Top 20 Unforgettable Moments from Dave Season 2

Top 20 Unforgettable Moments from Dave Season 2

Dave season 2 interesting moments

Dave, the FX comedy series based on the life of rapper Lil Dicky, has been a rollercoaster ride of ups, downs, and bizarre moments. The show follows the lives of Lil Dicky, his hype man GaTa, and his manager Mike, as they navigate the strange world of rap music. Season 2 has been no exception, with a plethora of unforgettable moments that have left viewers both laughing and cringing. Here are the top 20 most interesting moments from Dave Season 2.

20. Dave and Dave East

In Season 1 of Dave, Lil Dicky met a variety of celebrities, and Season 2 continued this trend with Dave meeting Lil Yachty and Dave East at the Rap Class of 2021 event. Despite being easily forgotten by Dave East, Dave’s determination shines through in this encounter.

19. Ally’s Song

Ally’s Song, a heartfelt track written by Dave about his ex-girlfriend Ally, resurfaces in Season 2 when Mike discovers it. The song, which was first introduced in Season 1, takes on new meaning as both Ally and Mike listen to it and share their opinions.

18. Dave and Benny’s Relationship Makes GaTa Uncomfortable

Dave’s friendship with Benny Blanco, which began in Season 1, continues to develop in Season 2, much to GaTa’s discomfort. The duo’s antics are seen as “white privileged bullshit” by GaTa and his friend, highlighting the cultural differences between the characters.

17. That’s a Joke!

When Dave’s alter ego introduces him to the song “That’s a Joke,” it becomes clear that this is the perfect slogan for Lil Dicky. The song helps Dave realize that he’s been overthinking his music and that the answer has been right in front of him all along.

16. Dave Texting Doja Cat

In Episode 6, Dave begins texting pop star Doja Cat after they match on a dating app. Their twisted personalities seem to be a perfect match, but Dave’s overthinking ultimately pushes her away.

15. Dave and Elz Basketball Scene

As fame and stress take their toll on Dave and Elz’s friendship, the two have a heated confrontation during a game of basketball. Despite the public and violent nature of their argument, they eventually make up and come to terms with their changing relationship.

14. Rush Hour

When Dave suggests that Rush Hour is a black bromance movie, his friends’ lack of response indicates that they don’t agree with his choice. This moment highlights the cultural differences and misunderstandings between the characters.

13. Dave Meets His Ego

Dave’s encounter with his alter ego leads to the creation of a song referencing The Rock and masturbation. While these topics may seem obscene to some, they perfectly encapsulate Lil Dicky’s unique brand of humor.

12. GaTa Bar Mitzvah Performance

After Dave and Elz leave a Bar Mitzvah without performing, GaTa steps in to save the day. The young fan’s appreciation for GaTa’s impromptu performance helps launch his career even further.

11. Dave and Ally Being Friends

Despite a rocky start, Dave and Ally begin hanging out again in Season 2. However, Dave’s use of pet names from their past raises suspicions about his intentions.

10. Dave and CL

Season 2 kicks off with Dave in North Korea, filming a music video with K-Pop star CL. Their interactions shed light on the challenges faced by K-Pop stars and the differences between the American and Korean entertainment industries.

9. Waking Up In Korea Music Video

Dave’s first official music video for his debut album is as obnoxious and loud as fans have come to expect. Despite nearly pushing featured artist CL out of the video, the end result is a memorable and entertaining spectacle.

8. Dave’s Officially Inspired

After a series of internal struggles, Dave finally finds his true self and is able to focus on his music. This moment of clarity comes after a visit to legendary producer Rick Rubin’s studio, where Dave learns to embrace Rubin’s unconventional techniques.

7. Dave Discussing His Surgery

As Dave prepares to perform at the VMAs, he contemplates undergoing surgery on his penis live on television. This controversial decision adds another layer of intrigue to his already highly anticipated performance.

6. Dave and Doja Cat

Dave’s initial meeting with Doja Cat, after matching on a dating app, is filled with potential. However, as mentioned earlier in the list, Dave’s overthinking ultimately ruins their budding relationship.

5. Dave’s VMA Rehearsal Performance

After coming to terms with his ego, Dave’s VMA rehearsal performance showcases his newfound confidence and artistic vision. The extravagant rehearsal sets the stage for an unforgettable final performance.

4. Dave and Gata’s Argument

Season 2 sees Dave and GaTa clash over Dave’s treatment of his friends and his tendency to put himself first. Their emotional confrontation leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s perspectives.

3. Rap Class of 2021

Inspired by Lil Dicky’s real-life appearance in XXL’s 2016 Freshman Class, Dave’s participation in the Rap Class of 2021 event showcases his determination and resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

2. Dave’s Mountain Dew Rap Pitch

Season 2 delves into Dave’s past as an ad agency employee, revealing his creative talents and determination. His bold takeover of a pitch meeting using his rap skills is a standout moment from the season.

1. The Real VMA Performance

The number one moment from Dave Season 2 is the climactic VMA performance, where Dave surprises everyone by including GaTa in his act. This heartfelt gesture demonstrates Dave’s appreciation for his friend and solidifies their bond.

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