Five Things You Didn’t Know about Laura Wasser

The Hollywood attorney Laura Wasser is known as “the queen of divorce.”  Particularly she is known for her brilliance in dissolving celebrity marriages.  Laura Wasser possesses some quality aspects that make her the best divorce lawyer in Hollywood.  Here are some things  you might not know about her:

Pretty Impressive Client Base

The Hollywood attorney is known to have represented many celebrities in the dissolution of their marriages. Such Celebrities Kim Kardashian, and Mariah Carey. Laura has also been hired by Johnny Dep to step in as his lawyer. Johnny Dep was seeking a divorce from Amber Heard and which was successful.

Laura Is Perfect About What She Does

Laura keeps it real. She does not advocate for couples to stay in unhappy marriages. The attorney advises for a divorce if couples have grown apart. She says that separation is healthy for the kids. The kids will not have to deal with miserable parents. When parents are not in good terms, they have to put on a façade. The facade phase hurts because it is hard to keep up with appearances. In the long run, the marriage is devastated, and it collapses. Laura is divorced too making her well suited for her job. At least she knows where it pains the most when divorcing.

Best Option Is Divorce as The Last Result

While couple counseling has worked for many marriages, it has failed for others. Laura believes that separation is the only solution especially when kids are involved. Divorce should opt when all the options have failed. Laura says that if there is a chance to save the marriage, one should grab it

Laura Wasser Is Not Afraid to Represent the Non-Celebrity Wife

The Hollywood attorney is not afraid to go against Arnold Schwarzenegger in divorce proceedings. The attorney believes that it is never about fame. One should not put up with a relationship just because people perceive it as well established. One’s happiness should come first no matter what. Big titles do not come with joy. Celebrity life is hard. Couples have had to stomach a lot of bad things in the line. The attorney was there for Britney Spears. She helped her get custody of her two kids. At this point, Britney was trailing the path of self-destruction. Britney was, however, able to recover.

Laura Wasser is Practical

The Hollywood attorney is too sensitive when it comes to her work. She knows how to deal with the coverage to avoid too much publicity that comes with the press. Laura willingly helps her clients and hopes the best for them. She goes a step further to advising the couples to consider settling the dispute privately. However, if this fails the last option is to let them fill court papers. The attorney is also worth your penny. The queen of divorce is not a joke. Her charges are quite high per hour. Laura’s expertise in divorce has earned her a career. Thus, if you want the best lawyer, she is your number one choice. As long as she does her job as prowess, the penny from the pocket does not pinch.

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