Remember When Barbara Walters Told the Kardashians They Lack Talent?

Remember When Barbara Walters Told the Kardashians They Lack Talent?
Remember When Barbara Walters Told the Kardashians They Lack Talent?

credit: 20/20

Remember when Barbara Walters told the Kardashians they lacked talent? These words likely divided people immediately. Plenty of folks will agree without hesitation that the Kardashians have little to no talent. But there are quite a few fans that will stick up for them.

The point is that Barbara Walters, who did have talent and had cultivated it for decades, saw little to no reason why the Kardashians were hailed as popular. This is an honest and unbiased opinion that many hold in all fairness. 

The Kardashian/Jenner clan has somehow remained a popular family for a while now. The reasons behind this, however, are hard to figure out. Being famous for being famous is the best excuse, but it still infuriates a lot of people. On the other side of the matter are those who are willing to place the family on a pedestal without question. 

The fact that someone as accomplished (and by her own hard work) as Barbara could say what many others think is impressive. While it’s very likely that there was no malice intended, there’s also no doubt that many used this moment to express their own beliefs. 

Remember When Barbara Walters Told the Kardashians They Lack Talent?

credit: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

The Kardashian/Jenner family doesn’t promote the idea that they’re that skilled

Perception means a great deal when it comes to determining the overall intelligence of those who step in front of the camera. If a person says something wrong or lacking in content, then many might think of them as dim-witted. Unfortunately, the Kardashian/Jenner family has built a reputation around this type of thing. Walters pointed this out during her interview with the family. 

As one might have expected, people picked up on this immediately. The family still has plenty of fans and still enjoys riches and fame. But the fact is that many people refuse to believe that they’re overly intelligent or talented in any way. Even Kim’s announcement that she wished to attend law school didn’t change things much. 

Unfortunately, looking up comments and candid moments from the show and from the news media doesn’t help. The family doesn’t always appear as intelligent as they want people to believe they are. What Barbara did was make an observation while the family has, more or less, tripped over their own words. 

Barbara Walters was considered a pioneer for many women

Taking a look back at Barbara’s career, it’s not difficult at all to see why she was so revered. The work she put in to be noticed, to forge her way ahead was phenomenal. And more important, it was meaningful since she sought to give something back to people. Her interviewing style grew through the years until her reputation preceded her. 

The fact that she called out one of the most popular families around was worth a few laughs. The family has for some time enjoyed the fame that was brought to them during the run of their TV show. Not only that, but they have attempted to make it known that apart from being famous for essentially nothing, they’re also skilled in ways that people didn’t know. 

Needless to say, fans circle the wagons when any valid dispute concerning their ‘talent’ arises.

Remember When Barbara Walters Told the Kardashians They Lack Talent?credit: 20/20

The Kardashian/Jenner family is an easy target, unfortunately 

The truth is that the family has made an easy target of themselves. Even talking about them these days makes it evident how various people think of them. It’s very easy to believe that Barbara had no intention to slander the family, as this was not her way. She gave her unvarnished opinion, as always. 

But those who support and idolize the family have often made it clear that the Kardashians are famous for many reasons. The downside of this is that proving such a statement is exceedingly difficult. The family has done and said so much at this point that trying to believe that they’re talented is kind of difficult. 

One has to wonder if Barbara knew what kind of legacy her words would leave behind. Many people have already agreed that this family has little to no real talent, but Walters’ words cemented those feelings for some. 

Fame doesn’t require much effort these days, but a reputation does

Thanks to the internet, fame is there for anyone to take. But the reputation one earns when trying to do such a thing or build a franchise, anything, is how people will remember that person. The Kardashians/Jenners have all earned a reputation.

Whether it’s a good one or not is up to the fans that follow and the critics that find a reason to say something each day. But the fact that this family is such an easy target tends to mean that Walters was right. They have little to no shame since they wish to be famous for, well, doing nothing of worth. 

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