Salem’s Lot: A Key Character Is Gender Swapped

Salem’s Lot: A Key Character Is Gender Swapped

After its development announcement in 2020, the upcoming Salem’s Lot by Gary Dauberman is rapidly coming together. The movie has brought actors on board to play various roles like Ben Mears in just one week. Surprisingly, the cast is doing great. However, there is an exciting update on the new casting. The particular cast signed on is a talented performer, hence making gender-swapping in the movie notable. According to Deadline, Alfre Woodard is now in the adaptation of Stephen King. Her new role will be Dr. Cody. The book mentions Cody as a practical and rational person. However, he can’t ignore the pieces of evidence before him. The parts of evidence confirm that Maine town, Jerusalem’s Lot, is run by vampires.

Afterward, he joins the team responsible for fighting the invasion. Since nothing that the character shows can be gendered, it is not easy to realize much of Cody’s transformation for the film. It is the third time we are seeing Salem’s Lot in the live-action realm. Despite that fact, it features Dr. Cody for the second time as a primary character. In the miniseries version in 1979 that Toby Hooper directed, they combined the role with another one. The amalgamation resulted in Dr. Bill Norton, a position that Ed Flanders played. In 2004, they produced a new television version, with Robert Mammone playing the restored story part.

The Cast 

Finally, Alfre Woodard is in the ensemble. The ensemble includes Mike Ryerson, played by Spenser Treat Clark, Matthew Burke by Bill Camp, who features in The Outsiders, and Susan Norton as the female lead by Makenzie Leigh. Kurt Barlow and Richard Straker are the primary villains in the film. The cast has not appeared yet, but there will be an announcement soon. It is the first time that Stephen King’s adaptation is featuring Alfre Woodard. The second one is a collaboration with Gary Dauberman, who has played in Annabelle 2014, a Conjuring Universe film, like Evelyn. The film is also on a script written by Dauberman. Gary Dauberman will direct Salem’s Lot as the second film, making Annabelle Comes Home 2019 the first one. As the casting news is coming up rapidly, the movie production will likely start sooner than expected.

Salem’s Lot Adds Alfre Woodard

According to Deadline, Alfre Woodard will portray Dr. Cody in a gender-swapped version. The original version was a man who appeared in the original novel of Stephen King. It was also in Salem’s Lot 2004 television miniseries, where he played Robert Mammone. Salem’s Lot’s initial publishing was in 1975 and was based on Ben Mears, a writer, returning to a town with dark vampiric history. The TV miniseries has two parts: Tobe Hooper and David Soul as the starring role. It premiered on CBC in 1979. The miniseries got a sequel from A Return to Salem’s Lot, with Larry Cohen as the director, released in the theatres in 1987. The novel by Stephen King got adapted for TV once more, but this time, it was in the form of Salem’s Lot 2004 miniseries, with Mikael Salomon as the director. It had Ben Mears – Rob Lowe, having the starring role. It premiered on TNT in 2004, and like the 1979 miniseries, it only had two episodes.

Alfre Woodard Perfect For Dr. Cody Role

Alfre Woodard will play Dr. Cody, who is a guy in the novel. Cody’s mission is to help Lewis Pullman, Makenzie Leigh, and Bill Camp fight the invasion of the vampires. Woodard recently starred in Clemency, earning her nominations for the Spirit Award and BAFTA Award as the Best Female Lead. As for the smaller screens, she stars alongside Jason Momoa in See, an Apple TV+ series with Steven Knight as the creator. She also stars alongside Kevin Hart in the Fatherhood Netflix film. There are upcoming projects which include Woodard’s role. She appears in The Gray Man, a film directed by Joe & Anthony Russo, where she plays with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. The other project is Viral, a psychological thriller that reunites Woodard with Blair Underwood, her Juanita co-star.

Other Films Woodard has Featured In 

Woodard has appeared in recent films like Captain America: Civil War for Marvel, The Lion King live-action by Jon Favreau, and Annabelle by the New Line. She has also starred in other Marvel projects like Luke Cage Netflix film as Mariah Dillard, and the Juanita Netflix film as the title character. She is also responsible for the development and production of Juanita. Woodard has received praise for her dramatic performance for playing in various popular films. They include The Family That Preys by Tyler Perry, Grand Canyon, Mumford by Lawrence Kasdan, Crooklyn by Spike Lee, Love, and Basketball by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and Follow Me Home Peter Bratt, and Down in the Delta by Maya Angelou. She is a living legend, and we can’t exhaust the list. New Line is reuniting for Salem’s Lot with the teams behind The Conjuring Universe horror franchise production. The feature takes on It, a combination of two films, by Stephen King. With all the previous achievements Alfre Woodard has made, her role makes it easy to notice a gender swap. You cannot blame her for being more talented than the former cast. However, the release date of Salem’s Lot is not yet known.

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