Recap – Persons Unknown 1.04 “Exit One”

Recap – Persons Unknown 1.04 “Exit One”

Recap – Persons Unknown 1.04 “Exit One”

If you missed last weeks recap of “The Way Through”, you can here. As you can prob tell I am not Micahel but I’ll do my best with this recap for you readers.

A bee is seen flying around the town. It makes its way to the gazebo where Janet is sitting. Joe makes his way over. Janet notices the bee but does not flinch. When Joe finally is close enough and sees the bee, his body movement becomes very slow. Janet quickly reaches up and grabs the bee from mid air. Janet tells Joe that it is an Italian honey bee. Janet states that the bee should be in a winter cluster, instead of flying around solo in the town. Joe asks how she knows so much about bees. Janet tells Joe about how she would take Megan to the zoo, and at the zoo there was a lady who knew a lot about bugs. Janet places the bee on the step and Joe quickly steps on it. Megan asks why he did that and Joe explains that he is highly allergic to bee stings.

Near the outside of town, Charles finds Bill throwing what looks like eggs at the area where the pain gun is located. Bill points out the raccoon that was fried in the microwave wall and also the vulture that tried to eat the dead raccoon. Charles notices the chop suey that is sitting near the invisible wall and asks if Bill put it there. He happily answers yes. Charles tells him that there is something wrong with him, but this doesn’t faze Bill as he replies ‘It’s not like I killed my wife.’Charles walks away, repeatedly calling Bill an ass.

In the hotel lobby, Moira is seen teaching Graham sign language. Graham learns the sign for Thursday, which is the day it is on the show, and realizes that they have been in the town for 2 weeks. The two hear Bill and Charles arguing outside. Bill and Charles enter the hotel, with Janet and Joe right behind them. Bill takes this opportunity and says ‘I promise not to talk about this thing you don’t want me to talk about.’Joe seems puzzled by this. Tori enters the room, just before the two men begin to fight. Charles shoves Bill but before a fight breaks out; the hotel manager rings the bell and asks how everyone’s stay has been so far. Tori replies that it sucks as there is no TV. The manager says that they don’t offer TV but he does have a telegram for the group. The telegram reads that one of the guest will be checking out. However it does not say which guest.

The group is seen discussing the telegram. Graham states that the telegram made it seem as if they were willing to stay at the hotel. Bill blurts out that in the ‘syndicate’checking out means being killed. Charles snaps back that Bill was never in the mob. Janet buts in and says that if someone does leave that they all should exchange messages to take to the outside world. Bill is against this but Janet doesn’t mind if he won’t do it. Joe says that it all could be a trick. Janet doesn’t believe it and Charles, Moira, Tori and Janet take off to go write their messages.

Back in San Francisco, Renbe is seen walking through a park, but watching his surroundings closely. He arrives at the place where Janet was taken and sees that the camera has been removed. He receives a call from a man with an Irish accent telling Renbe to forget about the story.

Back in the town, a taxi is seen pulling into the town. It quickly makes its way through the pain barrier with ease. The group blocks it path but the taxi driver yells at the group. His language is that of a Middle Eastern country but he is able to say that he is looking for Janet Cooper. Janet is surprised and the driver opens the back door. She is hesitant to get in. Graham realizes that the language the driver is speaking is a language he learn while serving in Afghanistan. He finds out that the driver is supposed to take two passengers, and that they need to choose quickly. Tori says she should be the second passenger but Janet wants to take Joe. Graham says that this may be a trap, as in Bagdad, taxis were used to kidnap people. Janet says that this isn’t Bagdad and that she is going. Joe hesitantly gets in with her. As the taxi drives away, Joe asks where they are going, Janet tells him ‘away’.

Tori, inside her room, is pleading with the camera and asking why Janet and Joe were taken and not her. The whole time, she still believes her Dad has something to do with her being there. We then she a flashback occur. The time is unknown. A bunch of people are gathered at a fancy dinner. Tori is seen being escorted down stairs and she is very drunk. She knocks over a flower vase, which seems to get everyone’s attention. Her Dad comes over to chastise her, and Tori states that she knows the truth and that he will ‘pay’. She is seen being escorted out of the room by two marines. The flashback ends and we see Tori getting all dressed up. She walks downstairs and begins to flirt with the manager. She calls him over to her and asks him to help her with her stockings. The manager seems nervous. Tori begins flirting more. She undoes the manager’s pants and begins to seduce the manager. He quickly stops her by saying that he can’t help her get out of this place. Tori then tells the manager that her father is the one who put them there. She writes a message for the manager to give to her father saying that she is sorry. Tori then heads back to her room.

The taxi is seen driving through a country landscape with no one in sight. It blows a tire and as Joe tried to get out he realizes the door is locked. The driver opens the doors and the two get out. The driver gives Janet and Joe a coconut to drink while he fixes the flat tire. In San Francisco, Renbe gets a call from the man whose files he took. The man says he has no idea about the man calling Renbe with the Irish accent. Back with Janet and Joe, a semi truck is seen approaching. Janet tries to get the truck drivers attention but it fails. The truck drives through the taxi, killing the driver and causing the car to explode. Janet and Joe sit to the side is shock as they watch the truck drive off.

