Jackson has been one of several voices actors to confirm their willingness to reprise their roles in a future installment. Between a possible origin story for Frozone, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, and Mr. Incredible, proposed by Jackson to Bird, or a new sequel or different spinoff, anything could be possible for characters from The Incredibles film series, especially with Disney+ and the various expanded stories that other franchises have long been doing. While Brad Bird has stated his adamancy to differentiate The Incredibles from other superhero films and animated features, the inspiration from them will always remain with The Incredibles. Brad Bird has also stated that elements from The Incredibles that didn’t make the final film may be used for anything else that the director becomes attached to, as noted from his example of using something originally intended for the Spirited animated feature Bird worked on, only to use it on The Iron Giant a few years later.

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