Sylvie Should be a Main Character in Phase 5

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Ever since the ending of the first season of Loki, it does feel as though one of its main characters, Sylvie, has been waiting in the wings to do something. The show displayed Sylvie as a variant of Loki that was every bit as devious, if not more, but with far better reasons since the TVA had upended her life without any true provocation.  Loki has been a disruptive force in the MCU since his first appearance, and similar to his Norse counterpart in the real world, he’s done so for strange but malicious reasons that have worked against those who sought to advocate for him over the years. However, it doesn’t appear that Sylvie had a Thor that could help balance her out; rather, she was never given a chance to develop that type of relationship with anyone. On the other hand, Loki was given a home and a family, yet still ended up becoming a devious and destructive individual that allied with the likes of Thanos. On the other hand, Sylvie became a devious and destructive individual as a matter of survival. From the time of her childhood to her meeting with Loki, she was on the run, forced to fight to survive, and while she could have found a quiet corner of the multiverse, she took the offensive. It’s tough to say that she was in the wrong. 

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The fans might still think Loki is a bit predictable

Loki has changed a bit since he first came to the MCU, but he tends to return to the types of actions and behaviors that people expect quite often, meaning that he is a little predictable in various situations. On the other hand, Sylvie is still unknown enough to challenge the fans since she creates an X factor that isn’t fully understood at this point. Even if she and Loki did share a moment or two during the show, it’s fair to assume that she’s going to surprise people and keep things interesting, especially since the act of killing He Who Remains fractured the timelines in such a way that the MCU is likely to be a far more chaotic place than ever before when season 2 of Loki arrives. With the idea that this is going to drive Phase 5 and unify the storylines in a quest to stand against Kang the Conqueror, it can be said that Sylvie was used to giving the franchise the push it needed in the right direction. 

Sylvie has a chance to wow the fans 

Phase 4 has been, well, kind of ‘meh’ throughout much of it, but the hope for season 5 is that Sylvie will not only return but that she’ll play a more significant role since she was the one that helped to kick things off in this particular manner. The Loki series has already been seen to change significantly, given that the TVA was left in a very different state when Loki returned and getting back to the state it existed in before the show’s end might be no longer possible. The rules of the MCU have been upended in such a way during the Loki series that it’s fair to wonder how things might have gone had this underlying issue not occurred, even if it’s likely that much of what’s happened would have gone the same in any case. But the anticipation that is easy to feel when it comes to Sylvie’s return and what it could mean if she continues to hunt Kang is exciting enough to make people pull for the female variant of Loki. 

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At some point, Sylvie will need help

This is odd to think about since it’s already been seen that Sylvie can take care of herself, especially with the fact that she’s taken on and taken out several TVA agents at the same time, being a part of MCU history now. But even the strongest and wiliest individuals need help from time to time, and it’s already been seen that she and Loki do have a bond that could benefit both of them. For someone like Sylvie, though, that might be seen as a weakness since she’s been on her own for so long. Still, at some point, she’s bound to need someone there, even if it’s just someone to talk to. 

Sylvie vs. Kang sounds like an interesting fight

Kang is an interesting character that many people will argue for or against as a villain since it’s true that he has come up against some of the toughest hero teams in the Marvel Universe and held his own. This is a man that commands armies, has technology unlike many have ever seen, and is usually so content in his own abilities that it’s tough to convince him that he’s not that great. But Sylvie is still a native of Asgard, at least in her own reality, and much like Loki, she knows how to work her way around would-be despots. This hunt/fight could be interesting. 

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