Sherlock Holmes Chronology 

Sherlock Holmes Chronology 

Most of the crime-solving detective-like personalities out there are inspired by the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created this British fictional character in his 1887 novel ‘A Study in Scarlet.’ It was marked as the first installment of 4 novels and 56 short stories about Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson based around London from 1880 –1914.   

In his stories, Holmes referred to himself as a ‘consulting detective’ and was an expert at deduction. His stories were the milestone of crime fiction. Most of them were narrated by Dr. Watson’s character, who also wrote a blog about Sherlock and his adventures. The leads were shown as partners in solving crimes and shared the popular apartment 221B, Baker Street, London.  

The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Credit: Sherlock Holmes

The detective became so popular that many people need clarification about whether he is a fictional character or an actual individual. Sherlock Holmes was undeniably the best fictional detective, with unparalleled knowledge and skills. He was listed as film and television history’s ‘most portrayed literary human character’ by Guinness World Records. More than 25,000 adaptations by the 1990s featured Holmes, including films, stage shows, and television productions and publications.   

The success of recent movies and TV series centered around Sherlock proves its existence on the 21st-century screens. However, even after centuries, these characters are still popular. Moreover, the several accolades awarded to the series show that a good story and character can last for an eternity.  


There are two Sherlock Holmes movies released so far. The first came out in 2009, and its sequel hit the theatres in 2011. Both had the central theme of Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson solving mysterious crimes with their intellect and skills. The movies are based on Sir Conan Doyle’s stories and incorporate more details around those, creating a compelling mystery-action series for the audience.  

Sherlock Holmes (2009)  

Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. Watson, the story is about an occult sorcerer Lord Blackwood, played by Mark Strong, and his terror in London. The detectives don’t take long to catch Blackwood for committing brutal murders around London. However, the real mystery starts when he rises from his grave to resume his killing spree.  

The hunt to solve the mystery reveals many clues through which they encounter a vicious circle of dark arts, black magic, deceit, and murder. The movie received high appreciation and ratings from several websites. In addition, it was a record-breaking box office hit during that year.   

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)  

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Credit: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The sequel revolves around Holmes and his archenemy Professor James Moriarty, played by Jared Harris. The story takes them all around Europe, chasing him to stop his evil plans. The sudden death of Austria’s crown prince indicates a suicide. However, Sherlock deducts it to be a murder involving the evil genius Moriarty.  

Moriarty targets Dr. Watson and his fiancé to blackmail Holmes into retaliating from the case. It is now all on him to save his companion and solve the mystery involving an international conspiracy. The sequel was another box office hit with great reviews from the critics.   

Sherlock Holmes 3 (TBA)  

The question of Sherlock Holmes 3 ever happening is still in everyone’s mind. Shortly after the sequel’s release, a third installment in the series was announced. However, it has been constantly delayed even after several confirmations.   

 Series (2010-2017) 

Sherlock Holmes

Credit: Sherlock Holmes

The TV series based on the detective was a contemporary version of Sir Conan Doyle’s stories. It covers the crime-solving adventures of Sherlock and Dr. Watson around 21st-century London. The series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as his companion Watson who encounter several mysterious crime conflicts, ultimately leading them to his archenemy Moriarty.  

The series included four seasons of three episodes each. In addition, there was a special episode that aired on January 1, 2016. The show received groundbreaking reviews and many awards on various platforms. For example, the third part of the series was rated the most-watched drama series in the UK since 2001, and the show earned the Best Drama Series award at the 2011 BAFTA.   

To Conclude  

Considering its impact on young minds, Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly the best crime-fiction character. Even though the movie did well with the audience, the series and the influence created by Cumberbatch were revolutionary. The development of the series and the performance of all cast members, including Freeman and the late Una Stubbs, kept the viewers hooked to the show until the end.   

Overall, the show is worth watching. The legendary character and stories brought to life by several creators and actors have made Sir Doyle’s original draft live much longer than expected. And not just live but give birth to many budding and talented detectives. In addition, the popularity of the movies and series led to a revival of the original books in the market. Moreover, several websites, games, clothing, and other merchandise were heavily sold worldwide, proving how wildly it spread. 

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