Joe and Janet look for the taxi driver and have no luck finding his body. The two decide to keep walking to find there why home. Back in the hotel, Bill is playing with some cards. Tori approaches and apologizes for hurting him. She says she wants to make it up to him, but they need to go to her room. She then explains that she is going home, to which Bill is less than enthusiastic. He walks away and Tori seems upset. Back on the road, Janet tells Joe that she will do anything to escape. Joe exclaims the same thing.

Later that night, Bill is seen with two glasses of cognac. HE brings one over to Charles. Bill calls him Chuck, but Charles quickly replies that he wishes to be called Charlie. Bill talks with Charlie about an idea he has for private parks. Charlie says he isn’t interested. He tells Bill that you never should make big decisions when being held captive. Charlie walks away, telling Bill that he once again wishes to be called Charlie.

Janet and Joe are now walking in a field. They are completely lost and it seems it is becoming cold outside. IN the town gazebo, Tori is seen given a drunken speech. Graham approaches and the two begin to talk. Tori tells Graham how her father used her to get clients and business partners. She exclaims that she was used as a ‘business prostitute’so her father could become successful. Graham apologizes and says that she can’t let her father destroy her. He says that as long as she is alive, it means another chance of happiness. She walks away crying. IN the middle of the street, Tori cries out that she wishes to go home.

Charlie is seen in his bathroom soaking his feet in the tub. Bill comes in and quickly goes and sits next to Charlie. Charlie objects when Bill puts his feet in the tub. Bill wants to talk more about his idea but Charlie shoot him down saying that he has nothing to go on. Bill then exclaims that if he doesn’t help, then everyone will know that Charlie killed his own wife. Bill begins to tell Charlie what he wants, but Charlie decides to leave.

Janet and Joe find a cabin outside and decide to stop there for the night. The cabin looks fully stocked. The two share a bottle of wine inside. On the porch, the two discuss what they are going to do when they get home. Janet invites Joe to San Francisco to meet Megan. Joe humbly states he would love to come. He asks what Megan is like and Janet describes her. She believes that Joe was like Megan as a child. Janet points out stars that let her know they are at least somewhere in the northern hemisphere.

The sun rises on the cabin. The cabin is now filled with many bees. Joe awakes with a bee on his cheek and become deathly scared. He wakes Janet who calmly tells him to be still. A large hive is shown in the room. She tells Joe to slowly get his shoes and slowly leave. Joe sits up but as he goes to grab his shoes, he notices that they are full of bees. Janet grabs the shoes as the two walk toward the door. The two make it out but outside is not much better for the bee situation.

Back in San Francisco, Renbe is talking with a police officer. The officer shows Renbe a photo of him (Renbe) watching Janet and Megan at the park. This was taken from the security camera the day Janet was taken.

Janet and Joe are back to walking and must decide which way of the road to travel. Janet points left and the two take off. As they are walking, the semi truck returns and shows no sign of slowly down. The two jump into thick grass. As they do, the semi stops for a moment but then pulls away. Janet and Joe use this time to quickly run away.

Kat is seen chastising an employee’s article title. Renbe walks by giving Kat a great name to use and she loves it. The two enter Kats office. He tells her that he is still on the Janet Cooper story. He states that Janet was his wife. Kat seems a little enthused.

Bill is lying on Charlie’s bed. He tells Charlie that he has more ideas for his business proposition. Bill still pushes the buttons of Charlie by bringing up Charlie killing his wife. As Bill begins talking, Charlie slams a pillow on Bill trying to smother him to death. He pulls the pillow away and tells Bill, ‘Maybe my wife didn’t have cancer. Maybe I was tired of listening to her stupid ideas’. Bill, now scared, is told to never speak of the business proposition ever again and to leave the room.

Now night time, Janet and Joe are tired and cold from walking. They stop in a field and notice that they have made it back to the town and Janet is very upset. Joe says they need to go back as they would die out in the wild. He promises Janet that he will get Janet out of this place. The two walk into the hotel and see Moira and Graham. No one says a word and Janet and Joe enter the elevator. During the ride, Janet asks Joe to stay with Janet in her room that night. Outside another taxi arrives. Tori seems to be the only one who sees it. She smiles at the camera and says ‘thank you daddy.’Outside the driver asks if she is Tori and she says yes. She enters the cab and it slowly drives out of the town.

The next morning Joe is seen sitting at the edge of Janet’s bed. He goes over to the Chinese restaurant and walks into the kitchen. He asks the cook for some okra and the cook asks what okra is. The cook escorts Joe to the back so Joe can show him what okra is. As the two walk into the freezer, the cook opens a secret door. The two enter the room, and now in flawless English, the cook tells Joe that he is breaching protocol. Joe asks what is going on. The other man tells Joe that he is trying to help Joe out. Joe yells at him to stop quoting the training manual. Joe finally states that the only reason he came to talk with the other man was to find out what they were going to do to Janet. The man has no idea. Joe asks for some information, otherwise he doesn’t want to be a part of this anymore. The man repeatedly asks if Joe is ‘threatening withdrawal’. Finally Joe turns around and tells the man no. The man, somewhat relieved, asks Joe if he believes in ‘the process’. Joe nods his head, and the man states that ‘you have to accept its results.’The two men shake hands before Joe leaves.

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