Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 1 Review: “Scream Again”

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 1 Review: “Scream Again”

Scream Queens

Scream Queens was a surprising breakout show last year that kept itself simple and never took itself too seriously, which is what allowed it to work so well. The show was packed with a star studded cast who all did a great job, and now most of them are back this season for more wackiness. While only some of the cast was returning, the new actors and characters seem like they will thrive in this environment as the show’s second season kicks off. Scream Queens is just plain fun, and the new season seems like it wants to provide more of the same, which should set it up to succeed nicely. The show isn’t afraid to be ridiculous or goofy, in fact, it embraces that idea fully and runs with it; from the set up of the antagonists to the satirical young adult characters, Scream Queens knows what it’s trying to be an executes perfectly on that, which is what makes the second season so attractive.

After the craziness that took place at the college setting of season one,  Dean Munsch is now a worldwide icon and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, which sets up the foundation of season two. She has decided to buy an old hospital as her next business venture and hires her former students to work there. As mentioned before, Scream Queens knows what it is, and it’s great that the show doesn’t waste any time in setting up the season’s lore, the name of the costumed killer (it’s the Green Meanie), or the setting. The episode also introduced us to new cast members John Stamos and Taylor Lautner as the goofy pairing of Dr. Brock Holt and Cassidy Cascade. These two characters are great additions to the lineup because it will help replace the void of not having the Dickie Dollar Scholars around this season.

Scream Queens really found a formula that can keep it going strong, especially with the cast. Everyone just seems to understand the absurdity of the show and knows how to run with it. Emma Roberts is amazing and it’s really great that the Chanels are able to return this season. The character dynamic between them, Munsch and Kirstie Alley’s Ingrid Hoffel seems like it’s going to be a fun new rivalry and power struggle. This is another area where Scream Queens really thrives, the over the top drama between characters and the constant satirical mock of reality television and celebrity culture. “Scream Again,” touches on the public hatred for the Chanels after they received a documentary for being wealthy public figures who go to jail similar to countless shows that actually exist. The first season really mocked the modern college stereotypes, with a large focus on the Greek system, and these season seems to be aiming for reality television and the large amount of celebrity doctors that are out there. Stamos is the surgeon that lost a hand and his career but is now receiving a second chance, Lautner is the bro who believes in alternative healing methods and whatever will get him a job, while Zayday is the inexperienced researcher willing to attempt outdated methods that supposedly worked before. The show just has a really great pool of various character types to pull from and set up for a specific way of thinking.

“Scream Again,” didn’t reveal too much about the Green Meanie, which was a little surprising. The backstory in the beginning of the episode was fun like the previous year’s, but aside from that the character didn’t appear until the episode’s end when it makes it’s first kill; the wolf girl. Chanel #5 is forcefully given the night shift and is responsible for giving the wolf girl a hot bath in a compartment that locks leaving only the patient’s head exposed. It was clear where things were going as Chanel #5 also decided to lock herself into one of the baths at the same time to kill the time, and the Green Meanie shows up and sprays blood. It would be really bold for the writers to kill off a main character like Chanel #5, but it would be fun to be shown that nobody has plot armor just because they are a returning main character. There is definitely a strong chance Chanel #5 is still alive, especially if the line in the season promo rings true and the killer “is only going after hospital patients.”

Scream Queens looks like its back with more of the same, but that’s perfectly okay and means there is excitement and insanity ahead. The creators made the right decisions with the characters they chose to bring back and have only enhanced the cast with the new additions so far. It will be fun to see the new supporting characters like Chamberlain Jackson and whether or not we will get more Denise Hemphill going forward. Either way, Scream Queens is one of the most fun shows for the fall season that is a breath of fresh air each week and something for everyone to enjoy. This season seems really promising through the premiere and hopefully it can be just as comedic as the first season.

Other Thoughts:

  • With lines like “I envy ice, at least if you give it warmth it melts.” and “Handless Joe Jackson” Lautner is gonna be fun on this show. Reminds me of his role on Cuckoo.
  • The discussion about the multiple different meanings of “ghosting” is a great example of why I love this show.
  • I NEED the return of Chad Radwell, especially because he is going to be able to interact with Holt and Cascade.
  • I’m curious if there is some weird monster thing going on this season: Stamos with the Frankenstein hand, Lautner being oddly super cold like a zombie and Chanel’s distinct attraction to blood like a vampire. I’m curious to see if it was just fun comparisons or something they keep making reference to.

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