She-Hulk vs. Sheeva: Who Wins?

She-Hulk vs. Sheeva: Who Wins?

Pitting comic book characters against video game characters might sound interesting, but the result of this one might not be what some folks like, especially those that happen to be big Mortal Kombat fans. But when it comes to the raw power that Sheeva and She-Hulk possess, it’s tough to see the jade giantess going down that easily, if she went down at all. A lot of folks might initially look at the two and associate the look of the Shokan from MK as the tougher opponent since she’s more imposing, she has spikes growing out of her skull, four arms, and a very aggressive appearance. But then there’s She-Hulk, who is the cousin of the original Hulk, and therefore has a great deal of the same abilities as he does, with one notable exception. Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, has rarely ever gone into such a rage as her cousin, as she retains her sense of self when entering her green form. To be fair, Jennifer tends to stay in her She-Hulk form quite often and doesn’t change back unless she needs to, or wants to. 

Sheeva is one of many in MK that have served one ruler or another for several generations and is well-known for her ferocity and the vicious stomp that she delivers in the game. Kind of like Goro, she’s also known for holding people by their limbs with one set of arms while she performs one act of violence or another on her opponents with her other pair of arms. That alone would make a lot of people believe that she might be able to take She-Hulk down in a heartbeat. The only problem with that is the fact that She-Hulk isn’t the unthinking brute that her cousin, the Hulk, usually is when he transforms. That point can be argued now since thanks to the events of Endgame it would appear that Bruce has figured out how to make peace with his big green counterpart. 

But the point is that when she transforms into She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters maintains her sense of self, and more than that, her strength is augmented in a way that correlates to her human form. To put it simply, the better shape that Jennifer is in, the better shape she’ll be in when changing into She-Hulk, which means she’s often considered a bit superior to the regular Hulk since she can think coherently when hulking out, and she’s likely to approach a battle with a much more level head than many might think. This isn’t to say that Sheeva is a pushover, since the four-armed fighter is someone that needs to be taken seriously. But against She-Hulk, Sheeva might look tough, she might even be taller or just as tall, and she’s heavily muscled as well, but she’s not tougher. I won’t go into the different suits that She-Hulk has utilized in her time, since there’s a long explanation needed for such a thing, but the point is that She-Hulk’s upper limit far exceeds anything that Sheeva could handle. Some folks might want to think that Sheeva might be a little too much for She-Hulk to handle, but they might need to compare the two by seeing what they’ve done in their respective universes. 

The truth is that She-Hulk has taken on the type of cosmic threats that would give Sheeva too much of an issue, meaning that she might need to feel Sheeva out for a few moments, perhaps even eat a few heavy-handed punches to get the real measure of the Shokan, but after that, it’s fair to say that she might not last much longer since She-Hulk has been able to stand up to the Hulk, who would crush Sheeva without much effort. Granted, when she goes toe to toe with Hulk she might lose several times, but the fact is that she can stand up to him when she needs to. Sheeva, and Goro for that matter, would be crushed by the Hulk, and possibly even by She-Hulk since her power is fairly close to her cousin’s. But one can just imagine how the fight would go since Sheeva might not be quite as arrogant as Goro, but she’s more than a little confident in herself. 

She-Hulk would no doubt approach the fight with a certain level of caution since her intelligence is great enough that she can guess that someone might be dangerous, at least until they land a hit on her. Sheeva could cause Jennifer a little bit of damage if She-Hulk allowed it, but with a healing factor that’s been said to be on par with her cousin’s, if not greater, Jennifer would use her superior strength when it became obvious that Sheeva was doing her best to end her life. At that point, the fight probably wouldn’t last that long

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