The Boys: Diabolical: How Does it Compare to The Boys?

The Boys: Diabolical: How Does it Compare to The Boys?

The Boys diabolical compare the boys season

“The Boys” was the newest addition to the world of live-action superhero properties when it premiered a few years ago and now the show has been able to come into its own skin enough to create an animated anthology series set within the universe of the show. Although “The Boys”, a lot of the time, could come off as some sort of a ripoff of Marvel or DC characters, the show does indeed have a way of mocking those characters with their own but the differences are grand enough to not make exact comparisons. Below we’ve gone into detail on Amazon’s violent superhero show “The Boys”, the original comic, the newest addition to the property with “The Boys: Diabolical” and how exactly does Diabolical compare to the original “The Boys” show.

The Boys Comic

Dynamite Entertainment’s “The Boys” specifically showcased a world where superheroes are celebrities, more than anything else, and the true havoc they release every time they apparently “save the day”.”The Boys” show on Amazon was based on, which changed some details compared to the original, was inspired by Garth Ennis’ comic book series of the same name. The comic series was originally released on Wildstorm, an imprint of DC Comics created by legendary comics superstar Jim Lee, until the imprint was dissolved, and “The Boys” licensing was purchased by Dynamite Entertainment and has retained the rights ever since. In total, the comic has released a total of seventy-two main issues, with some extra issues, spinoffs, and other miniseries as well over the years, and as recently as 2020, although the official run of the comic ended in 2012. The original series of the comic was broken up into different titles upon release but during the original run of the comic, three miniseries were released in between some issues, as well as a final epilogue styled miniseries titled, “Dear Becky”. While it’s not expected for any new issues to be written, it’s always possible and with the newest show on Amazon related to “The Boys”, “The Boys: Diabolical”, being animated, even stranger possibilities could align and come to fruition.

The Boys on Amazon

On Amazon’s “The Boys”, one of two current Amazon Prime superhero-related shows with “Invincible”, a comic series originally from Image Comics, and set in the company’s fictional superhero universe, The Image Universe. “The Boys” on Amazon released its first season to the streaming service on July 26, 2019, and has since premiered a second season with a third set to release in 2022, after several setbacks due to COVID. As stated above, “The Boys”, as it’s presented on Amazon, doesn’t follow the stories of the original issues precisely but instead has been using them as a basis to continue their story and the characters as we were first introduced to them.

The Boys: Diabolical

“The Boys: Diabolical”, as most fans probably noticed, was named by our favorite Supe-hating badass, Billy Butcher’s catchphrase. The newest extension into the universe was the very recently released The Boys: Diabolical, which featured 8 episodes of all original, guest-written episodes. Each episode also featured its own art style and other themes that were unique to each episode. While most of the known cast or characters may be portrayed here and there throughout the new series, sometimes they were voiced by different actors than originally in “The Boys” live-action episodes. As if “The Boys” couldn’t get any more adult-rated, bloody, or dark “The Boys: Diabolical” presented a different side of darkness to the mayhem with each new animation in the series being even gorier than the last but with a different plot point, characters, and much more but most important: origins. Throughout each episode of “The Boys: Diabolical”, we’re introduced to either a brand new set of characters with slight mention of parts of the world from “The Boys” that we already know or even some characters and information that we do know sprinkled in but overall the new series mostly shows events happening in the world due to Vought, but are usually lesser cases that would never be brought to the public in the show. Overall, when it came to “The Boys” live-action on Amazon compared to “The Boys: Diabolical”, the new animated series, Diabolical takes all of the known continuity from where the show is currently and showed the occasional recast scene or retelling of an event that happened in the comics or in the original “The Boys” show. So without any advancement of the story in Diabolical, it’s hard to compare it too strongly with “The Boys” when in reality the shows together are to fill a void that otherwise would only be told through one show or the other.

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