The Five Best Jonah Hill Movies of His Career

The Five Best Jonah Hill Movies of His Career

There’s a lot of split feelings about Jonah Hill it seems, but the consensus is still that he’s a successful actor that has earned his spot and is actually one of the funnier individuals in the industry. He does seem to have moments when he either trips over his roles as part of the design or perhaps he’s not the right person for it, but it’s really hard to say such a thing without taking a step back and wondering whether that’s the ultimate truth. Hill is the kind of guy that can deliver on a role, after all he’s been nominated twice for an Academy award, but still some folks just don’t like him all that much. That’s their prerogative of course, no one has to like an entertainer. But calling him worthless doesn’t seem all that fair or even accurate since he’s done quite a bit in the industry that’s rather funny and even proof of his talent.

Here are a few of the best appearances in his career when it comes to movies.

5. The 40-Year Old Virgin

Since it was never established what he wanted the boots for in the movie I actually feel better. It was a funny moment to be certain since the boots are ridiculous and he kind of looks ridiculous but that was obviously the point and it worked out wonderfully. Of course it’s kind of odd to walk into a store where you don’t buy things but have to express your interest in them and then try to purchase them online. Someone had an idea and then tried to make it unique and kind of got lost and turned around at the same time in the middle somewhere. That seems to cover it in some regard.

4. Moneyball

New techniques being introduced into any game tend to have the stigma of not being tried and therefore not being trusted since no one wants to take a gamble on something that hasn’t been seen to work or hasn’t been seen at all. In this movie however the Oakland A’s needed a miracle of sorts and while it was slow-going in the beginning, sabermetrics seemed to be the way out since it was working by the end of the movie and was seen to be highly effective. Sometimes sticking with the highly-paid athletes that serve as loners on the team and don’t add much to the dynamic isn’t the best way to go, and you have to work with what you have instead of what you want.

3. Superbad

Sometimes the friend you’ve had for years isn’t destined to be the friend you have forever. The hard truth that has to be realized is that people grow up and as they do they tend to part ways and no matter how much they try it’s going to happen if it’s meant to. While Seth and Evan are the best of friends going into the movie the attitude shifts pretty quickly at one point and it becomes evident that they’re not at all on the same page since Evan thinks Seth is holding him back and is going off to Dartmouth to get away from him. By the end of the film they’ve reconciled, but they still go their own ways.

2. 21 Jump Street

Schmidt is the guy that lost out on a lot of the high school experience because he wasn’t deemed cool enough to hang out with a lot of the other kids, yet he was smart enough to make his way into any profession he wanted. The only problem he has is a severe lack of confidence, and when he’s paired with the same guy that made fun of him when they were younger he begins to learn how to assert himself and gain that much-need confidence that it takes to make his own choices and finally be his own person. In some sense he finally grows up and becomes the man he should have been all along.

1. Wolf of Wall Street

Despite being based off of a true story this movie takes a lot of artistic license and does make up characters that might or might not be based on actual people. Donnie for instance is the kind of guy that gets a little bit of power, a little bit of influence, and then thinks he can do, say, and get away with anything. Making him a millionaire several times over only makes it worse since then he figures that no one can touch him no matter what he does. That’s the kind of guy that tends to fold when the pressure is really applied and he has nowhere to run, especially given that his friend and boss, Jordan Belfort, was as crooked as the letter S in the movie and in real life.

Jonah Hill is a talented man, harbor no doubts.

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