Ranking Every Fortnite Chapter 1 Level 1 Skin From Worst To Best

Every new season of Fortnite brings a brand new Battle Pass, with many iconic Fortnite skins being included in them. Players will unlock a new skin at level 1 in each Battle Pass, with some of them going on to be very popular characters in the years that follow, while some are quite rightly forgotten about. Here is every Fortnite Chapter 1 level 1 skin ranked from worst to best.

Battlehawk – Chapter 1 Season 4

If you could remove Battle Pass skins from your locker, this is one I would do in an instant. Battlehawk is just an incredibly boring skin that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use outside of Chapter 1 Season 4. To be honest, people didn’t even use him much then because Carbide was also a level 1 skin.

Mission Specialist – Chapter 1 Season 3

The first skin in Season 3, which is the season that really helped take Fortnite to the next level. Overall, it isn’t a bad skin, but it is pretty boring with it just being Jonesy in a space suit. Compared to what we’ve seen before and since it is a bit lackluster.

Huntress – Chapter 1 Season 5

Like the previous two, Huntress isn’t a very exciting skin, especially when compared to Drift who was also a level 1 skin in the Battle Pass. She fit with the theme well, being the female counterpart to Ragnarok, but not a skin that very many people used.

Zenith – Chapter 1 Season 7

You’re probably noticing a pattern with a lot of these early entries on this list, they are all the second level 1 skin and the weaker of the two. Season 7 saw Lynx and Zenith as the level 1 skins, with both of them being customizable. But, while Lynx transformed into a Catwoman style skin with multiple color options, Zenith simply slowly put his jacket on.

Sentinel – Chapter 1 Season 9

In theory, Sentinel should be a fantastic skin, a robot chicken that has a similar look to a Transformer or Mega Zord from Power Rangers. In reality, he is just a bulky robot chicken that isn’t very good to use and one most fans have forgotten about.

Rox – Chapter 1 Season 9

I don’t know what it is about Rox, but I really dislike this skin, I think it is the face model. Overall, it is a good skin with a great outfit and good upgrade styles, but they really should have gone with a different face model. There’s a reason why you don’t see it used on other skins.

Hybrid – Chapter 1 Season 8

Hybrid is a pretty good skin, with it starting out as a ninja with numerous color options, and once fully upgraded it changes into a human/reptile hybrid. It reminds me a lot of the Mortal Kombat ninjas, especially as in some games Reptile is a human reptile, rather than just a palette-swapped ninja. Not a skin you see very often these days but it is certainly one of the better level 1 skins from Chapter 1.

DJ Yonder – Chapter 1 Season 6

In Season 6, DJ Yonder was the go-to skin for most kids that played the game, which makes it hard to take the skin seriously now and it isn’t one you will often see used. But, as a skin, it was pretty good, with a fun Marshmello inspired design with the character being a DJ wearing a helmet. DJ Yonder also had lights on the skin that lit up and added an extra level of flair to it. It is a pretty good skin but one you won’t often see used today.

Blackheart – Chapter 1 Season 8

This is when things start getting good, with Blackheart being a great character for a level 1 skin. Starting off as a regular Black Beard-inspired skin, Blackheart eventually transforms into a Flying Dutchman-style skin once fully unlocked.

X-Lord – Chapter 1 Season X

Season X saw many iconic skins from previous Battle Passes updated and remade for the Season X Battle Pass, including Rust Lord. The iconic skin was updated as X-Lord, giving newer players the chance to use the legendary skin. While not as good as the original, it is still a fantastic skin, that features a shirtless style which really works well for the character.

Calamity – Chapter 1 Season 6

Calamity became infamous upon release due to her jiggle physics, which was really out of character for Epic Games and Fortnite, especially as the game is marketed to children. After some amusement and memes online, Epic Games reworked the skin and removed the physics. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown, but it was funny to see at the time. Once fully unlocked, the final style for Calamity is a great skin, with her being a dark cowgirl style character, with a long black jacket, cowboy hat, and mask.

Carbide – Chapter 1 Season 4

The original customizable/upgradable skin, Carbide was the level 1 skin for Chapter 1 Season 4. Like Omega, players could unlock upgrades for the skin by leveling up throughout the season, with both skins starting out looking like they’re in morph suits, before adding different armor parts and eventually adding lights to the outfit. Once fully upgraded it is one of the best-looking skins in the game.

Catalyst – Chapter 1 Season X

The female counterpart to Drift, Catalyst, was the level 1 Season X skin, with the Battle Pass consisting of alternative versions of iconic skins from previous Battle Passes. Many people like Catalyst due to keeping the iconic Drift style, but being much smaller than Drift. Catalyst features three color options, with one being the same as Drift, then a black and white option, as well as four style upgrades. This is not only one of the best Battle Pass skins, but one of the best skins in the game.

Lynx – Chapter 1 Season 7

Before Fortnite became an advertisement for other franchises, Epic Games often created skins that had similarities to many characters from other franchises. Season 7 saw the addition of Lynx as a level 1 skin, bearing a similarity to Catwoman. The skin has plenty of upgrade options, ending with a catsuit-style outfit along with numerous color options. The skin is still popular with many players and it is one you see often due to its clean appearance without any extra flair to distract or get in the way of things.

Drift – Chapter 1 Season 5

Finally in the top spot is Drift, the level 1 skin for Chapter 1 Season 5. The skin is great to use regardless of which style level you use, whether it is the basic style of Drift wearing a facemask, with a similar hairstyle to popular YouTuber Lachlan, or the fully upgraded style featuring the robe and mask. We have seen many great skins in the Battle Pass, but Drift will remain iconic and the best example of a level 1 skin that we saw in Chapter 1.

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